If you are a fan of home decors, you must have noticed recently a comfortable, colorful, and relaxed way of decorating your room that screams good vibes and happy smiles, quite literally. This is nothing but a bohemian room décor trend. 

While we should appreciate minimalistic interior designs or smart Scandinavian interior designs, with bright whites and high contrasts, bohemian interior designs are however more comfortable, cozy, free, and relaxing choices, thus making it more approachable.

Bohemian or boho style of room decor is a type of rule-breaking, exotic, artistic, and individualistic approach to style your room. Bohemian style of interior design is for the ones who want their house to scream good vibes. It embraces culture, art, and uniqueness. This aesthetic has the power to fly straight from modern sensibilities, complimenting the free and unique soul which we have.

It is cozy, relaxed, comfortable, eclectic, colorful, and full of life. It subtly maintains a balance between comfort and chaos. It is free and lets you decide the vibes you want.  Bohemian room decor does not ask for perfection or minimalism but also ensures that the aesthetics are not a mess. Comfortable, free, and happy – is it not the best way to decorate your house?

How to Create Bohemian Style Interior?

An array of colors, patterns, funky arts, and everything you love – Bohemian room decor is one of the most fun room ideas to create. There are no specified rules to follow and that is probably the best part of it. You can go all in, the way you want it to be, mixing colors, patterns, and designs, exactly how you want to live it. There is no holding back. 

If you are a more subtle person, you can just add some eclectic touch of bohemian style, making it the key highlight of your room. Giving a nod to bohemian style instead of having a full meal of it is not that much of a bad idea too, and instead, it seems elegant.

With the right attention to colors and patterns, the Bohemian style of room decor can look super chic!  Often a room painted on the side of the neutral based color palate can be given an aesthetic touch of boho by adding correct artworks, posters, carpets, and indoor plants. 

Bohemian Room Décor Ideas
Bohemian Room Décor Ideas

Whatever style you choose it to be, Bohemian room decor styles look happy and inviting. This is the joining point of all Bohemian trends -inviting and happy. It is welcoming to that extent that it has the power to lift your mood, instantly. The main magic lies in the point of balance that it maintains. Smart, chic, and extra.  

It is a touch of chaos in elegance! 

A Variety Of Texture 

One thing Boho room decors never lack is the variety of textures. Adding texture to your room style is not that much hard.

 Think of adding:

  • Baskets
  • Hanging planters
  • Colorful rugs
  • Artworks
  • Bookshelves
  • Swings and different types of comfy chairs
  • Posters made of patterns

All of these are textural, adding the correct amount of hue in your room. Hang a planter, use bright cushion covers for your sofa.

In bohemianism, “more is more” and being maximalist is the key. How much color is too much color after all? But that does not mean to mess up the aesthetics of it but maintain the balance it asks for. Start by bringing a variety of different items you love. Play with shapes and colors of it. Keep it cute and welcoming. 

If being maximalist is not your cup of tea and maintaining the right balance is difficult, try the minimalist way of Bohemian tips. The walls and the furnishings can be clean white and grey, but you can play with colored rugs, pillows, or natural elements like plants and flowers. 

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Bohemian Room Décor Ideas
Bohemian Room Décor Ideas

Low-Level Seating Arrangement 

The Boho Philosophy revolves entirely around being comfortable and relaxed. Floor pillows, leather pouffes, soft ottomans, and bean bag chairs are a great choice for low-level seating arrangement. The best thing in boho room decor is that there are hardly any rules or strictness, making relaxing the priority. In case you are wondering where to shop from, Amazon has one of the best collections.

Plants! Plants! And More Plants

The more the number of plants, the better it looks – says the boho philosophy. You will hardly find any Boho room decor ideas without at least three plants in it. It is all about the effortless natural and free vibes that it gives.  Do not forget hanging plants. You can use beautifully textured planters as well. 

It is not just about the boho decor theme, but indoor plants are also known to have benefits over your health. You can place cute small plants in elegant looking planters on your desk.

Amazon is one the best online sites from where you can buy your favorite type of plants.

A Good Mix of Different light sources

String lights, lanterns, funky chandeliers, candles – the more the aesthetics, the better the vibes. 

Without good lighting, nothing is worth it. 

You can also mix and match string lights and photographs on a plain white – an easy way to create a flashback of memories and maintaining the elegance and aesthetics of room decors.

Just twinkle light shade can be your perfect choice of DIY fun lighting ideas to try out.

Add Some Vintage Art and Posters 

Love for vintage is a love untold and special. Art and aesthetics go hand in hand. You can buy art from local artists – that will help you to make your room give the perfect inviting vibes and of course help artists to thrive in this competitive market.

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Something Painted In Bright Colors

The bohemian look is majorly about colors and we are not entirely unaware of how much colors can change the entire look of a room. Suppose, a room is painted white, add a red-coloured chair at its corner.

Hang your favorite pictures on the wall. Add a book cabinet beside the cozy red chair. And of course, add a dash of green plants and it is all chic and boho.

Bohemian Room Décor Ideas
Bohemian Room Décor Ideas

It is all about the vibes

The way you decide to decorate your house reflects your persona. If you are someone who hates being constricted within specified rules, is free and warm, bohemian room decor ideas are your perfect choice.

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