If you are the kind of person who enjoys engaging in sexual intimacy, you have probably had your own share of different types of sexual encounters. Though the basic mechanisms of sex remain pretty much the same, the experience and mood greatly depend on the different types of lovers in bed. Each lover brings their own share of style and technique to the table, making the same act either more pleasurable or painfully boring. 

There is no shame in having an active sex life and being sex-positive. You do not owe anyone an explanation for what you choose to do with your body. Besides, if you enjoy sex, then more experience will only help you understand yourself and your needs, better. It could help you guide your future partners if some of them are inexperienced and help you show what you like. This way, you can heighten the pleasure of each encounter even more.

Amongst the different types of lovers in bed, you may have met some who were especially romantic, some who were very well experienced and some who just didn’t give you the good time you were hoping for. It can be interesting to look over your past encounters and pinpoint these types, just so you can recognize them if they ever come around again in the form of someone new.

6 Types of Lovers in Bed

While it is obviously impossible to sort different kinds of lovers in fixed categories, we can try to combine certain traits and group them. While the individuals in each of these groups may not be the same through and through, the way they act in bed will be similar.

Through this, you can maybe pinpoint the traits which stick with you and appeal to you, while also being aware of any red flags to watch out for. That way, the next time you meet a potential lover, you can get an idea about whether or not you should pursue this connection sexually. 

You deserve a good and safe sex life and you deserve to take all the measures you need to achieve this. Having a type among all the different types of lovers in bed only means that you know what you want. When you know what you want, you are always one step closer to treating yourself with it. We have divided these various traits into 6 types of lovers in bed. You may recognize a few of these in your past or current partners. 

1. The Romantic Lover

This is the type of lover that will always make sex both a physical and emotional experience. They will probably plan tons of romantic situations for you, such as the cliche rose petals on the bed and candles around the room. 

The Romantic Lover
The Romantic Lover

These are the ones who will treat you well, amongst all the different types of lovers in bed. They will spend the night holding you gently and caring for you, making sure that you get maximum satisfaction out of this experience, too. While they may not always be adventurous and innovative, they will pepper your body different kisses and worship you as a whole. 

These lovers will not just give you a good time during sex, but even after. They will make sure to take part in aftercare thoroughly, cuddling with you and holding you as you go boneless from the pleasure. However, if you are not looking for a serious commitment at the moment, you should probably let them know before you have sex.

2. The Arrogant Lover

Poles apart from the romantic lover, this is the kind of lover who is extremely overconfident about their sex game. To them, they are excellent and know the best tricks in bed, but their actual performance is either average or sometimes even plainly underwhelming. At the end of sex, they may brag about how well they did and how they made you enjoy yourself even if it wasn’t that mind blowing at all.

They think they know everything and will continue to show off their non-existent prowess in front of you and you may find yourself pretending to agree, just to not break their fragile ego.

3. The Bad Boy or the Good Boy

These are two sides of the same coin. The “bad guy” is the person with brooding, mysterious, dangerous allure to them. They may ride bikes, wear leather jackets, act like they don’t care about what society says and just break all the rules in a sexy, but non-harmful way. Though the term is “bad boy” that is more because of the popular trope.

They can actually be of any gender. This person, though tough on the outside, is unexpectedly soft and caring in bed. When making love with you, they reveal the parts of themselves they have not revealed to anyone else. That is what makes them so charming, this hidden, gentle side that only you are trusted with. This thrill of loving a rebel who is warm and caring in the sheets.

The “good guy” lover, on the other hand, is smart, disciplined and rule-bound on the outside, able to share information about anything and everything. But in bed, they let go of their controlled sides and embrace their sexy selves, showing you the kind of adventure you would never expect from them.

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4. The It-Didn’t-Last-That-Long Lover

This type of lover is probably either inexperienced or just really loses themselves to the pleasure completely. They are the ones who will not last until you have reached climax. Instead, they will probably reach their own peak only a little while after you guys have started and leave you reeling from how short the experience actually was. They may get you off with their hands and mouth later.

This may not be a turn-off for everybody but could actually be preferred by some people. Ultimately, everyone’s sex lives are their own business and if something works for you, then it works for you and that’s all you need.

5. The Kinky Lover

This is the type of lover who will make sure that you never get bored. They probably have a list of kinks they want to try (with your consent, of course). They may also want to step out from the good old bedroom and try someplace adventurous, from the kitchen table to your car. They will know everything about all the different sex games and kissing games. You may discover a wilder side of yourself while you are with this person.

6. The Selfish Lover

Well, this one is probably toxic, at the very least. They are the worst among all the different types of lovers in bed because they only care about their own pleasure, and not for yours. They may not even try to give you extra stimulation to get you off and instead, just do as much as is needed for themselves to feel good. They assume that just because they felt good, that automatically means that you felt good too.

This is clearly grounds for an unhealthy relationship and there may be issues about consent in question, here. Always ask yourself whether you actually want the sex, or if you are just going along with it for the sake of your partner. If someone has no consideration for your gratification and never asks you how you feel, then that is a clear red flag that you need to acknowledge.

Knowing the Different Kinds of Lovers

Now that you know the different types of lovers in bed, you can probably recognize certain similar positive or negative traits in your previous partners. You now know some of the things you should seek or avoid. 

Kinds of Lovers
Kinds of Lovers

If you have been treated badly by someone or your pleasure has been neglected, it is important to bring this up because your pleasure deserves as much importance. If you recognize a potential partner as one of those types, you can cut the relationship off before it gets to that stage. In sex, the first things that should always be considered are comfort and safety, even if it is in one-night stands.

Society often makes women feel ashamed of expressing their sexuality is wrong. But that is not the case at all. You have all the rights to your own body and you should treat it the way you feel is correct. The only thing to be remembered is to use protection, be careful, stay alert and of course, make sure to have a good time!

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