Congratulations!!! Being pregnant is like experiencing a whole new phase of life, especially if this is your first time. So, for the first-timers, let’s break the suspense here for you. You will endure many changes and modifications in your body and life. Some changes are going to be permanent while some others, temporary. 

One of such temporary changes is eye twitching during pregnancy. It can be referred to as a glitch on your eyes. If you are currently facing such twitchiness and if they are bothering you so much, then let us make it clear that you should stop worrying. They are not chronic and with just a few days it is going to get back to normal.

Causes of Eye Twitching While you are Pregnant

Eye twitching in early pregnancy is the situation where your muscles surrounding your eye twinge without having any control of yours. You can’t stop it intentionally. Eye twitching during pregnancy is pretty common and can happen for many reasons. Here are some of the common causes of eye twitching:


1. Eye Strains

This is a universal truth that you have to take extra care of yourself during pregnancy. No doubt your loved ones are going to pamper you loads but from your side too, you have to keep your health well to stay away from phenomenon such as eye twinge. Eye twitching is a symptom of dry eyes. It is caused mainly if you stare at your computer screen or your phone for a longer period. It puts ample pressure on your eyes.

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Simple issues have simple solutions. Pay heed to the followings: If you are hooked to your laptop with work or movies, take short breaks after an interval of every half an hour or so. Constant staring on the screen is harmful to your eyes. You can also get yourself an anti-glare glass to avoid the strong blue light. This glass has a coating of anti-reflective and blocks the direct rays of the screen. 

2. Stress

Stress is a good contributor to eye twitching and pain! Stress and anxiety are guests who come to our life and visit us uninvited. Nobody wants them, yet they come. It is quite inevitable but stress will not help you at all. Instead, it will harm you.

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The good news is that you can cure this at home. Meditation is the best antidote for stress. Make the habit of meditating every single day, listen to music that makes you happy, and talk your heart out to your loved ones. They will surely be happy to help the “mother to be”.

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3. Lack of sleep

Some women face the problem of lack of sleep during the time of pregnancy. This can be another cause of eye twitching. While you are pregnant, you will need a lot of energy and rest. Along with a healthy diet, you also have to have a sufficient amount of sleep. Lack of sleep will strain your eyes. 

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Try to stay happy and avoid stress. Get yourself a massage therapy once in a while.  Keep yourself in a relaxed mood. Doing so will make it easier to get some sleep. The “future mother” should have at least 8 hours of sleep. 

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4. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

You have to consume a huge amount of vitamins and minerals if you have a lack of this important stuff. You have a baby growing in you which means that you will need almost double the number of vitamins and minerals as earlier. Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause you eye twitching. Make sure that you consume a sufficient amount of those. 

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Eat a healthy balanced diet. Maintain the routine and have everything on your plate. Do not abruptly overeat. Slowly yet frequently, and whenever you want to eat, eat something healthy. Plus drink water and keep yourself hydrated. 

5. Allergies

During pregnancy, your body might adopt certain allergies that were not reflected while you were a spinster. Eye twitching can be one of them. Some of the other things that you should take note of are: bird feather, animal fur, your dangling front hair, should be kept away from your eye. They can trigger irritation to the eyes and hence lead to twitchiness.

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Find the root of your allergy and avoid that particular thing for a specified time. Consult a doctor and take the medicine as prescribed.

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6. Medications

If you are already on medications, talk to your doctor one more time. The medicines you are consuming might be having some side effects on you. 

7. Wrong Pair Of Spectacles 

If you are wearing spectacles that do not support your eyes, please change it right away. Wrong spectacles will cause more damage to your eyes. Less or more powered lenses will put unnecessary pain on your eyes. Consult an eye specialist and take the appropriate glasses. 

8. Any Toxins Present in your Body

Have you been drinking any kind of alcohol or booze? Or are you taking in a lot of caffeine lately? This is harmful to you. Especially during the time of your pregnancy.

Eye Twitching Cures During Pregnancy

Caffeine and alcohol possess a certain property that will help you relax at first but an overdose of it will act venomous to your body. You might consume once in a while. It will not affect you much. But since you are pregnant, you should completely avoid taking in any caffeine and alcohol. 

Myths to Left Eye Twitching During Pregnancy

It is believed by our superstitious ancestors that left eye twitching during pregnancy is a sign of ‘approaching misfortune’. Whereas right eye twitching is a sign of bliss or good luck. Do you find any logic there? No offence but let us stay inclined to facts! There are umpteen reasons that cause eye twitching while you are pregnant, and the above-mentioned points are the most common and basic reasons which may cause you eye twitching during pregnancy.

There is nothing much to worry about but if you are experiencing it quite frequently and is irritating you a lot, then you should definitely consult a doctor and examine it thoroughly. It is always suggested that the pregnant lady should be happy and stress-free. So, do not worry much. Simply enjoy the fact that your little angel is on its way to you. Until then, stay happy and healthy! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is a twitching eye serious?

A. It is not generally serious but if it continues then you should go see a doctor.

Q. Is eye twitching a vitamin deficiency?

A. Yes, it can happen because due to vitamin deficiency.

Q. Can dehydration cause eye twitching?

A. Dehydration can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes such as magnesium, potentially causing muscle spasms like eye twitch.

Q. Does drinking water help with eye twitching?

A. Tonic water can help you with eye twitching.

Q. What foods are good for eye twitching?

A. Green leafy vegetables, avocados, bananas, and beans are good for eye twitching.

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