Last year one of the only things that helped us cope with the pandemic was content. All of us are guilty of spending hours scrolling through reels on Instagram and TikTok. And, if you are a regular on these social media platforms, you have definitely come across a few out of the pantheon of Indian fashion bloggers. 

With most of us stuck at home through the majority of 2020, our shopping plans went on the down-low. Thankfully, we had the creators’ quirky fashion ideas inspiring us to style our pajamas in five ways. But, how realistic are these ideas?

Fashion has always been known to push the envelope, perhaps the reason why “fashion-forward” is a thing. With new trends, fashion has an eye for the future. And, as winds of change are sweeping the new Indian fashion industry, there’s a lot we expect from our influential fashion bloggers. 

Expectations We Have from Indian Fashion Industry

Just like other things in life, the Indian garments and fashion industry will see innovation in the coming years. On that note, here are 7 expectations we have from the industry:

1. Be Sustainable

We can all agree that Komal Pandey has an enviable wardrobe. However, how sustainable is her style? This is a debatable topic. For a long time, fashion has been one of the giant contributors of waste and contributes to climate change. This is primarily because fast fashion uses non-eco-friendly and unsustainable methods of production. Fast fashion is popular because it recreates runaway looks at an affordable rate. Therefore, the cost of being fashionable is climate change. 

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While we love seeing lewks of our trailblazing bloggers, there is always scope for more. Besides, it will be refreshing if became more conscious of their consumption and created eco-friendly capsule wardrobes. Upcycling your clothes should be the biggest fashion-forward trends! 

2. Simple and Realistic Fashion Trends

Fueled mostly by the COVID-19, fashion is simplifying in its style. Gone are the days of layering and crowded styles. These days, women want to see honest fashion trends that will be easy to style on an everyday basis. Think about it. Each morning, while going to work, do you really want to spend 20 minutes picking an outfit and then dressing up? Not really! We want styles that are effortless. 

Indian fashion bloggers have a great sense of style. No one’s denying that. However, it isn’t the best suited for an average person either. Besides, simplifying fashion also saves time and money. Instead of moving through clothes so quickly, people like us want to invest in durable clothes that can be styled in multiple ways. 

3. Value Inclusivity and Representation

Since time immemorial, the representation and inclusivity factor in fashion has been sketchy. Indian brands have been hesitant in including bodies of all shapes and sizes. It’s only in the past few years, that brands and designers have started including plus-sized and mid-sized models in their campaigns. These are just mere drops in the fashion. 

Additionally, most of the leading bloggers of the Indian fashion industry are skinny women. There isn’t an adequate representation of other body types. Indian women want to see fashion influencers who look like them. It’s 2021. Inclusivity should not be a demand or an expectation. It should have been a part of the normal way back. 

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4. Talent Over Connections

This aspect is especially important at a time when many new brands and designers are entering the new Indian fashion market. These days, one’s clout and connections have become central to the spotlight. 

Many people have spoken about the “elite circle” of fashion bloggers that have been created. Sadly, in this clout-chasing industry, other deserving people get overlooked by the industry. We aren’t naming anyone, but when clout becomes more important than talent, then it is a problem that must be addressed. 

5. Create A Safe Space

If you follow the global fashion space religiously, you know that recently, famous designer Alexander Wang was called out by former models and Diet Prada who revealed stories of abuse by the designer. This is exactly the kind of advocacy that we expect from the Indian fashion industry. 

Often, in many industries, stories of abuse and harassment are kept secrets amidst shiny outfits, likes on Instagram, celebrity parties, and much more. However, predators need to be called out and winds of change must be ushered to make the fashion industry a safe space. It is high time that survivors be heard. 

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6. Honest Brand Collaborations in Indian Fashion Industry

We get it. Bloggers and influencers make money through brand collaborations. There is nothing wrong with that. You gotta make your own dough! But, followers deserve transparency and honest when it comes to brand collaborations. 

First and foremost, no person of influence should endorse a brand they don’t believe in or one whose products they don’t use. Secondly, brands that are not eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free, and not sustainable shouldn’t be promoted on a public platform. As we said, it’s time that people become conscious of their consumption. Similarly, bloggers should be confident about the brands they believe in, and only recommend those to their followers. 

7. Make Way for the Gen-Z

Last but not least, the fashion baton should be passed onto the Gen-Z and newer creators. Let’s be real. Many of the fashion influencers we love to follow have enjoyed their time in the industry. Now, it’s time to make way for Gen-Z influencers who are perhaps more vocal about some of the issues we’ve talked about in this article. 

And, if you are wondering which Gen-Z fashion influencers to follow for woke content, check out Naysha Satyarthi, Aryaki Joon, Ritvi, Sana Rakheja, and others! Even though 2021 promises to be better, there’s a lot of hope from the Indian fashion industry. The future of fashion should focus on real experiences, and stand for the right things. 

Stay fashionable, friends!

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