Long, thick eyelashes are always in vogue. Slathering on the mascara every morning before heading out can be a tiresome chore, especially since it can always run, smudge, or make your lashes look clumpy. A rising trend in the world of beauty is the practice of getting eyelash extensions: the ideal solution to attaining the perfect eyelash set without having to do much yourself.

Eyelash extensions add to the length and fullness of your lashes and generally enhance the texture. They are semi-permanent (they look great for about three to four weeks, and last about six to eight weeks), and the process usually involves applying individual eyelash extensions with an adhesive to your natural eyelash. The final result is a full look with curly, beautiful lashes, and you can absolutely forget about applying an ounce of makeup onto your lashes for at least four weeks.

10 Tips On Eyelash Extensions

Following are some of the major things you need to know about eyelash extensions:

1. They’re different from fake eyelashes

False eyelashes are generally a one-time thing, worn for a night out or a special occasion. You have to use an adhesive or lash glue to attach the false lash strip to your lash line. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, can be worn for around three to six weeks, and you don’t have to remove them for that period of time. They’ll fall out naturally, and because you’re likely to have it done professionally, there’s no chance of any glue going where it shouldn’t!

2. The process isn’t painful

While some customers have described it as mildly uncomfortable, getting lash extensions should be a totally painless process. The only danger you might possibly face is an allergic reaction from the adhesive itself, which is unlikely. As long as your lashes are being worked on by a competent professional, and they don’t use glue which contains formaldehyde (which can cause irritation), you are in absolutely no danger. You should experience no pain.

3. Avoid water for 12 to 24 hours

Since the extensions are newly applied, avoid water for some time until the adhesive is no longer wet. Contact with water might cause your newly-improved lashes to fall off, or lose their foundation. You should also avoid wearing mascara if you’ve just had your lashes done.

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Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

4. Eyelash extensions aren’t damaging

Eyelash extensions don’t cause any health issues. If applied by a professional, they will not affect your natural lashes in any way, nor should they cause any other major hiccups. Yes, the possibility of some kind of allergic reaction can’t be discounted, but unless you are extra sensitive to things of such a nature, you should be totally in the clear. The myth that you can go blind during the process is absolutely false since your eyes should be closed during the entire procedure.

5. Pick a salon and a technician carefully   

Looking for quality eyelash extensions in Dubai or in any corner of the world, you should visit a place you trust or a reputable salon with good reviews. Before you set up an appointment, be sure to discuss the process with a licensed technician who will walk you through it, and decide on the material (synthetic, silk, mink), and the size you’ll be opting for. You can inspect samples and choose what works best for you.

6. Pick a flattering extension

What looks good on Beyonce might not necessarily suit your face, or the texture of your existing lashes. You should pick the length and the curl that best flatters you, brings out your eye shape, and is a good addition to your overall facial structure. You can consult with the salon to decide on what is the best decision for you; a custom makeover is always ideal.

7. It will take time

Since individual lashes are attached to your natural lashes slowly and painstakingly, and the time may vary depending on your request and your lash texture, you should go with at least three two in hand. Getting lash extensions is hardly the same as getting a quick haircut, and you might be sitting there for quite some time before the salon has perfected your look.

8. Don’t attempt to remove them yourself

While it might seem relatively easy to pick them off, don’t touch your eyelashes much after you’ve had extensions put in. Due to the adhesive, they might tear. You should just wait till they fall off naturally, or you can go for an appointment to touch them up.

9. You have to take care of them

Eyelash extensions are long and can get tangled, so it’s better to brush them through in the mornings. You should also make sure you use the right products (cleansers, face washes, and so on) which should be oil-free, when you’re washing your face or applying any other beauty product.

10. They aren’t cheap

While the price for this particular beauty fad isn’t always sky-high, it’s not exactly dirt cheap either. Yes, you no longer have to worry about makeup, or put on a strip of false eyelashes for a few hours only to have to remove them later. However, eyelash extensions are only semi-permanent, and fall off after a few weeks. After that, you’ll have to visit the salon again to get them redone, and this process can get rather expensive, no matter how beautiful they look. It might be better to consider them for a one-time occasion, rather than as a lifestyle feature.

Ultimately, no one can deny that eyelash extensions look fantastic and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. However, they aren’t a cheap investment, and they do come with their own set of concerns. By all means, treat yourself to a set of eyelash extensions, but keep all this in mind.

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