Imagine this: you are at a party, voice hoarse with laugher, every nerve inside you giddy with happiness. Around you, the lights flicker just like stars, a vibrant constellation of colours drenching the club into brightness. Your friends drag you away from the dance floor, up to the bar, so you can all call for shots.

At the back of your throat, there is that familiar burning sensation of alcohol, leaving that warm tingling under your skin. And yet, your tongue tastes sour even to you and you crave for something refreshing, something which will switch the flavours in your mouth. The usual cocktail just won’t do it for you.

Or maybe, you are at home, winding down after a long day. The weight of the evening settles on you, like a layer of dust you cannot peel away no matter what. Your throat is parched, longing for something cool that will awaken your senses and take the exhaustion away from your bones. You run through all the juice and cocktail recipes that you know, but none seem to be what you are looking for. You wish you knew just the drink to satisfy you at that moment. 

If you have found yourself in such situations, then we can sympathise with your frustration. Often, we crave for something new, something which can bring a wave of freshness, along with excellent taste. 

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, because we are here to introduce you to a cocktail which might just fulfil all these categories: The Dirty Girl Scout Drink. A dash of mint with the burn of alcohol, this drink is perfect for those tiring episodes of boredom!

The story behind Dirty Girl Scout Cocktail

Just hearing the words ‘Dirty Girl Scout’ might make you curious, wondering how this drink got its infamous name. Well, the inspiration comes from one of many types of Girl Scout Cookies. For those unfamiliar with the name, Girl Scouts is a youth organization for American girls, which encourages its participants to be involved in several activities such as community service, learning first aid, raising funds, etc. Amongst these activities, Girl Scouts Cookies are the many classic kinds of cookies which are prepared and sold by Girl Scouts for fundraising purposes and to also teach them management skills.

Out of all the popular cookies, the ones which become the stars of our show are the Thin Mints cookies. The Thin Mints cookies are mint-flavoured cookies with a chocolate coating, making them a delicious favourite to be enjoyed by all. So, it’s not a surprise that the flavour of this cookie was adapted into an adult drink i.e the Dirty Girl Scout drink.

The Dirty Girl Scout cocktail is basically a minty cocktail, reminiscent of childhood favourite cookies, bringing forth a wave of nostalgic refreshment. Made with mixing equal parts of coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur and Creme De Menthe, it is a creamy drink which combines the sweet, frothiness of your cherished milkshakes with the distinct flavour of liqueur, tying both ends into a perfect mix. 

The Creme De Menthe is what brings the special minty flavour into the glass. It is a sweet, peppermint-flavoured liqueur which takes your Dirty Girl Scout drink recipe to another level. The other two liqueurs complement it wonderfully, making an adult-only drink that you can savour until the very last sip!

Dirty Girl Scout Drink Recipe

Now that your curiosity has been satisfied, you might be eager to know the steps to make your very own Dirty Girl Scout shots. Well, you don’t need to wait any longer, because we are here with a Dirty Girl Scout drink recipe for you to try!

To get started with the recipe, you first need to gather the following ingredients:

1. 1 oz. of Kahlua liqueur (coffee liqueur)

2. 1 oz. of green Creme De Menthe

3. 1 oz. of Irish cream liqueur, such as Bailey’s Irish Cream

4. Sprigs of mint, for garnishing

5. Ice

The very first thing you need to do is add the Kahlua coffee liqueur, the green Creme De Menthe and Irish Cream liqueur into a cocktail shaker with ice. 

Then, shake this mixture well, so that ingredients can combine in a unified concoction.

Finally, open the lid of the cocktail shaker and strain this mixture, either into a highball glass over ice or into shot glasses, as per your preference.

Finish the cocktail by garnishing it with sprigs of the mint of the top, if you want.

Just with this, your Dirty Girl Scout shot is ready to hit you with a burst of flavours, which you can enjoy to the fullest. 

Of course, there are variations to this recipe, according to preferences and comforts. This recipe involves a green Creme De Menthe, which means that the drink will be green in colour. There are versions of this drink involving white Creme De Menthe, along with vodka, for that extra sting. So, you are free to explore all the possible options and even come up with a few of your own!

Being Responsible with Alcohol Consumption

As excited as you may be to go and have a blast with your Dirty Girl Scout shots, we want to send you off with a gentle reminder. Always remember to be safe when drinking and respect the capacity of your body.

Do not go overboard with the drinks by being swept up in the moment. Rather, enjoy and explore, but also keep track of all the alcohol you are consuming, so you can cut yourself off when necessary. Make sure you have proper transportation available, in case you are outside, because one should never drink and drive, under any circumstances. 

Dirty Girl Scout Cocktail
Dirty Girl Scout Cocktail

Ultimately, remember that having fun also means looking after yourself. Respect your body when it tells you to stop or take a pause because it knows you best. As long as you know to keep safety first, safety second and safety third, you are free to go and have the time of your life!

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