Cure Health Issues With These Easy Chinese Acupressure Points

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Chinese acupressure has proved to be very beneficial since ancient times. In Chinese culture, it is believed that pressing certain points on your body can be the solution to a number of problems. It is like self-healing by putting pressure on some points. Headaches, colds, flu, fatigue are some of the problems that can be cured by pressing simple acupressure points. 

Let us know about a few simple acupressure points, where they are located and what benefits will they provide:

Feng Chi

Following the route from your ear bone, to where your neck muscle and skull meet. Put pressure on that point by collapsing your hands by interlocking your fingers. Using your thumbs, put pressure towards your skull for about 5-6 seconds. Pressing these points will be beneficial for headaches, migraines, fatigue, and cold/flu. It is one of the vital points to treat quite a number of problems. 


Jian Jing

This point is located between the rotator cuff and vertebral column, on your shoulders. You can put pressure on this point with your thumb and middle finger. The pressure is meant to be put downwards using your thumb. It is a great treatment for neck stiffness, shoulder tension, and chronic daily headaches.


San Yin Jiao

It is an easy location at this point. Using your four fingers measure the point above your ankle. Put firm pressure on this point on the inside of your leg and massage it for 4-5 seconds. It is recommended for Urological disorders, pelvic disorders, menstrual cramps, and insomnia


Zhong Zhu

This point is located behind your knuckles, between your small finger and ring finger. Put pressure on these points of both the hands simultaneously for 4-5 seconds. It releases shoulder pain, neck tension, and upper back pain. 


Zu San Li

You can locate this point by measuring four fingers width below the bottom of your knee cap. Put pressure on this muscle to get relief from gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, nausea, stress, and fatigue. This point is also beneficial for general better health and longevity.


Nei Guan 

It is easy to locate this point, just four fingers width below your wrist. Apply gentle pressure on this point for about 5-6 seconds on both the wrists simultaneously. It cures vomiting, nausea (during pregnancy), motion sickness and headache. It is one of the major points.


Shou San Li

This point is located on the outer surface of the forearm. Bending your elbow at 90degrees, it is 3 finger-width below the elbow crease. It is a great acupressure point for neck stiffness, shoulder pain, and diarrhea


He Gu

This point is right at the web of your thumb and the index finger. Applying pressure to this point treats headaches, neck pain, stress, and toothaches. This is a sensitive point that will induce labor for pregnant ladies. 


Tai Chong

This point is located on your foot about 2fingers width above the pace where your index toe and big toe joint. A pressure put on this point for 2-5 seconds will control high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, limb pain, insomnia, genital pains, and digestive issues. It is a multi-purpose use point. 


Yin Tang

This point is just on your forehead between your eyebrows. Pressing this point with your eyes closed will relieve stress, headaches, and sinus pain. You can put pressure on this for about a minute and then release it for effective results.


Chinese people have a fascinating way of treating health problems with this acupressure. They have proved it to be very effective if followed religiously. So if you also want to treat your ailments without medicines acupressure is the perfect choice for you. Adopt this natural way and say bye-bye to your unhealthy self.

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