Do you also suffer from any allergy? Most people out there are suffering from different types of allergies. Sadly, many of you still feel extremely helpless and don’t understand what to do when it comes to changing your allergy experience in any easy or effective way. However, we are here to help you explore some Ayurvedic treatment for allergies. Thankfully, Ayurveda offers numerous unique as well as effective remedies for allergies. We sincerely hope that these insights will help you and your loved ones find some much-deserved allergy relief.

Ayurveda has a distinct view as according to it allergies are originated from the imbalance of the bio-energetic principles or doshas, which supervise the functioning of our body as well as mind. According to all Ayurvedic treatment for allergies, treating the source rather than the symptom is the primary key to achieve long term relief and benefit. Besides preventing the external causes of allergy, it’s more important to increase the internal immunity by numerous methods such as a better diet, lifestyle, a few common herbs as well as several refreshing treatments.

What are the Causes of Allergies?

As you all know, there are mainly two types of allergies namely- internal and external allergies. Internal factors (agents that are based inside your body) cause allergies including age, heredity, and sex. External factors (agents that are based in the environment or surrounding) include dietary changes, allergen levels, environmental pollution, as well as changes in disclosure to infectious diseases during your early childhood.

Why Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergies?

Ayurveda considers allergy as one of the disorders that are caused due to impaired digestion and that is the reason why preliminary symptoms can include diarrhea, indigestion or constipation. Normally, this dysfunction in your digestive process is mainly due to the hypersensitivity to several substances like pollen and dust that triggers these allergic attacks. Ama deposits (toxins in the mucous form) in the lungs as well as respiratory tract build blockage in breathing that further results in sneezing, wheezing or coughing.

Whenever a person contacts with an allergen, the doshas get imbalanced, as well as toxins are produced according to this imbalanced Doshas, resulting in several specific symptoms. For instance, if Pitta Dosha gets imbalanced, then it will release particular heating toxins that can accumulate deep tissues such as Rasa (a nutrient plasma), Lasika (lymphatic), Rakta (blood) and Mamsa (muscles). All these toxins contaminate deeper tissues that lead to a larger group of symptoms of different skin allergies.

And if Kapha imbalances, it can get accumulated in the respiratory channels that can cause respiratory allergies and blockage. Ayurvedic allergy treatments focus more to deal with the imbalanced dosha, to restore digestion using herbal preparations as well as it also advises healthy diet & lifestyle changes. Plus, Ayurvedic tonics have been proved to administer to increase the strength of the lungs.

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Some Diet and Lifestyle Advice for You

  • Have your dinner at least 2-hours before sleeping.
  • Consume warm water or herbal teas during the day time. It is very beneficial!
  • Avoid heavy foods such as legumes, beans, rice, cold foods, fried foods, and dairy products.
  • Minimize the use of chilies, spices, and pickles in cooking. Take a moderate amount of seeds, honey, and nuts.
  • Avoid physically demanding or excessive exercise.
  • Practice breathing exercises (Pranayama) and Yoga. It is really helpful!!

Lifesaving Ayurvedic Therapies

Take a look at some of the effective ayurvedic remedies for allergies- 

  • Develop and follow a physical exercise regimen.
  • Perform Pranayam (breathing exercise) every morning
  • Drink a tea that will soothe your gut like ginger tea.
  • Perform Neti Pot and Nasya. Make sure there is one hour gap between both.
  • Avoid eating heavy food.
  • Eat more food which digests easily such as natural as well as cooked meals.
Allergy With Ayurveda
Allergy With Ayurveda


At the present time, conventional seasonal allergies are said to be a reaction to cosmetics, environment, food, and medicine. A common suggestion to relieve seasonal allergies is by providing immediate relief using antihistamines as well as by avoiding the allergens causing an allergic reaction. Do you know why am I a big fan of Ayurveda? It is solely because ayurvedic treatment for allergies is done by initially diagnosing the root cause of a patient!! 

Go for it and say a “Goodbye” to your allergy!! 

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