Pains and discomforts are part and parcel of pregnancy. No woman ever had a discomfort free pregnancy. Each body is different and it is difficult to predict how a woman’s body is going to respond to pregnancy. We know about abdominal pain, back pain, heartburn during pregnancy, some people experience hip pain as well. 

The research revealed that almost 20 percent of women have experienced hip pain during pregnancy. Though it is as normal as any other change in the body, it is disturbing. Hip pain during pregnancy happens due to various reasons. Let us get deeper into the knowledge of the same.

Occurrence of Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Everybody is different and it is difficult to predict the response of each body during pregnancy. For some, it is a cake-walk while others find it too tough to handle. Hip pain is one such occurrence that can be very disturbing. Most women experience it in the later stages of pregnancy while others had it in the first trimester itself. Hip pain occurrence has various causes and a few treatments. Continue reading to know the same.

Causes of Hip Hain during Pregnancy

Some of the common reasons for hip pain during pregnancy are listed below:

1. Hormonal changes

The hormone called relaxin plays a major role during pregnancy. It affects a mother’s musculoskeletal system. 
It is solely responsible for an increase in ligament and joint laxity and directly affects hips, lower back, and knees. Hence, hip pain while pregnant major cause could be hormonal changes.

2. Round ligament pain

The ligaments that support the uterus are round ligaments that become softer and can cause pain when they become tighter. 
The pain in such a situation starts from the groin and moves up to the top and sides of the hip area. This pain usually starts in the second trimester and may or may not continue in the third trimester.

3. Transient Osteoporosis

Transient osteoporosis is the result of lifting heavy objects or walking. It may cause temporary bone loss which triggers sudden pain in the hip. This is common during the third trimester.

4. Sciatica

Sciatica is the longest nerve that passes from the butt to the feet and connects the spinal cord to the skin and other major muscles of the body. This sometimes gets affected during the pregnancy and triggers a sharp pain in the hip. This happens due to weight gain, body posture, and uterus expansion. This is a possible reason for hip pain during pregnancy.

How Remedies for Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Here are some best ways to relieve hip pain during pregnancy 

1. Yoga

Simple yogic exercise can help greatly for hip pain in pregnancy. Stretching may help in loosening the tight hip muscles and will relieve pain. But it must be done under the supervision of a Yoga instructor or a physiotherapist. Simple yoga postures help greatly in relieving hip pain during first trimester.

2. Prenatal Massage

Gentle massage sessions from a professional may help you relax and reduce your pain from the hips and the pelvic area. After getting approval from your doctor you can take Prenatal massages to get help for hip pains. It will not only help with the pain but will also destress you.

Hip Pain During Pregnancy
Hip Pain During Pregnancy

3. Warm Compress

Heating pad can also help in reducing hip pain. Warm compress has known to help a lot in hip pain. You can also take a warm shower and you will be able to feel the difference. Ensure that the water is warm and not too hot.

Here are some helpful exercises/yoga poses to relieve hip pain during pregnancy:

4. Cow Pose

Position yourself on hands and knees like a cow and your knees should be hip-distance apart. Slowly arc your back dropping your belly towards the mat.  Return to the neutral position and repeat. This pose works on the hip muscles and relaxes the pain. This exercise must be carried out slowly and softly.

Cow Pose
Cow Pose

5. Child’s Pose

From the previous cow pose shift to child’s pose. Tuck your toes under and extend your arms ahead of you. Bring your hips backward with your knees spread a bit wider than before. Rest your head on the ground for a minute. This is an easy pose but must be carried out softly.

Child’s Pose
Child’s Pose

6. Butterfly Stretch

This pose provides relief to your hips and lower back pain by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. All you have to do is keep your back straight and bring your feet together. Rest your hands on ankles and press your knees with the elbows and lean forward. Hold the posture for a few seconds. Repeat the posture for three times.

Butterfly Stretch
Butterfly Stretch

7. Yoga Squat

It is an easy pose that will help greatly. This is a great pose for the lower body and will relieve your hip pain as well. Stand straight with your feet hip-distance apart. And then squat slowly. You can also hold something for support while doing this pose. Then join your hands and bring them close to your heart. Stay in the position for about a minute.

Yoga Squat
Yoga Squat

8. Chair Exercise

It’s an easy pose to perform. Sit on a chair with legs shoulder-length apart. Keeping your back straight and put your right leg and keep it on the left knee. Slightly lean forward and you will feel a little stretch on your outer area f the leg and glutes. Repeat the same from the left leg. Perform his exercise three times a day.

 Chair Exercise
 Chair Exercise

When to call the doctor?

Hip pain during pregnancy is quite normal but you must know that if you are having trouble with hip pain on an everyday basis and it’s unbearable, you must discuss it with your doctor. If you are having trouble walking, sitting, doing simple tasks then it needs a diagnosis. Another severe sign is hip pain along with clear, pink, or brown vaginal discharge. 

If you fail to manage your hip pain during pregnancy with these simple exercises then you must get a check-up done from your doctor. Do not ignore severe hip pain during pregnancy. 

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