Everyone craves to have a space of their own, which expresses their true selves. A place which is welcoming, cosy, intimate while being stylish. Creating a space like this can be something very personal and have very high emotional values attached to it.

You are just in the right place if you are contemplating to renovate your home interior! Planning to revamp a room’s decor seems like a fun thing to do, but in reality, it can be rather taxing. People have different tastes and ideas when it comes to interior styling. And if a person is always at sixes and sevens about things like these, the fun part fades away completely out of it.

Don’t worry! We got you covered. The European style bedrooms have always held high regards in terms of its significant characteristics for design and decor. Over centuries, many wars have broken out in the European region, just to acquire its treasured architecture, possessing unfathomable artistic designs and values. 

History is a witness and realises the exceptional features of European art and what it brings to the table. So no need to go all topsy-turvy and instantly settle for a European style bedroom.

Bring A Piece Of Continental History to Your Home

Europe is a vast continent and constitutes many different countries. Each European country has a different style of art and culture to show. Like chalk and cheese, every European country has different and unique hallmark when it comes to art and design. Be it Spain, France or Greece, all of them are famous for their own idiosyncrasies of architectures. 

Europe has been successfully influential in the whole world and created quite an impact on their art and design. Especially, when it comes to interior designing, European culture has resulted in a fusion of many new designs and artistic ideas over the world.

European Style Décor
European Style Décor

Nonetheless, Europe is home and nurturer of art and culture which is cherished worldwide. With so many distinct features and styles, European style bedroom will definitely fit anyone or everyone. 

European Style Interior Ideas

To achieve a perfect European style bedroom design or look, keep the following things in mind-

1. Colour Scheme Is Very Important

The colour of the walls is the first and foremost thing people notice. The walls extract the energy to the guest. The hue of the walls sets the tone of the room’s vibe.

European style bedrooms generally have walls painted in tones or colours that give a sense of nature or vintage to the room. In European style home decor, every room’s wall is set to a totally different type of vibe from the other. Every room has a different inspiration to express and a different story to tell. 

Generally, different shades of colours like blue, red and green are used in European style room decor.

2. Flooring Plays A Big Role

After walls, the second most important thing is the floor. Even if the furniture in the room has the best design, a bad style of flooring could trump it. 

Flooring, just like the walls, sets the tone of the room. In European culture, usually, natural materials like marbles, stones or wood are used for flooring. Italian marble is quite famous all over the world for flooring. It exhibits a sense of chic style and luxury in the room. Especially its colour, white, makes it easy to colour coordinate the rest of things without giving second thoughts about it.

3. Accents Are Pivotal

Accents are the statement pieces of your room. European style bedrooms have plenty of accents which makes this theme so special and unique. Even a few of these accent pieces can catch the attention of everyone and make it highlight of your decor.

Accents like Aubusson rugs, brocades, damasks with a large scroll or floral patterns, fringe, tassels and beaded trim, leather, radiant silks, little cotton prints, stripes, tapestry patterns, velvet, etc. define the theme of the bedroom. These are some of the most popular accents of European style bedrooms.

Buying these accent pieces can be really fun. Every piece having its own character would mean something to you. The cherry on top is that these pieces do not really cost much. However, one can buy expensive ones too from art exhibitions and stores. So make sure your room has these small trifle trinkets in it.

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4. Minute Details 

European style décor is all about adding small details to the room. Having a fancy fireplace embellished with fancy carvings or stones, or putting a showpiece from which one can’t take their eyes off of.

One can also rock the whole room just by hanging a fancy chandelier. Putting graceful art pieces on the walls is also very European style.

5. Fancy Furniture

European style decor is all about celebrating colours and different elements of nature. Therefore, the furniture in European style decor includes both of these characteristics. Furniture is generally made up of fine, expensive wooden frames. These fixtures are coordinated with solid colour settings. Like the couch would have dark- solid red or blue seats padded on it. 

European Style Décor
European Style Décor

The dining tables in European style decor are the showstopper. They speak for themselves. They are mostly either wooden framed or made up of marble stones. Adding natural elements in the room, just how Europeans like it.

6. Budget-Friendly 

European style decor doesn’t really cost a fortune. There are all different types of pieces of furniture of European theme are readily available in the market. However, if one wants to go big and all in, there are many valuable and expensive pieces and furniture are available too. In fact, European artefacts are so much in demand worldwide, many auctions to sell and buy them takes place.

7. Variety Of Themes

European style decor comprises of many different themes. Those of Victorian from the English, French, Greek, Italian, Scandinavian, etc.

One can find their true style from such a big variety of designs and patterns. Irrespective of whether you are a minimalistic style admirer or flamboyant soul, European style decor has something for all. 

8. Modern European Designs

Modern European style decor is an infusion of contemporary style with the classic one. Having a room with flexible designs but a hint of a classic European vibe. The highlights of the room are usually all European while the fundamentals remain contemporary in style.

European Style Décor
European Style Décor

However, one should design their space with all their heart and soul. It should be designed to express themselves rather than to impress others. 

Design with style while keeping a smile!

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