Society often limits the concept of fashion to a certain body type. It props up restrictive standards, a checklist of features one must complete before having the freedom to express oneself. These standards are plastered all over the billboards and the advertisements showing on your television: a sea of fair faces with tall and slender silhouettes, sinister agendas hidden behind sweet smiles. They cast an illusion of happiness and desire that makes you feel less and lonely within yourself.

These rigid lines do not serve anyone on either side of the tv set. The people that are excluded from these ideals are left to squeeze themselves into boxes that keep getting smaller with time. And the people who are forced to uphold these standards have to scramble and measure their worth in morsels of flimsy approval. It is a slow process of ‘othering’ that not only divides but also leaves them estranged from their inner, spirited selves. But beauty has never been within the binaries. Beauty has always been about free-willed exploration and valiant resilience. 

Beauty has always been about celebrating inclusivity and the diversity of existence. It is a unique dance for every person, every body, and every soul — a choreography of stumbling feet marching to the special melody of every heart. This is why it is so important to create products and accessories that make space for this uniqueness. Especially for clothing — which can be a medium of authentic self-expression and social change — there must be apparel that suits the wants and needs of different bodies. We must make the way of unapologetic vocalization of identity. Today, we are going to tell you about brands that have started taking the first steps in that direction. In this list of plus-size clothing brands for women, you will see pioneers that emphasize the message that fashion is for everybody.

The Growth of Plus-Size Fashion

The measurement and sizing of clothing, especially women’s clothing, has been under discussion for a long time. Brands and stores often emphasize smaller-sized clothing, providing a great variety of outfits for the same. The stylish, elegant, and chic clothes are often limited to a certain size range that excludes a large number of women. And even if they are available, they often do not accommodate both style and comfort.

The issue is also not just limited to the inclusion of all size products but also the spirit and intention behind it. Often, brands include plus-size clothing for women as a marketing scheme that doesn’t account for their client’s feelings. They provide limited options and often charge more for them. The products might also not be manufactured cruelty-free and through sustainable means. 

It is extremely essential to approach plus-size fashion with a genuine desire for open, fluid, and inclusive fashion. The designers must recognize the wants and needs of plus-size customers, so they can make outfits that feel comfortable for their bodies in their daily lives. 

It is not just the question of making clothing a few sizes bigger, but also acknowledging that all bodies are different and one single standard cannot be pushed onto everyone. It is about being ethical and respectful and incorporating valuable feedback in future product launches. 

These days, the clothing industry has witnessed the unfolding of an inclusive revolution. Whereas before plus-size women’s dress suits were a luxury that not many could access, now they are more available and also in a variety of styles. There is a gradual movement towards plus-size women’s dress clothes, lingerie, activewear, loungewear and leisurewear, sleepwear, swimwear, designer pieces, etc. All of this is also being done through more eco-friendly and sustainable methods. 

This growing consciousness in the fashion industry is all about holding space for people of all identities. It is a conversation about erasing the stigma of weight and understanding that plus-size people can easily lead fulfilling, sexy, successful lives. By learning more about this, we can also be active participants in this change and work towards a kinder future for all. 

8 Plus-Size Clothing Brands for Women

Now that you are all caught up on the growth towards plus-size fashion, it is time to get to know some of the best brands that have been such a huge part of this change. These plus-size women’s dress shops and companies have weaved in layers of diversity, inclusivity, eco-consciousness, ethics, and kindness into their clothing. 

Plus-Size Clothing Brands for Women
Plus-Size Clothing Brands for Women

Such brands treat their customers as a community whose opinions and feelings are taken into consideration with every launch. 

Here is a list of 8 such incredible plus-size clothing brands for women:

1. Selkie

As a child, did you find yourself lost to the gentle lull of fairytales, longing for the silhouettes of castles against distant skies? Then, Selkie’s magical collections that showcase frills of folklore with a modern touch might just be a long-lost wish fulfilled.

They have a stunning range of clothing, from the surreal Van Gogh patterned dresses  — including Starry Night, Sunflowers and Skull of a Skeleton — to their soft, colorful Puff Dresses that are a daydream come life. They also have comfortable sweaters and hoodies that come in unique prints, because why should your leisure feel any less ethereal? 

The bonus point — all of these come in sizes from XXS to 5X! They are also produced with minimal waste and while being conscious about the importance of sustainability. Selkie is redefining fairy tale fashion by making room for every person to live out their unique story unabashedly. 


Fashion as a bold and relentless exclamation of identity for each body —  this summarizes the message Patricia Luiza Blaj had in mind when she founded LOUD BODIES. The website unravels her own experience about how difficult it is to find bright, colorful, and fun clothing for plus-size people. LOUD BODIES resists these restrictions and takes pride in its vast collection of expressive clothing that can be worn by anybody.

