We’ve all been in hair salons flipping through magazines, looking at multiple pictures of women trendy haircuts, women having different haircuts and hairstyles, trying to figure out what would look good on us and suit our face as well as our personality.

Your hair length might be long, medium, or short, the right haircut will enhance your natural hair. You can be a teenager trying out bangs for the first time or someone in your 40’s trying to change up your look, haircuts are for all. A lot of women even opt for drastic haircuts to feel different. 

10 Women Trendy Haircuts

There’s nothing a good haircut can’t fix. Be it a post-break-up haircut or chopping off all your hair from long to short for the sole reason of experiment, when it comes to your hair, never shy away from it, as it always grows back. For you to figure out what would suit you the best, we’ve curated an inspiration list for you below.

1. Curtain Bangs

The most inclusive haircut - Curtain bangs. This haircut looks good on everyone, every type of hair, and every age. Be it curly or straight, this haircut looks great on everyone. If you don’t want a huge change but also want something slightly different about your hair, curtain bangs are the way to go. 

They’re also easy to maintain and frame your face and add volume to the front parts of your hair. Curtain bangs make your cheekbones more prominent and are also surprisingly low maintenance. If not in a mood to experiment and want to play it safe, this is the best haircut for you. 

2. Layers 

Layers never go out of style. It’s been around for ages and still is one of the most go-to haircuts and we approve! Be it long hair, medium length hair, or short hair you can add layers to all lengths. This haircut gives volume to your hair and makes it look aesthetically pleasing when left down. Nothing can outpower a desi fit and a flowing cascade of hair styled with flowers.

3. Asymmetrical Lob 

This has to be one of the most intriguing haircuts. Definitely on the top of the list of teenage girl trendy haircuts. If you want the short hair-edgy look, that grows out easily and can also be pulled back into a ponytail, an asymmetrical lob is the best pick. Chosen by most teenagers and new moms for its easy maintenance this haircut is the most loved. 

4. Pixie Cut

We all remember when Emma Watson traded her long brown hair for a short outgrown pixie cut as we watched her in awe. This haircut is for all the women who love short hair but are still unsure about making the decision. One of the most talked-about women trendy haircuts. A pixie cut can make your facial features more prominent and make you stand out. If you’ve had long hair all your life and want to go for a drastic change, this haircut is made for you. 

Pixie Cut
Pixie Cut

5. Bob Cut

This is the most versatile women trendy haircuts 2022. A chin bob added with some layers for volume looks good on all hair types. If you have medium-length hair and plan on going shorter a chin-length bob would work wonders. It frames your face and also adds volume. This is the best low-maintenance women haircut in India and is being popularized by many celebrities lately.

6. 70’s Bangs

These are also a twist to conventional fringes. If you’re not into curtain bangs, waft fringes are the next best option. These bangs layer on your forehead and give a modern yet vintage look. Though comparatively tougher to maintain these bangs are worth it. Adds a new twist to your haircut without taking away the originality of your hair.

70’s Bangs
70’s Bangs

7. Straight Cut

No layers, no changes, just leveling your hair. This haircut is simple and easy to maintain. Although it isn’t as interesting as the other cuts, it’s elegant and sophisticated. It maintains the hair length and there’s no change in the volume. If you don’t like styling the layers of your hair, a straight cut will suit you the best. 

8. Waterfall Cut

A new take on the original layer cut, this haircut is in the best haircut trend latest list. The shortest layers frame the face whereas the longer layers flow behind your year, this haircut makes your hair look like a waterfall. It adds volume and frames your face. Although has to be styled frequently it looks elegant and makes your hair flowy.

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9. Feather Cut

Resembles that of feathers of a bird this is a shaggy version of a layer cut and it doesn’t disappoint. One of the most popular women trendy haircuts. It has very short layers and it makes your face pop. The short layers end at your chin making it look like an overgrown bob cut. Also, a haircut to be included in teenage girl trendy haircuts, this haircut has been chosen by many teenagers these days and remains one of the most popular women trendy haircuts of all times.

10. Long Side-Swept Cut

This haircut has long bangs cut up till the chin and swept to one side. Unlike typical bangs, this haircut leaves space on your forehead making it visible. This can be tried on either medium or long hair and all types of hair. Though it looks the best on straight hair without styling, with proper styling it will look great on wavy hair as well. Planning for bangs but too afraid that they will take time growing out? If so, opt for a long side-swept cut as it’s less commitment and equally pretty.

Tips for Women Trendy Haircuts

To nail your trendy haircut, here are some of the tips shared by hair experts that you must follow blindly. 

  • Layered and different forms of layered cut look the best with wavy hair. You can either use heat to curl your hair or try the popular anti-heat curling techniques to enhance your waves.
  • Make sure to always use a heat protectant when applying heat to your hair.
  • Use conditioners to avoid frizzy hair before styling.
  • Always style your curtain bangs away from your forehead to attain the bouncy hair look.
  • For short hair, keep a check on the cut as it may look odd when the hair grows out. Keep visiting the hair saloon and chopping off the excess hair.

These are some of the best women trendy haircuts in India in. Choose your style and embrace your hair in its natural form. Don’t be afraid of change and experiment with all you want. Hope you find the haircut that truly brings out the best in you!

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