There is a common saying that a woman carries a whole lot of things in her handbag. Well, we ladies are very sharp, and we mostly like to stay away from any form of emergency.

Now the truth is not every woman carries a bunch of items with her. Some ladies prefer to go out with a handbag with just her phone and wallet, which is understandable. But there are some beauty products that will act as your lifesaver in the most unlikely situations. You must be thinking, “what beauty products can possibly be helpful in times of emergency?”

Essential Beauty Product List

Life as we know it is very unpredictable, so I have listed a few beauty products that can come handy in case you have to spend the night somewhere or when you make an unexpected plan to go to a party or any unannounced situation. Well, to know about the must have beauty products inside your handbag all the time, keep on reading this article.

1. A small pack of cotton balls

Cotton can come handy for numerous reasons be it a makeup emergency to remove any Kajal or lipstick smudge, clean out any muddy water splatters from your footwear or feet, remove your makeup if you don’t feel like it, or, to use it with a toner to hydrate your skin.

2. A small bottle of rose water 

Rosewater is one of the most essential beauty products if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing. You can use rose water as a makeup removal product. You may sometimes come across a day when your eye makeup gets ruined or any situation that involves instant makeup removal. This is where your rose water will be of some use.

Another benefit of carrying rose water is it can reduce irritation in the eyes. According to Healthline, you need to add only two to three drops of rose water in the affected eye to get the results.

3. Lipstick of your choice 

Beauty Product List
Beauty Product List

There are numerous useful makeup products out there; one of them is lipstick. We all have been told by someone in life that we look a bit dull or sick without makeup. For such days, a lipstick will come handy to change your look a bit.

Moreover, some of us have the habit of eating our lipsticks away, which makes our lips look very funny. Reapplication of lipstick is a must in such situations, hence a lipstick inside your handbag will definitely be of use. 

4. A lip balm stick

Lip balms are another one of the most basic and essential beauty products that you girls must carry. Lip balms are most important on the days when the weather is too dry, which can lead to drying and chapping of your lips. In such a case, lip balms keep your lips moisturized and healthy. Moreover, there are flavored lip balms available in the online and offline markets, which makes you kiss ready!

5. A compact powder 

Beauty Product List
Beauty Product List

The concept of compact powder is that it provides an evenness to your skin tone and keeps the foundation on your face intact. The best part about compact powders is that you can also apply it without any foundation on your face. 

Compact powders are available for both oily and dry types of skin. Some may say that if you have dry skin, using compact powder will make your face look worse, but with the new introduction of compact powder for both the skin types, you need not worry.

Ladies who have oily skin can apply compact powder to make the oily look go away while giving an even texture to the skin tone, and ladies with dry skin can also enjoy the benefit of compact powder without further drying their skin.

6. Nail polish remover wipes

Some of us may not get the time to remove our nail paint, and having half-peeled nail polish on our nails looks very unappealing. It is rather good to have plain nails, to be honest. So, keeping the nail polish remover wipes can help in such times, and you can remove your nail polish whenever you get the time when you are out.

7. A pack of face wipes

Face wipes are one type of skin care emergency product that we are very thankful to have. For the ladies who haven’t used face wipes until now, you should. This product is most useful during the summers because wiping your face with this product can make your face fresh instantly. 

Face wipes can also help remove your makeup as well in case you have to remove it while you are outside. While there are several brands manufacturing face wipes, the best and most reliable face wipe brand that I use is the Kaya Face wipes. This product comes in small to large quantity packaging. To find out which brand suits you best, it will be wise to buy the smallest quantity pack.

8. A small bottle of perfume

Beauty Product List
Beauty Product List

There are some ladies, including me, who never step out without applying some perfume to start our day. However, we sometimes in a hurry forget to put on some perfume, right? For such situations, keeping a perfume bottle will come handy. Other than this, applying some perfume can also make you feel fresh up to some point.

9. Hair serum 

Along with carrying useful beauty products for your skin, a small product to keep your hair happy and healthy is also necessary – hair serum. The use of hair serum is especially important for women who spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned room because the hair tends to get dried out or can lead to hair loss. So, to keep your hair safe and moisturized, hair serum is a must.

So these are 9 essential beauty products that every woman must have in her handbag. I know you may think keeping so many products will make your bag heavier. Well, you can try selecting the products that you will be most helpful for you. Moreover, using some beauty products protects your skin giving a natural radiance. On a different note, it is common for some to find it hard to use beauty products due to several causes that include laziness as well.

The thing is, you have to put a little bit of effort that involves using products (homemade or commercial) and a healthy diet to keep your skin beautiful, there is no other way. After all, Healthy and Beautiful skin equals A Happy You!

Take care♥

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