Does Your Handbag Have These Essentials?

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essentials for handbag
Khadija Rahman
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From the micro purse that can barely fit our mobiles to the supersized ones that are the trend this winter, bags are a big part of our everyday look. But, along with the bags that we carry, what we have inside the bag matters too. Let’s take a look at some of the must have items in our bags, just in case.

1. Power bank/ Charger

Phones are a big part of our lives. It can be so annoying when you want to Snapchat something or upload a cute photo on Instagram but, you are low on charge! It’s embarrassing to go around asking strangers if they happen to have a charger and the cable that you need. The best way to stay on top of this is by carrying a power bank with you. They come in all colors and sizes so you can find the perfect one!

2. Painkiller

Headaches are the worst. But, what is even worse is that they come unannounced. Getting a headache at the wrong time can totally throw you off your game. Be it a party or a business meeting, headaches or even body ache of any kind can make you look tired and mess up your concentration. In times like these, the must have essentials for bag is painkillers, which are nothing less than a blessing. Keep a strip in your purse to avoid running around looking for a pharmacy.

3. Breath mints

Imagine running into your crush and hitting it off instantly. Everything is going smoothly and perfectly except for the fact that you had garlic bread or an onion-rich lunch and your breath stinks! There are no two ways to put it that stinking breath is an instant turn off. Having some breath mints as an essentials for handbag can be really helpful in times like these. A fresh breath helps you leave a good impression as well. And considered as must carry essentials for handbag

4. Perfume

We have all been at a place in our lives where our underarms were sweatier than usual and we didn’t have a perfume to cover it up. It can be a particular fabric that we misjudged, something spicy that we ate, or an encounter that made us anxious. There are several reasons why underarms can suddenly become sweaty. In such a state, being able to sneak to the washroom and come out smelling fresh can be a lifesaver.

essentials for handbag

5. Some change

Do you keep your stash in your wallets and then keep the wallet in your handbag? Well, that is something everyone does. But, if you were to ever lose the wallet or have it stolen, you would be stranded. It is always advisable to keep some money as an essential for handbag and at other locations that you frequent like your place of work. This way, if you were to forget your wallet on the way to the office, you could still pay the fare instead of having to ask someone for a loan.

Keeping essentials for handbag like safety pins and tampons can also save you in an awkward situation. It is also a great idea to keep something in your handbag in case you get hungry. Crackers and chips would be a better option as they will last you a long time without going bad.