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Dating Apps That Every Single Parent Should Try Atleast Once

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We know, dating is a wonderful feeling. You’ll have someone who cares for you, supports and helps you(and at times pampers you), shares your stuffs.. yes, we get why you want someone in your life. If you are a single parent looking for a relationship, firstly, we’d like to congratulate you for being so strong. We know, it’s not easy to take the decision and move on but since you did, we’re so proud of you. 

When you’re dating it is very important to cut out complications from the relationship and for that, you need a partner who matches your vibes. We know, it’s difficult. Nowadays socializing has become a lot easier and there are a number of sites and apps that are specially designed to help people be friends or date. However, we also know that not all of them are reliable and you can’t just date a stranger out of the blue.

Here are the top 6 apps and sites that have the best features of matching people and can help you big deal! Read on and have a new start! 

Note: It is important to know about someone completely before allowing them into your life. Although the apps and sites mentioned have various identification checks, they are not completely risk free.. Always be careful with the information you share with strangers. 


This app was created to protect women from unwanted online harassment. People are often in the misconception that if a woman has an account on a dating site, she’ll be welcoming all advances. Hell no! And thankfully, one dating site understands that. Switch to Bumble for a creep free experience!

In this app, women initiate the online flirting and are the only gender that can initiate in-app conversations and chat with men!


It is a new app and has a unique feature which most apps don’t have- Location tracking(with permissions of course)! When you make a profile on this app it will show you the profiles of people you have crossed paths with in real life! It even shows the exact location where you have crossed paths with that person! 

So the next time you have love at first sight, you’ll know how to break the ice! The aim of Happn is to connect locals and you’ll be able to connect to the other person only if you are within 250 miles. 


OkCupid is an American app which is immensely popular internationally for online dating, friendships and social networking. One of its unique features is the set of multiple choice questions that it provides in order to match the members. Once you have filled it in, it will match you with people who have the same taste as you, which increases the chance of getting a perfect partner with similar thinking. 

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Tinder is a networking and online dating application which will allow you to choose someone by swiping them right, based on their photos, a small bio and common interests. Right swiping means you like that person, left swiping means you are not interested in that person. The popular trend of swiping right or left to choose was started by Tinder! Another plus point is it’s huge number of users, making it one of the most popular dating app of all time. 

Once two users have right swiped each other, they become a match and can then exchange messages. is one of the oldest dating sites.

The interface is a little outdated but workable, and in many places Match still remains as one of the best online dating apps, with a large number of options. The best part? Making a profile is very easy, the monthly cost is quite low and there is even a free trial option! 

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This site was established 20 years ago and the main aim of this site is on long-term, serious, committed relationships. It was created by a psychologist whose motive was to create an algorithm to find true compatibility that will result in a proper commitment and fulfilling partnerships

In this, the users answer an extensive list of questions, which then scientifically connects them to potential matches. Remember, if you are looking for casual hook-ups, this isn’t a platform for that! 

… And thus ends the list. However, aren’t we forgetting something? Yes! Matchmaking services. The list of options for match-making can never be complete without them. Even the best dating app can’t offer the same experience as a human matchmaker. It’s a fantastic service for single parents, as those professionals get to know you personally and then connect you with people who would be a good choice for you , saving you lots of time and heartache. 

Team VOW We aim to create a difference in the life of girls and women!

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