LOUD BODIES has an incredible range of dreamy summer dresses, smart blazers, flowy robes, and even fun-loving jumpsuits. These are in sizes from 2XS to 10XL and have been crafted in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner. Even the packaging is made up of recycled paper and plastic is a strict no-no.

3. Dia & Co

A celebration of style beyond the restrictive rules is the theme at the heart of Dia & Co. As a plus-sized woman, founder Nadia Boujarwah realized the lack of fashion choices available when it comes to expressing individuality in its full spectrum. 

Dia & Co is dedicated to the comforts and needs of plus-sized clients. They have much-needed amazing options in plus-size denimwear, skirts, shorts, and even activewear and intimates. They have styles for all seasons that can make mundane moments feel extra special. Be it cozy wrap dresses and fringe dresses for the fall or effortless swimsuits for your summer dip, Dia & Co has got you covered. A revelation of the soul through fashion is but inevitable with Dia & Co’s gorgeous selection. 

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4. Girlfriend Collective

Exercise and physical activity can be fulfilling for both the mind and the body and this experience is not just limited to thin people. Girlfriend Collective recognizes the importance of inclusive activewear that can be comfortable and breathable for all bodies. They accommodate a diverse community and provides different clothing for different intensities of exercise.

Girlfriend Collective caters to a spectrum of size options in sweatshirts, outerwear, tanks and even unitards. All their products are made from recycled and material and they also have a system of making newer clothes out of old ones. They are equally responsible for the components that go into making a single outfit and making sure that said outfit is accessible to many people. Girlfriend Collective is expanding the plus-size activewear sphere with their flexible and endurable clothing that is perfect for an adventure that anyone can have.

5. Elomi 

Women, in general, are often not given the space to be intimate with their colorful, This is further highlighted in the case of plus-size women. Elomi encourages women to build a special emotional and physical connection with themselves with its vast range of lingerie. Its clothing showcases a spirit of bold and unafraid exploration of the self.

Elomi caters to the intimate needs of all bodies with its large collection of bras, briefs, basques, babydolls and even swimwear. All these take into account different breast shapes and comforts. In Elomi’s stylish intimates, you might just discover how much of yourself you have not yet loved. 

6. Coyan

Elegance is not a body type but an attitude. Coyan is a luxury brand that believes that every body holds the potential of elegance and all it requires is allowing oneself to take space. Coyan creates impeccable clothing with ethereal designs for all bodies. Its unique sizing system covers US size 0 to 24 within 8 size categories.

In Coyan’s apparel, grace is not measured in numbers. They have sophisticated gowns and dresses along with gorgeous kaftans that would not look out of place on a movie screen or magazine cover. They also have a sustainable approach with selected styles being specially made on order, which reduces waste. Coyan’s magnificent dresses provide enough space for your body to bloom with all its beauty. 

7. Amydus

A combination of tradition and modernity can be especially stunning in today’s world. Amydus inculcates this into its vast range that is designed to suit the needs of the Indian body. For so long, fashion standards have been subjected to western ideals and the lines of authentic identity are blurred in the process. But Amydus makes space for diverse Indian expression that shines in a billion different ways.

Amydus has a large range of sizes available for kurtis, palazzo pants, tunics, and beautifully patterned dresses. They have gorgeous collections that have you covered for every occasion, be it walking down a magnificent red carpet or lounging on your sofa with your favorite soda in hand. They understand that comfort and fashion can look different for different people and each need is just as valid. Amydus’ clothing is a celebration of tradition and individuality and all blossoming of identity within.

8. 11 Honoré

If you enjoy dressing up and checking out the latest trends in fashion, chances are that you have probably caught yourself wistfully staring at that one designer outfit on your favorite hot model and wondering how might feel to wear it. 11 Honoré aims to bridge this gap by bringing the best minds behind the fashion scene to your online shopping window. And this journey is completely inclusive for all bodies and honors the unique beauty of each person.

11 Honoré has a unique clothing range that satisfies both your daily and special occasion needs. It has many incredible options in comfortable denim, swim & sports, shorts skirts to midi skirts to full-length skirts, jumpsuits, outerwear, etc. 11 Honoré also strivers to make designer shopping less daunting by virtual styling and online fashion advice. They make the process a personal, mutually fulfilling experience so your unique style voice is heard and cherished. 

When it comes to abolishing the binaries and making space for all identities to grow and blossom, we must not stop at plus-size clothing brands for women. To create a bigger space, we must dream bigger and envision a world of gender-neutral, all-size adaptive clothing that recognizes the ways in which we are all different from each other and celebrates them as special, so we can come together through them.

We must not prey on people’s insecurities to sell products but rather move forward with respect and honor for those around us. We must lead with hope so that we may one day behold fashion as a space free of any prejudice or stereotypes and instead, witness it unfurl into the powerful language of gentle and radical change that it is.

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