One of the greatest mysteries of online dating is the very fact that the person who was so into you just yesterday does not care to reply anymore. Maybe, you have been in such a position yourself, when you don’t know what to say next, so you wait for the other person to lead the conversation, and even before you realize, you have already wasted an opportunity to know a person and ghosted him or her, unconsciously. 

The enthralling conversation with the kind of back and forth banter suggesting undeniable chemistry is hard to find on dating apps, especially if you are in a slump and do not act out of it. So, before your online match finds another match, use all your cards and play the game with flirtatious comments, intriguing questions, LOL-worthy exchanges.

Trust us, once your digital conversation with your match turns into radio silence, it is hard to resume even though you had thought he or she might be the one for you.

Tips to Keep Conversation Flowing

To save you a dry conversation on a dating app, we have enlisted a few ways to keep dating app conversation going.

1. Asking lots of ambiguous and open-ended questions

If you think your conversations are not heading anywhere and it is on the brink of death, the best way to revive a conversation is by asking thought-provoking, open-ended questions.

Avoid answering your match’s questions with binaries like ‘yes’ and ‘no’. In fact, it is better to avoid one-word answers if your conversations are still at the early stages. Show some enthusiasm if you want your conversations to last long enough to actually transcend into a physical date.

For example, if you know that your match might be going to a concert or a movie, show interest in the artists or the director of the movie and resume the conversation with, “Hey, how was the show last night, did you enjoy it?” or, “How did you like the movie. . . Do you suggest going for it?” Follow such questions with “What is your favourite track of **insert said band’s or artist’s name**?” or, “Have you watched **insert the movie director’s other works**?”

Conversation Flowing
Conversation Flowing

This should do the trick quite effortlessly. However, if you see that your match is still not interested in continuing the conversation, we suggest you move on to the next possible match.

2. Turn on the push notifications on the dating app you are on

Checking the dating app chat constantly to see if the hot guy or girl you matched with has responded or not can be, in a word, exhausting. We have all been there when we got so busy with our lives and work that we eventually forget that we were actually talking to somebody and in a way, unintentionally ghost them. 

It not only ruins an opportunity to forge a connection but also drains down all the previous efforts of keeping alive the conversation. This is why we suggest you turn on your push notifications so that every time your match messages you, you are alerted instantly.

If you are in the mood to converse, seize the opportunity and reply instantly. Do not bother if your match thinks you to be desperate because come on, who are we fooling, everybody is desperate on a dating app conversation. If you think your match might be talking to multiple matches, make an effort to stand out, with witty and humorous, fun and flirtatious responses to keep the momentum going.

3. Flatter your match shamelessly

Flattery can get you anything, from a promotion at work to landing a date. So, don’t be shy and play your cards carefully. Shower your match with unabashed compliments when you want to spice things up.

You never know, your match might be having a tough day and a little compliment as simple as, “You are funny. I crack up every time I have a conversation with you” can cheer him/her up and create a special affection for you in their heart.

Try making your compliments a bit personal from the generalized ones, like, talk about their description in the bio or quote the musician he has added as his favourite artist. Even an easy, “I see you hear **insert the artist’s name**. That’s cool. I really dig into **insert another music track from the said artist’s same music album. **

Conversation Flowing
Conversation Flowing

Another way to keep dating app conversations going is by referring to your match with their first names. By using their first names in a conversation, you reinforce their interest in you and in a way keeps the conversation going.

4. Talk about your hobbies

Take an interest in your match’s hobbies and show him/ her that you are interested in the work that they do. Suppose, if your match is into poetry or stories, tell them that you would like to read their favourite poems or stories. Discuss the substance of the plot, provide them with a different perspective that is different from theirs.

This eventually keeps the conversation going. If your match is into coding, form an interest in, say, Python and ask him if they might guide you in understanding the coding language better. If they agree, they are definitely a keeper, else you will have to employ another trick.

5. Take the conversation to other social media platforms

Take the lead and ask for your match’s Instagram username or Facebook link. If your conversation has reached out of the dating app and into something more intimate, like, Facebook or Instagram, it opens for you a wider scope to continue a conversation without being bored. Reply to their stories, like their pictures and maybe, you can ask for pictures as well. Compliment their social media aesthetics and play around a bit. 

6. Play the tagging game

Once on social media, try tagging your match on memes and posts that you think they might like. Ask them dating questions about their past relationships and try to get more intimate with your conversations. Memes are a great tool to get to know a person.

Moreover, in today’s day and age millennials use memes to express their emotions and feelings. Get creative with your flirtations and indulge in intimate conversations subtly. Post relevant stories according to your match’s taste so that they reply to it. 

7. Well, swap those ten-digit numbers

We think, at this point, it is safe to exchange contact numbers so that it is convenient for you to converse easily. Take a plunge and indulge in a telephonic conversation, you might feel safer hearing their voice before meeting them. By taking the conversation offline, you can actually evaluate the chemistry that you both share online and how it can transcend on an actual physical date. 

One of the biggest reasons why conversations fade is because of delayed dates. Once you feel your match is a safe person to hang out with, set up a date and meet your match in person. 

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