If you are a cocktail lover, chances are that you are fond of experimenting with new types of drinks, whenever you go out. Often, the most fun part of going over the drinks menu is skimming over the list names, so many of which are new or unknown, picking out the interesting ones. You might find yourself giggling over the suggestive name of the Sex On The Beach cocktail, gasping at the grisly title of a Bloody Mary, or raising an impressed brow at the declaration in the bold, blue Adios Motherfucker. 

It can be interesting to try new drinks, to wonder about the stories behind their names, finding different favourites along the way. If this is something you enjoy, then we have a cocktail with a unique, bizarre name to suggest: The Fuzzy Navel Cocktail. 

Just reading the name might make you pause, trying to imagine the origin in your mind. The actual story is probably much more different than what you might expect and the recipe even simpler. You might even want to give it a shot after learning more about it.

Well, we will satiate your curiosity by not only telling you the story behind this strange cocktail but also giving you a Fuzzy Navel recipe you can try at home! 

What is the Fuzzy Navel Cocktail?

Though the name Fuzzy Navel might suggest otherwise, the actual cocktail does not have anything hairy as an ingredient. On the contrary, the ingredients are rather simple, since this drink is a two-parter i.e. it is made with just two ingredients. This means that it is a clean and easy drink to make at home, without leaving a mess as the name might make you think.

So, how did the Fuzzy Navel cocktail gets its memorable name? Well, as the story goes, the drink was first made over 30 years ago, by a talented bartender, whose name was Ray Foley. The drink was made by mixing equal parts of peach schnapps and orange juice, creating a unique combination. It had the freshness of fruit mixed with the tingling sensation of alcohol, making it a refreshing cocktail for all.

The name originates from the two ingredients, where the “fuzzy” stands for the peaches in the peach schnapps and the “navel” stands for the oranges in the orange juice. It is called fuzzy because of the term “peach fuzz” i.e. the light, protective layer of hair that grows over peaches. On the other hand, navel is the type of oranges which was used to make the orange juice. Hence, the true explanation behind Fuzzy Navel is simple and interesting to know!

Back when Fuzzy Navel was made, peach schnapps had newly been introduced to the alcohol market. So, they were not as popular, because of their light, fruity flavour. However, when combined with the orange juice, it made for an airy, delicious cocktail which appealed to those who would rather not go for the heavier drinks. 

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Fuzzy Navel Recipe 

After knowing all about the history behind this cocktail, you might be itching to learn the Fuzzy Navel recipe, so you can try it for yourself. Out of all the drinks you have made, this might just be the easiest one since you only require two ingredients, a glass and some time to relax on your own. 

Fuzzy Navel cocktail
Fuzzy Navel cocktail

To get started with this cocktail, you first need to gather the following ingredients:

1. 3 oz. of peach schnapps 

2. 3 oz. of freshly squeezed orange juice

3. Orange slices for garnishing 

4. Ice 

After you Have the Necessary Materials, Proceed with the Following Instructions:

1. First, pour the peach schnapps and orange juice into a highball glass, filled with ice.

2. Make sure to stir well, so that they combine nicely.

3. Finally, tuck an orange slice onto the rim of the highball for garnishing.

You can take the recipe to a next level by using freshly squeezed orange juice over bottled ones. This is will bring a natural refreshing flavour to the cocktail, a citrusy taste which will go along with the sticky, sweetness of the peach schnapps, making a wonderful drink. The ice will work as a cherry on the top, a perfect coolness to peel the layers of the heat away!

With these simple steps, your Fuzzy Navel cocktail is ready for you to savour, as much as you want! 

Having a Healthy Relationship with Alcohol 

Now that you know both the story and the recipe behind this drink, all that’s left is for you to enjoy it. When making any drink, remember that the real product will often turn out much more different than the ideal one you observe in pictures and videos.

Fuzzy Navel cocktail
Fuzzy Navel cocktail

After all, you are not an expert and the true fun comes from experimenting with ingredients, stumbling and finding your unique mix to enjoy. So, even if it might take you a few tries to get there, the things you learn along the way will not go waste. You can start with simpler drinks such as a Fuzzy Navel and then build your way up to more complicated, intricate drinks. 

Keep in mind that though you want to have a good time, you should also be careful. Make sure to always be aware of the ingredients in the drinks you are about to consume so that you can make a responsible choice. Try to stay within your limits, keeping a count of your drinks and the alcohol content in them. After all, a good night out should not lead to a weary morning with irritating after-effects. Always make sure to have your own back and take care of yourself.

Finally, know that as long as you are being responsible, you are a free bird who can explore all your interests. So, be confident in yourself, go forth and have the time of your life!

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