Eyes are the most noticeable thing of our face. Anyone who is into makeup knows that eyes requires the most efforts and skills and is the showstopper of their whole face makeup. But everyone can’t be a pro when it comes to makeup, right? This does not mean that only makeup artists are prerogative of looking good. Others also have equal rights to flaunt their beauty. To make this flexing a little more real, eyelash extensions can do the charm. In fact, with eyelash extensions you can also ace the ‘I woke up like this’ picture.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Don’t be confused with eyelash extensions as those falsies. Both of them are different. Eyelash extensions are fine synthetic lash extensions that are bonded with the original lashes in a strand by strand manner and very precisely. These eyelash extensions are bonded with the help of a user glue that lasts for weeks, unlike those DIY lashes which come off within a day.

The whole procedure of eyelash extensions requires immaculate and versed skills to get the perfect results. There are many technicians or experts that offer this service and can be consulted on appointment. 

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

The whole procedure is painless and can be done within a day. Although, these eyelash extensions are semi-permanent i.e. they naturally start falling off according to the growth cycle of your original lashes. 

Customized Eyelash Extensions

Just like synthetic hair extensions for your head, eyelash extensions also come in many variations and types. It depends on the customer’s choice. Eyelash extensions can be customized based on its volume, thickness, or eye shape. 

Different Eyelash Extension Styles

The world has a lot to offer holds true in this case. There are a variety of eyelash extension styles that one can pick from. Especially, when it comes to choosing the volume of your new eyelash extensions style. Scroll down to become a smarty-pants by learning about different eyelash extensions style the world has to offer.

1. Russian volume

There is not much difference between volume and Russian volume, they are basically the same. However, when you request for a Russian volume, the salon will use 3D or 5D eyelash extension style on your lashes. In other words, they will use a fan of 3 or 5 finely synthetic eyelash extensions to bond with each of your natural ones. 

2. Mega volume

If you are looking for a more dramatic and fuller look, Mega volume is the best fit for you. This eyelash extension type is very similar to the Russian volume one but weighs lighter in comparison. Due to its lightweight, the size of the synthetic lash can be bigger and voluminous. 

3. Hybrid lashes

Kim Kardashian herself is a big fan of this eyelash extension style. It was her who made this look a popular one. Hybrid lashes, as the name suggests, is a hybrid or mixed lashes between a classic and Russian volume eyelash extension style. It is a 50/50 of 1:1 lashes and the volume of fanned lashes. The overall look is fabulous, texturized and naturalistic. 

4. Add some punk and pop in your eyelashes 

For those people who find brown and black eyelashes banal and lifeless can go for colorful eyelash extensions. All the quirky and extraordinary souls can fulfil their quirk-lust by getting eyelash extensions in different popping colors. These popping color eyelash extensions can catch the eye of many quite literally. 

One can freely experiment, mix and match, or play with vibrant colors as per their choice. The eyes are your canvas and these eyelash extensions your brush. 

Are Eyelash Extensions Expensive or Affordable?

The cost of eyelash extensions can vary based on a lot of factors. Things like the location of the salon, technician’s experience and the type of eyelash extension style one wants to get done are taken into consideration. Based on all these factors the cost for eyelash extensions is estimated. 

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

Usually, volume lashes cost more than the other eyelash extension style. Volume lashes require more time to complete the procedure, thus the artist or technician has to spend more hours. Anyhow, a classic set of eyelash extension can cost Rs. 5000 on an average in India.

It can last for a few weeks. However, the touch-up that most people get after the eyelash extensions starts to fall off can cost Rs. 2000 to Rs.3000, depending upon the number of new fans for eyelash extensions required.

Some Precautions and Self-Care Tips for Eyelash Extensions

Here are some precautions and self-care tips for eyelash extensions:

  • Do not wet your eyelash extensions for at least 24-48 hours after getting them– The superglue used to bond your new eyelash extensions with natural ones takes some time to cure. Even though your eyes look pretty and eyelashes settled, the glue is yet to dry properly. This glue takes a day or two to dry efficiently. Getting them wet would ruin the glue’s stickiness and ruin them. This may even lead to having all your money go down the toilet. So be careful for the first two days.
  • Do not apply aftercare product for 24 hours.
  • Keep your lashes away from strong wind blows.
  • Do not touch or disturb the lashes for the first 24 hours. 
  • Switch to facial wipes to clean eye area- It is impossible to prevent your eyes from washing for the entire time you keep those eyelash extensions. However, washing them with water can accelerate the process of them falling off but it is necessary to maintain some hygiene. To clean your face without hampering the eyelashes’ life extension, switch to facial wipes. This way you can cleanse your whole face thoroughly without being too harsh on your lashes.
  • Brush them routinely- After getting your eyelash extensions placed, your technician will give you a spoolie. A spoolie is a tool used to brush your eyelashes. Brushing them at least once in a few days will keep your eyelashes from clumping. It will also untangle the lashes if they become twisted or bend. However, don’t use this tool right after you get your lashes done. Wait for at least two days until the glue fully dries. Doing this routinely will help you maintain the dramatic look immaculately.
  • Refrain from eyelash curler- Never use eyelash curlers as they can damage the extensions.
  • Avoid using mascara- Using mascara will damage the bond and can cause the eyelash extensions to fall. However, if applying mascara is necessary, avoid using any regular mascara. Get one that is specifically manufactured for eyelash extensions.

Anyhow, the eyelash extension pros and cons list can be endless. It is completely up to you. But remember one thing, It always is in the eyes, Chica!’

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