There is a huge advancement in male fashion influencers and blogging over many social media channels, especially Instagram and YouTube. Fashion influencing has always been considered to be dominated by women but men have also taken over this fashion influencing. Many men fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers have made us believe that men can have the best fashion sense and not just women. Whether it’s about creating minimalistic fashion videos or making fashion DIY’s, our Indian male fashion influencers have become a star face worldwide. Read on to see some of the best male fashion influencers that have made social media platforms a better place! 

Best Male Fashion Influencers to Follow Today

Gone are the days when men being in fashion was considered “feminine” or made them “less of a man”. More and more men are coming forward and representing themselves as fashion icons with a pint of positivity in their content. If you are looking for these positive content creators who give fashion inspo regularly, then you are at the right place! Here’s the list of some of the best male fashion influencers sprinkling positivity and fashion inspiration to us:

1. Ankush Bahuguna 

Ankush Bahuguna
Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush Bahugana is a famous Instagram influencer and content creator with over 700k+ followers on Instagram. He posts funny videos, reels, and pictures about makeup, grooming, and fashion. He got a lot of love on his makeup and grooming videos and he continues to bash people who think makeup and grooming are only for women. If you are someone who loves watching makeup and grooming videos for men, his page is a go-to place for you! The positivity and informative content on his Instagram is worth following. 

2. Siddharth Batra 

Want some great fashion styling inspiration? Siddharth Batra is the one to follow. He is a content creator and is known for his Ranveer Singh personality and unique style. His style is quirky and fun, although he creates unique content every time he posts! He also shares makeup, skincare, and grooming videos with his audience which are worth watching for all men. He is a perfect example of men being fashionable while creating a positive space and content that empowers men and bashes patriarchy that presses women as well as men in many ways. 

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3. Param Sahib

Param Sahib
Param Sahib

If you love colorful, quirky, artsy, and everything unicorn, Param Sahib is the best male fashion influencer you need to check out. He designs and has his clothing line which is all colorful and unique. Recently, Sahib has started a beautiful initiative by donating 100% of his sales towards the covid care fund. Not only does he influence his audience with his beautifully created visual art and clothing but also with his doodles that are empowering and informative about the pressing issues in society. His content is vibrant, attentive, and quirky at the same time! 

4. Jatin Jay 

When it comes to fashion, Jatin Jay is one of the best male fashion bloggers. His style and trendy looks are worthy to take inspiration from. He owns a website called thestyledoodler where he talks about his love for fashion and style. He is a fashion stylist by profession and admires street style. His blog is all about men’s fashion, grooming, skincare, and lifestyle. If you want some dapper change in your wardrobe and into your fashion sense, Jatin Jay’s blog is a great place to start! 

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5. Mudit Malhotra 

Mudit Malhotra is a personal trainer by profession as well as a model and fashion icon. He loves to travel and is a fitness junkie. His Instagram account is all about men’s fashion and grooming. He is based in UAE, Dubai. From fitness to fashion styling, Mudit creates amazing content for his audience. He has over 20k+ followers on Instagram and he regularly posts his at-home workout tips and fashion videos. He also holds the title of Mister International India 2016 and is one of the hottest male fashion influencers you can follow. 

6. Tejeshwar Sandhoo

Looking for some amazing outfit ideas for your next date? Tejeshwar is the one to look out for! He is a men’s lifestyle blogger and is based in Delhi. His Instagram account has over 90k+ followers and he regularly posts fashion inspo for men around the world. Whether it’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, or workout, his blog is a go-to place for men to take inspiration from. His blog is a great place where you can find styling ideas for literally every occasion. So, make sure to check his blog out! 

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7. Karron S Dhingra 

Karron S Dhingra
Karron S Dhingra

Lawyer by profession, Karron also showcases his love for fashion, grooming, and luxury on his Instagram and YouTube. He has over 440k+ Instagram followers and over 530k+ subscribers on his YouTube. With his huge audience base, he creates videos on menswear, grooming, travel, and luxury. He posts regular pictures and videos about his lifestyle and fashion inspo for men. The locations, poses, and colors make his social media platforms a great place to get inspiration from. 

8. Usaamah Siddique 

Usaamah Siddique has an incredible and dapper fashion sense which makes his Instagram worth a follow for Millenials. Siddique is always on the top because of his trendy and charismatic fashion styling. He also posts regularly about travel and food. He creates brand-centric content which makes him one of the most popular male fashion influencers of India. He covers almost everything about fashion in his Instagram account. 

These were some of the best male fashion influencers of India who motivate, empower and positively influence men to be the best version of themselves and not what society tells them to be. 

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