Eggs are what they say is a superfood. With such a versatility they can be eaten is breakfast, lunch or dinner in so many ways.cook they fried, baked, boiled, scrambled, or an omelet, they never fail to satisfy your tummy. Eggs are best friends to gym freaks, dieticians and hungry fellows who are running late for offices. Let’s see some benefits of eggs. Eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Both the white and the yolk of the egg are rich in nutrition. They are super healthy and delicious at the same time. When you can’t decide what to eat, eggs are always a good option to attack. 

Nutritional Benefits Of Eggs

  • Eggs carry the baggage of nutrition ranging from high-quality proteins to vitamin D to B6 to B12 to zinc, iron, and copper. Yolk carries more fats than whites but they are rich in vitamins A, E, D, and K., in short, having an egg means taking so much nutrition at once. They are considered to be a complete source of proteins as they contain 9 types of amino acids that are essential for our body.
  • Eggs contain a chemical compound called choline, that helps to keep brain cells healthy that eventually makes our memory strong and sharp.
  • Eggs play a major role in increasing good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol. It makes sure that the liver does not produce much cholesterol on an everyday basis.
  • Eggs every day, keep heart diseases away. High levels of LDL can adversely leave an effect on the heart. Eggs regulate LDL levels in the body, therefore, heart diseases remain at bay. Hence, there is a low risk of stroke or heart failure.
  • Eggs fill up any Vitamin A deficiencies in the body. Lack of vitamin A is the main cause of blindness in the world. The yolk of the egg is good for eye diseases like cataract and muscular degeneration.

Eggs for Weight Loss

Eggs carry 78 calories and lots of nutrition. Replacing a heavy meal with boiled or scrambled eggs can help greatly in following a diet plus they provide you with added nutrition and a fuller appetite. Protein aids weight loss because they are extremely filling and eggs are a great source of it. Taking a high protein diet boosts metabolism that eventually assists in weight loss. And they even help us to feel fuller for longer hours. 

Eggs for Pregnant Women

Eggs provide all the essential nutrients that are important for the growth of the baby inside. Adding eggs to a pregnant lady’s diet ensures healthy bones and teeth of the baby. But it is important for a pregnant woman to have a boiled or cooked egg and never raw. As mentioned earlier, being protein-rich, eggs provide good health to the fetus. It also plays a major role in the brain development of the baby. A pregnant lady sometimes goes into the risk of cholesterol, consuming eggs will balance cholesterol levels in the body of a pregger. So it important to consume at least two eggs every day while you are expecting a baby. Having eggs also reduces the chances of birth defects.

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Recommended Egg Intake for Females

One must not count the number of eggs one eats. But from the health point of view, two eggs every day is a must for a woman. Having a couple of eggs helps to maintain a healthy weight and appetite. The wonders that eggs can do have already been mentioned. They belong to the superfood category that just carries all the nutrients. Top dieticians recommend to never stick to one diet for every day. Rotation is very important to maintain a balance. But having eggs every day is not bad since they carry immense benefits.

Benefit of Egg
Benefit of Egg

The Benefit of Egg Intake for Growing Children

For the mothers who are always worried about their child not consuming enough healthy diet. Eggs are a good option to accommodate your child with a careless diet. Eggs have proven to be an elixir in the growing years of children. For their bones, muscles, and height. Plus, you can always do experiments with serving eggs to your children. They can be cooked in the end number of ways to impress your choosy children. But it very important for your child to eat eggs. 

So the long and short of the story is that your refrigerator should never run out of eggs. From breakfast to midnight meals to children’s evening snack, eggs are always a great option. As famously said, “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao andey,

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