Intercourse is good, but making love is great! Period. How To Know If A Man Loves You? We all had that great coitus with a well-endowed man, a man who knows all the right moves in bed, and maybe you had multiple orgasms, but the euphoria lasted as long as the performance, and not beyond the bedroom. When you get intimate with the right man, there is a certain calmness and all-pervading happiness, which accompanies you beyond the tousled sheet.

Casual intimacy and one-night stands contribute to some amazing nights. But getting it on with your soulmate is magical. As the unpopular opinion goes against men, many of them take advantage of gullible women and pretend to be in love so that they can bed us easily. So how do you decipher, if the guy in bed is your true love or “fake love”?

11 Signs He Loves You

There are certain signs that the guy who truly believes you to be the ONE will exhibit when in bed.

1. Looks at you

Eyes are the windows to your soul, and you can understand a man’s honesty by looking at his eyes. Men especially communicate a lot by the way they look at you, especially when you are cuddling together in bed. Does he make eye contact with you when in bed? When a man stares intently into your eyes, as he gets down and naughty, you know that he is a catch and is in for the long haul. He won’t be distracted and looking everywhere except at you. Be aware of a man who does that.

2. He will want to know everything about you

He will ask every single time if you are comfortable with any particular position or maneuver in bed.  There will never be an end to his getting to know you. Your man will want to know your inhibitions and wants and desires, and would try to emulate them later. Those non-verbal gestures- a moan, a twitch, everything he will notice. He will also convey when things that you do can be done better- it is an overall learning experience.

3. He will kiss you long and passionately

If a man loves you, he will kiss you frequently and with utmost passion. Those lingering kisses while lying with your man, can make any woman shiver in pleasure. Kissing is an extremely sensual and intimate act since our lips contain those sensitive nerve endings. A kiss can convey a man’s passion, desire, and emotions. He will be kissing not only your lips but will take time kissing every inch of your body.

He Loves You
He Loves You

4. He will create an ambiance of romance

Firstly, let’s make it clear, it is not possible for a man to indulge in long-drawn romance every time. But a man who is in love with you will not just be wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, but will take his time in indulging you. He knows that women like candle-light dinner, gazing at the stars, or just taking long walks. He will love to spend as much time as possible. The foreplay will be extended and fantastic.

5. Respect your choice

 He will respect your choices, and would never force you to have intercourse, until you consent. Also, he will not ask you to do things that you are not sure of. He won’t make you feel guilty about not doing something. Being respectful in bed is a MUST!

6. Make you a part of his fantasy

Every one of us has some fantasy, but we don’t share it for the fear of being judged. Men will only share their deepest secrets with a woman that they foresee their future with it. He will be open to experimentation and turning both of your fantasies into reality.

7. You will always be his number one priority

A selfless lover is a true lover. If your partner strives to make you happy in bed, without expecting anything in return- then ladies, don’t let him go! He will do all the things that turn you on. Even after a long day at work, he will make sure to give you sufficient time in the bedroom, as he knows that passion is an important part of a relationship.

8. He is comfortable around you

When there is no awkwardness around you, it shows the depth of affection and emotion between the couple. He will never laugh at you, but would rather laugh along with you.

9. Appreciates you entirely

None of us is perfect, we all have flaws, that as women we try to hide from men. But a real man will love you for all your flaws, and maybe loves those scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. Also, not all of us are pro at copulation, instead of complaining, he would rather appreciate, and even help you master it.

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10. Appear vulnerable

A man will only appear vulnerable if he truly loves you- he might show his appreciation either by hugging you tightly or kissing you long and deep. Sometimes, certain guys might even shed a tear or two, in his throes of passion.

11. Does mind going done on you

Men are greedy when it comes to receiving oral stimulation of their nether regions, but are miserly while giving one. Women in their effort to please their man will acquiesce in giving him what he wants. But if he loves you, he will take his time making you reach orgasm, and not just turn around once he climaxes.

So the next time pays a little heed to these cues, and you will be sure to know whether the guy is genuine or just playing along with you.

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