Now you might be thinking, why would I ever cut my hair? Who does that? What if I mess up? And what if I look like an idiot? Yes, you are right. Hair cut at home has its risks but once you do it perfectly, it will be a proud moment for you. 

Tips To Easily Cut Your Hair At Home

Before I discuss this I would like to say that, if you ever think of cutting your hair, go through as many tutorials as you can. 

1. Good pair of scissors

To begin with this, you will need good quality scissors, not kitchen scissors. That’s a big NO. If you will use the normal scissors, the hair that you will cut may have split-ends later. So, I would suggest, getting a good pair of shears, a double-edged comb, and hair clips. If you want to do this, do it the right way.

2. Trimming your hair to remove those split ends

Detangle your hair using a comb or hairbrush. Make a section of your hair into two parts and tie one part with a hair clip. Now using the comb, bring the remaining hair together. Slide through the hair between your index and middle finger up to the length you want to keep. Doing you will help you maintain an even cut. And cut the hair below your fingers. Now, repeat the same for the rest of the tied-up section of hair.

3. Give yourself bangs

Hold a comb horizontally over the top of your head and face sideways of a mirror. Your bangs will start from the round portion towards your forehead. Make a triangle in that area using the comb. Tie the rest of your hair, otherwise, you won’t be able to cut the bangs properly. Now align the hair section you’ve chosen for the bangs using a comb and determine the length of the bangs that you want. 

Slide through that section of hair between your index and middle finger with your palm facing down. At this point, keep your hand straight and carefully cut your hair below your fingers. Viola! You have your bangs. 

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4. If you want some layers

This is for ladies with long straight hair. Detangle your hair by brushing. Flip your hair upside down and tie a ponytail with a band at the top of your head. See that there’s no knot in the hair. Now gently move the band downwards while holding the ponytail with your hand. Position the band only a few inches away from the tip of the ponytail.

Firmly hold onto the band so that it does not come off and cut the hair just above the band. Keep in mind that you cut the hair in a straight line for you to have even layers. Because if you cut in different angles other than straight it will give you messy layers so be careful.

5. If you want straight cut

Always detangle your hair using a comb or a hairbrush. Tie a low ponytail at the back with a band and see that all your hair is within the band. Now, tie another band a few inches below the first band. If your hair is longer then you will require a third band to tie after the second band leaving below the hair which you want to chop off. Hold the hair below the band between your index and middle finger and cut it straight. 

A tip for you. It will be better if your hair is cut at home bit by bit rather than in one go. This way you will get precision while cutting.

6. Cutting your naturally curly hair

The struggle is real in the case of ladies with natural curls. We women, with straight or wavy hair, criticize our struggle with hair and sometimes even get frustrated. But having curls and not being able to find a good hairstylist who knows to work with curly hair is more annoying. 

In this case, the best thing to do is to cut the hair yourself as per your liking. There is a technique called the DevaCut especially for the natural curl which you can try. In this technique, each curl is cut individually. This way you will be able to maintain the length of each strand of curl and have a shape that you want.

Cut Hair At Home
Cut Hair At Home

Hair cut at home sounds fearful and is if you are not precise and stable with the scissors. If you are new to this, start by trimming off your splits ends. I started directly by cutting my bangs. It was a risk that I took but it turned out just fine. A direct trick from my pocket is to observe your hairstylist when you go for your next haircut. But with that research of your own is also a must. 

Take care♥

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