Masturbation is a normal and natural physical function, but unfortunately, there are also a lot of social stigmas associated with it. These social stigmas have led to the flourishment of numerous masturbation myths. Does Masturbation decrease stamina? Some people are stressed out and are fearful that they are doing some permanent damage to their bodies because of their desire for excessive personal pleasure.

What Is Masturbation?

Every human being has got a sexual drive. There are two ways of expressing these sexual drives. The first one is by getting involved in sexual intercourse and the second is by stimulating yourself manually. This second type, where the person self stimulates to reach an orgasm is known as masturbation. It involves sexually arousing yourself by touching your genitals. Both men and women can masturbate. In this article, we are going to discuss some common masturbation myths.

How Common is Masturbation?

Research studies have proved that around 95% of men masturbate once in a while and a larger proportion of this percentage masturbate regularly. Masturbation is something that everyone wants to do because it is pleasurable but at the same time, most people are afraid of doing it because of certain consequences and taboos.

Masturbation Myths

Cave drawings and carving show that Homo sapiens started masturbating a long ago. The first written mention of masturbation was found in ancient Egypt in sacred texts. In ancient Greece, self-gratification was not contempt. Unfortunately, society has played a larger role in promoting stigma related to masturbation and has associated masturbation with shame. The truth is that masturbation is completely normal, natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of these methods to promote taboos related to masturbation were started back in the days when sex was meant just for procreation. It wasn’t associated with pleasure.  You need to have sex only to procreate; anything outside of this phenomenon was viewed as bad.

 Some of the myths associated with masturbation are:

1. Masturbation can cause sexual weakness.

2. Masturbation can cause body weakness.

3. Masturbation can cause thin semen.

4. Masturbation can cause hair loss.

5. Masturbation can damage your genitals.

6. Excessive masturbation will cause you to go blind or lose your eyesight.

7. Masturbation will cause erectile dysfunction.

The aforementioned myths have survived for ages but the harm caused by this innocent expression of sexuality was debunked by scientist ages ago. Most of these myths are scientifically incorrect and doesn’t make sense at all.

Does Masturbation Decrease Stamina

Does Masturbation Decrease Stamina?

One of the biggest myths that are associated with masturbation is that masturbation causes physical weakness and may even impede the rest of the physical development. Many people believe that masturbation and ejaculation will lead to a decrease in testosterone levels, which are the male sex hormones and that would, in turn, lead to a decrease in stamina. This is a total myth.

From Where does this Myth Originate?

After masturbation, there is ejaculation and the semen gets discharged. Now, people think that semen production consumes a lot of energy and because there is only a limited amount of energy in the body if you are wasting it in the production of semen again and again it will have negative consequences for the body. This is completely inaccurate medically. Semen production is a process that continues when a man attains puberty which is like 14 or 15 years of age and it continues till the person remains alive. 

Semen is made every twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week and it does not involve the consumption of any kind of energy. It’s a natural process it is something like the production of saliva. If someone is masturbating regularly it would never result in a deficiency of semen for the simple reason that is produced every day and since there is no loss of energy it cannot have any kind of physical consequence. So, scientifically speaking this is a completely inaccurate statement that masturbation can cause physical health consequences and that masturbation decrease stamina. 

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Benefits Of Masturbation

Masturbating at a regular interval can be beneficial for your body as it would prevent you from having nocturnal emissions and nightfall. Masturbation is a very effective technique that controls nightfall in men.

How Much is Too Much?

Masturbation is harmless. But if you do it a lot your genitals may feel sore and you might even experience some pain. If men do it a lot in a very short time they can get slightly alarming looking swelling in the penis which is known as Edema. Edema is caused by fluid collection in the tissues and the swelling does disappear within a day or two. You might have set an alarm to keep a check on the frequency but sometimes you just go with the flow. 

It might appear to you that you are overdoing it. And this feeling can get you worried but the good news is there is no specific number you can set for a masturbation session until it doesn’t harm your daily activities If you feel the need for excessive masturbation, this might be a problem. So, do consult your doctor regarding it. Apart from the pleasure, it gives to you masturbation can help you to learn about yourself. It helps you in learning what you like and what you don’t like sexually. It is completely normal and there is no right or wrong way to do it, it all depends on what you like. You can experiment and see what works well for you. 

Masturbation is safe. It doesn’t cause any sort of impotency, blindness, acne and will not make hair grow on your palms. All of these are myths. There is no risk of pregnancy or catching a sexually transmitted disease if you are masturbating on your own. If you are using a sex toy for masturbation make sure that it’s clean. Now many people have started realizing that masturbation is a healthy practice. It is satisfying, pleasant, safe and ensures sexual activeness. Don’t let these myths impede your journey of self-love.

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