Not everyone has the time or money to go to the salon regularly to get their eyebrow grooming. You’ll probably end up doing it at home a few times, whether you like it or not. But brows are delicate things and it can be easy to overpluck or just leave them looking too hairy. And once you mess it up, it isn’t too easy to hide, and it changes the way your face looks.

How to Groom Your Eyebrows the Right Way?

Perfect Brows are important, and a vital part of any beauty regime, so make sure you’re plucking them right.

1. Use the right mirror

Don’t use a magnifying mirror when you pluck your brows; when you view them too close, you can’t get a clear perspective. Try and do it from an arms-length away from your usual mirror, in the daylight. You’ll have a good idea how much hair you’re taking off, rather than if you had a mirror zooming in on your face.

2. Fill in the gaps during eyebrow grooming

If your brows are newly plucked or growing, they will go through phases of growth that you won’t like. Instead of plucking your brows every single time you see some gaps in there, just fill it up with makeup. There are tons of great eyebrow grooming products on the market these days, that make it easy to match your brow color; brow gel, pencils, powders, and so on can all work a treat on your brows so they look much more presentable. Before you reach for the tweezers again, try picking up some makeup so your perfect brows can do some natural growing.

3. Leave them alone for a bit

After you’ve trimmed your eyebrow using an eyebrow trimmer, leave them be for at least six to eight weeks. Although it can be tempting to keep plucking, especially if some hairs are out of place, you should give them time to grow into a natural eyebrow shape and a full brow. It takes a while for brow hair that’s been removed to grow back anyway. If you must remove hair during this phase, try to trim it instead of plucking it. But it’s usually better to resist, or you might end up over-plucking without even realizing it.   

4. Match them to your face shape

Brows that look great on someone else might not necessarily work for you. Try to find a brow shape that goes with the natural curves of your face. High-arched brows are good for round faces, while soft-angled brows are good for oval-shaped faces. Rounded brows flatter a heart-shaped face, square faces look good with thicker brows with a slight arch. Consult a few lists and see what works for your face type. 

5. Forget about identical

It’s impossible to achieve exact, identical brows, so don’t worry about it. Make sure they start and end at generally the same place, and look more or less similar, and you’ll be fine. Your face isn’t symmetrical so your natural eyebrows can’t be either. Don’t over-pluck while obsessing about twin natural eyebrows, since it’s just not possible.

6. Know your brow

Before you do your brows, mark the three points on your brow with some kind of makeup so you have a guide to follow. Use a brow pencil to draw a line to show where your brow should start, then find the arch of the brow or the midpoint, and then mark where it should end. This will make it much easier for you to stay on track when you pluck. 

Eyebrow Grooming
Eyebrow Grooming

7. Tweeze right

Practice makes perfect, but having a little extra hair is better than having less. Make sure you’re tweezing right. Brush your brow hairs up with a spoolie, and trim any excess hair with Eyebrow Grooming scissors. With tweezers, pluck any hair that falls out of the brow route you’ve drawn.

If you’ve got longer brows, brush them downwards afterward and trim that using eyebrow trimmer way as well. Make sure you have some good tools to work with to make the job easier. Doing your perfect brows can be a bit intimidating, but as long as you don’t go overboard, you’ll probably be fine. Don’t obsess over them constantly and leave them alone after you’ve done one round of plucking. Unless you’re aiming to do something crazy with them, just follow your natural line and don’t take too much off. You’ll be a pro in no time at all.

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