Changing your hairstyle is the most difficult and the most amazing decision at the same time. It ranges from coloring your hair to making changes through haircuts. One of these haircuts is layered haircuts. You must be here to know about the different types of layer hair cut you can have. 

There are different types of layer cuts and they all give different styles or looks on your face. Getting Layered haircuts is the best hair decision in 2020. They are super trendy and sexy. Layer cuts for long hair can go with any outfit and it’s truly one of the bold fashion stuff. 

Layered haircuts mean making changes to your hair by cutting it into two or more lengths with tresses around your hair. Layers can vary in lengths and depend on the style and volume you want to have. Talk to your stylist about your preference or what changes you want to make on your hair if you want your hair to be even and proportioned because you won’t like regretting your decision about changing your hair. 

Let us look into some cute and sexy layered haircuts you can get. 

Types of Layer Cuts for Different Hair

You can identify some of the best-layered haircuts which suit your style and looks and bring out the best features on your face. Understand your hair type and talk to your hairstylist about what length, style, volume, or cut you want your hair to be. There are different types of layer cuts you can try and these are some of the best-layered haircuts for your hair. 

1. Multi-Layered Mix 

Having long hair is a goal of most of the girls who want a chic and sexy look for their hair. Mixing the layers might be an option if you want a sleek look cut that gives your hair body and movement. It is very popular these days. Most celebrities prefer this hairstyle. It looks simple and attractive. You can try multi diamond step cutting for your long hair. These are great for long hair length. 

2. Choppy Layers 

Choppy layers are the sexiest and considered one of the favorites. There is a special procedure for creating and organizing these layers.

Choppy layers
Choppy layers

This type of layered haircut gives your hair a fuller look and enhances the texture of the hair that is not very feathery but more distinguished. These look very sexy on medium hair length. However, this might also be an option for long hair lengths. 

3. U-Cut with Descending Layers 

U-cut haircuts look really cute on medium hair lengths and adding some layers into it can make it look more pretty and sexy. The swoopy or plunging layers on a U-cut makes it look a lot more lovely and gorgeous. U-cut with swoopy layers gives a decent and defined look for your hair. It can be an option for long-haired people too. It’s a great opportunity if you want to play with your hair. 

4. Long V-Cut Layers

V-shaped layers cuts are ideal for women with long hair. V-cut layers focus on layering with more dimensions the short front hair can flood the longer hair. V-shaped haircuts are versatile and it can be accommodated with bangs and can work greatly with all types of hair textures whether it’s curly, wavy, or straight. You can add a reddish-brown color to it to make it look more different. 

5. Least Layers with a Lob

If you prefer a lob hairstyle, having minimal layers with it can make your hair look decent and pretty. A little bit of layering at the ends would do the magic to your hair. It makes your hair look well-cut and completely chic. The formal looks this hairstyle gives will make you fall in love with your hair. It is great for any length and is best fitted with straight hair.  

6. Long Layer Cut with Ombre Hair

Long layer cut with ombre hair
Long layer cut with ombre hair

Long layers can do an amazing job for your hair. Long layers are suitable for fine hair, they add plenty of movement and volume to your hair.  Adding ombre into this style makes it even more elegant and stunning. Tying a ponytail in this hairstyle can get your hair to the next level. 

7. Textured Cut with Feathery Layers

This is a layered cut that gives a messy but defined look to your hair. The long feathery layers make your hair look very formal and sexy look. This is a good go-to office look. Adding some highlights into it, especially blonde and balayage is a great way to show off your long and feathery layers. 

8. Textured Layers with Curly Hair

Curly hair requires a very different approach when it comes to haircutting. Make sure you have chosen a hairstylist who knows the job when it comes to cutting curls. Curls look very pretty when they are cut short. Tell your stylist to cut textured layers on your short hair curls. If you have super curly and thick hair, this haircut will make your hairstyle a lot hotter. 

9. Messy Cut with Chopped Layers

Sometimes the mess on your hair can make it look alluring. If you like adding some organized chaos to your hair which gives a care-free look to your hair. Tell your hairstylist to style your hair in loose waves or curls and altering their directions. This adds extra texture and volume to the hair. 

10. Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are the most flattering layer cut for long hair. It can work with any hair color, texture, or volume. These give longer layers with the rest of the hair.

Face-Framing Layers
Face-Framing Layers

As the name suggests, it frames your face and gives an elegant look. If you like hair that stays behind your face and does not come in front of the face, this hairstyle is the one for you. 

11. Rounded Layers Curls

If you have curly hair, this haircut is perfect for you. If you want to make a change to your hair with something new and different then try out rounded layers. These give you a retro look and make your curls look voluminous and glamorous. In this type of layer cut, the layers are cut in a way that it sits in a rounded shape. 


So, try these amazing looks and enjoy flipping your hair with panache!

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