With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, you are probably wondering about how to spice up things in the bedroom. Yeah, like why not, it’s the special day of love, it does deserve special attention! 

When it comes to Bedroom stories, Sex toys are the obvious best fit. They are a good choice but if you’re from the ‘Last-minute preparation’ slot like me or the ‘Savings’ category ( also like me FYI) you might want to explore some new ideas that need neither preparation nor money and yes, they do exist in real life! They’re the home essentials that can make your bedroom time as interesting as any other special toy! 

Household Items to Spice Up Valentine's Day

Whether you’re too busy to plan beforehand or on a budget, Here are 7 items that you can surprise your partner with! 

Hot note: Each of these will remind him of you every time he comes across them! 

1. Ice Cubes

 Ice Cubes
 Ice Cubes

Pretty common right? You use them daily yet never thought it has another side to it! Just suck into an ice cube before you suck him and the feeling will drive him crazy! You can also take a small cube in your mouth while kissing him. For your pleasure, ask him to do the same for you! Remember to not bring the ice cube in direct contact with the penis. 

2. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

If cold can do the trick, so will hot (not too hot, the temperature should be moderate and comfortable). Though things can get a bit messy, it’s worth it! Turn him into a chocolatey treat and lick your heart out! Get him excited for the coming rounds with your wonderful tongue job! 

Note: If you’re out of hot chocolate, molten chocolate or chocolate syrup will work equally well! 

3. Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream

No eating is too much eating. Put on whipped cream on him and eat it off to expose his hot parts. He will be getting his pleasure and you, your treat! A win-win! 

Note: Remember to not bring your private parts in contact with the food items, it can lead to infections. 

4. Clothing


Blindfolds can be sexy but you know what can be sexier? Blindfolds with something that you use daily! Like? Like his tie or your scarf! When you meet him, excite him with curiosity as you blindfold him using his tie or your scarf. Blindfolding him will also help him concentrate on your actions better. Btw, can you imagine how hot it is when his everyday office essentials will remind him of you! 

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5. Shower Head

The term Shower Sex can be exciting in itself but if you want to explore more, you can always use the showerhead! The pressure of water on the clit is pleasurable to many. Let your partner excite you to the sexiest extent and have some hot shower stories! 

6. Electric Toothbrush

Suddenly ran out of vibrator? Do not worry as you have the best alternative right at your fingertips! You can use the non-bristle end of the toothbrush to pleasure yourself while your partner does his job on you (or of course also if you are alone and get into the mood before he arrives!)

However, remember to use separate brushes for masturbation and brushing.

Tip- You can also wrap a condom on the brush and secure it with an elastic band for added pleasure!

7. Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes
Paint Brushes

If you have paintbrushes at home(preferably new), why not use their full potential! When touched with the soft bristles of the paintbrush, it will leave your partner craving for your touch! Things will be hot before you even know it! Feathers can also be a good alternative! 

8. Coconut Oil

Some natural lube anyone? Yeah, that is what we have here! Coconut oil can be a great lube and it is healthy too! It will reduce the chances of any yeast infections ( and even treat them!). The sweet smell is a plus! 

Bottom Line

DIY sex toys can be effective and great, but be careful always. Though most are safe, to prevent infections, always wash the gadgets like toothbrushes before and after use. If you find any of these do not work for you or your partner, remember to not force yourself as people have different preferences. Sex will always be pleasurable with the right person, with or without toys! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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