When you are in a relationship, sex is almost always on the menu. When you have awesome chemistry going between the two of you, the more fun you will have in the bedroom area. You know what I mean, right ladies?

Bedroom Tips to Set The Mood

If you want to make your partner beg for some sex or make sure that you will get to have one of the best nights of sex ever with your partner, then you are here for a treat. 

1. A few kinky messages 

Start your day with a few kinky messages to your partner. Sexting never gets old, trust me! Moreover, if you think your sex life is getting a bit of “meh” nowadays, you can ignite some spark with sexting. 

But of course, you have to be quite raunchy in the texts. Text your partner what about him turns you on, what is his best move in bed that makes you crazy, what you want to do to your partner once both of you get to meet, and so on. Guys love it when you are descriptive in sexting. It turns them on greatly. 

2. A hot make-out session

A hot make-out session never backfires; I am telling you. Get on his lap and make out passionately. Run your fingers through his hair from the back of his head while making out. To improvise the make-out session by a bit, you can try kissing and licking his ear lobes gently in between the lip lock. Ear lobes are one of the erogenous zones of a guy. 

3. Surprise him with a hot ramp walk towards him 

Now for this, first of you have to wear lingerie that makes him drool over you. Over it, you can put on one of his shirts or t-shirts. Guys love it when their girls put on their shirts. We look more appealing to them in that way. Now you have to make quite an entrance to distract him from whatever he will be busy with.

Tips to Set The Mood
Tips to Set The Mood

4. Lots of teasing around

Tease him like kiss him near his intimate areas and that’s all. He will go crazy that you are not giving direct attention to his private parts. When he approaches you to touch you, stop him playfully. This will make him want to do it even more. 

Go near him making it look like you are going to kiss him but you don’t. Rub your lips over his lips while you touch his dick gently. Teasing around turns up the heat like anything. 

5. Bring up some sex games to spice up

A simple sex game that you can try is with blindfolds. Tie his eyes and hands at the back first of all. Tease him and touch him in his most sensitive areas. 

6. Massage one another with an essential oil

Tips to Set The Mood
Tips to Set The Mood

Get naked and give massages to one another with essential oil of good aroma. Now don’t worry, you don’t have to give the traditional massage. All you have to do is rub gently with your hands and occasionally you can rub your body against his as well. Guys love to feel our bodies against their skin. 

7. Turn the heat up with some skin

Now, this is for the couples who stay together or out together for the weekend together. After you take a shower in the morning, get out of there with nothing on and walk around the house making him want you. However, no matter how hard he tries to take you to bed, you make him wait until the end of the day. Until then you can keep him satisfied with a bit of foreplay and make out. 

Ways to set the mood of your partner is all about confidence and how hard you want to make your partner want a steamy session of sex. Some ladies may feel self-conscious and shy to do some of the stuff. But, if you can do it confidently, your guy will for sure make your night a memorable one. 

One tip from one woman to another, you do not have to rush into this stuff if you are not comfortable. But always remember, if you do it, your guy will feel special and wanted. 

So, these are a few tips that you can try and set the mood for your partner. Sometimes, when you know that you will get to have sex regularly, it may become a bit of a routine. Spicing things up never hurts. Rather, you and your partner will enjoy a great night full of intimacy and hot sex. Also, when you have great chemistry as a couple, breaking “bed” sometimes is a much-needed thing to spice up your sex life.

Take care♥

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