Curd is one of the many staples of all the kitchens. Curd or yogurt is paired with our daily meals in some way or the other. Curd is consumed as it is or in the form of buttermilk, raita, and in many recipes. Everyone has their own way of consuming curd.  Being an essential consuming item to eat, curd’s health benefits are often overlooked. Here we have compiled all the health benefits of curd for not just our health but also for our hair and face. 

Nutritional Value of Curd

Curd is like a complete meal and is packed with rich nutrients. One bowl of curd is rich in calcium, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, potassium, and magnesium. Curd is super healthy and should be consumed religiously. It is the best probiotic food that has live microorganisms which are very healthy.  

Curd is full of good bacteria which helps in strengthening and digestive systems and keeps us full for long. Curd is easier to digest as compared to milk. Curd is a whole meal in itself and is a must for a healthy diet regardless of one’s age. 

Curd Benefits for Health

Curd benefits are too many to count on. Here we have compiled some of those health benefits:

  • Healthy bones and teeth: Curd is rich in calcium and fills up calcium deficiency if consumed regularly. Its richness in calcium helps to keep our bones and teeth healthy. In older ages when calcium starts to decline in our bones and teeth, the curd is the best thing to look up to for that requirement of calcium. It also helps to prevent the problem of arthritis and teeth falling.
  • Immunity booster: Less immunity can make you fall ill very fast and you are more prone to catch diseases. To build stronger immunity, the curd is something that you should add to your diet. It is the best probiotic food that has live microorganisms which help to increase the number of white blood cells in the blood. An increase in white blood cells means better immunity. Hence curd is must if you want better immunity to save yourself from diseases.
  • Better digestion: Healthy diet is only good if you have a good digestive system. Curd ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system. The probiotics in curd help in the proper digestion of all the food that we eat. Curd is great for indigestion, acidity and stomach problems. All in all, it helps to keep our digestive system fit and fine.
  • Weight loss: Obesity is a common problem these days. Abdominal fat is the major cause of concern for many people. Curd is the solution to that accumulated fat around the stomach area. An imbalance in the hormone called cortisol and faulty lifestyle leads to fat accumulation at the abdomen area. Curd helps in the regulation of this hormone. It also helps in making a person feel full for a longer time which in turn avoids unhealthy munching.
  • Healthy heart: Curd is very helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels. It increases good cholesterol and decreases the bad one. Our cholesterol levels are directly related to heart and heart disease. Consuming curd on a regular basis keeps our heart healthy and fit. It also lowers the risk of hypertension which can also lead to heart problems. So having curd is very important to keep your heart healthy.
Curd Benefits for Health
Curd Benefits for Health
  • Vaginal health: Our lifestyle has a major impact on our vaginal health. Curd is full of good bacteria that help to maintain the pH balance of our vagina. It keeps vaginal problems like irritation, itchiness, and dryness away.
  • Energy booster: There are a few times when we feel energyless. Yoghut is one energy-boosting food filled with vitamins and minerals. One can have a bowl of curd after a workout session, it works as anti-oxidant and contributes to faster recovery. It is a great pre and post-workout food.

Curd Benefits for Skin

Here are a few tips to use curd as a part of your beauty routine:

  • Organic moisturizer: Our skin sometimes feels dry and parched especially in winters. We need an intense highly hydrating moisturizer and instead of taking the chemical way, it is always best to take the organic way. Curd is the best moisturizer that makes the skin soft and soothing. Take some curd and spoonful of honey, mix them well, and apply it all over your face and neck. Rinse after 15-20 minutes and enjoy hydrated and supple skin.
  • Dark circles: Dark circles are a bad mark on your natural beauty. The easiest solution for dark circles is curd. Curd effectively reduces dark and tired eyes. Just apply some curd under your eyes every day for about 10minutes and watch those dark circles vanishing in no time.
Curd Benefits for Skin
Curd Benefits for Skin
  • Skin burn: Burnt skin is quite a problem during summers and especially after a beach trip. Burnt skin can easily be soothed and healed by applying some curd over it. Zinc in curd and its anti-inflammatory properties help to heal the damage done to your skin by the UV rays. It also brightens dull skin.

Curd Benefits for Hair

Curds’ benefits for hair are hundreds of years old when our ancestors trusted curd to make the hair healthy. Here is what the curd does to our hair:

  • Hydrates dry scalp: Curd is known to provide deep hydration. Dry hair and scalp can be treated with curd. Apply curd pack on the hair before wash once a week will keep the hair moisturized and healthy. It will also cure all the dryness related issues of the hair like itching and dandruff.
  • Frizz control: Frizzy hair can be corrected with curd. Just apply curd as a conditioner and enjoy silky and smooth hair. It will make hair soft for long hours and will also provide essential nutrients and proteins.
Curd Benefits for Hair
Curd Benefits for Hair
  • Strong and healthy hair: Since ancient times curd is used to make hair healthy and strong. Curd has those essential vitamins and minerals that add strength to the hair. Curd is often applied to small babies’ hair to ensure the growth of good quality hair.

Curd is loaded with benefits and no other food replaces the goodness of curd. Curd benefits have their roots in ancient times.

Don’t just take the words try it and witness it yourself. There is nothing as good as a bowl of curd. 

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