Summers is more about drinking and less about eating. Among so many summer coolers the one which is a staple of every household of India is ‘butter-milk’ or ‘lassi’. 

In summers, Sunday breakfast and lunch look incomplete without buttermilk. It’s the perfect treat for our tummy. But many of you might still be unfamiliar about the buttermilk benefits. It is not just a chilled curd-based drink but is rich with health benefits too. 

What is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk is not actually the mixture of butter and milk as it sounds like. It is made from simple yogurt and chilled water. Blending the two ingredients together along with some salt and your favorite spice such as cumin powder, coriander leaves, mint leaves, pepper, green chilies and curry leaves. 

Adding these taste enhancers to your glass of buttermilk is something to relish in all seasons but it is more of a summer drink. 

Nutritional Facts of Buttermilk

A glass of buttermilk is highly nutritious, it has got 99 calories, 2.2 gms of fat which is lesser than the whole milk. It is rich in potassium, B12, Calcium and gives energy to the body.  Buttermilk also constitutes proteins, carbohydrates, minimal lipids, vitamins, and essential enzymes. It is a rich drink with a relishing taste. It is also a drink highly recommended by dieticians because of nutritional value. Buttermilk has got more in store, you’ll find out next.

Buttermilk Benefits for Health

Drinking a glass of buttermilk every day can do wonders for your health. Here is how:

1. Detoxification

Buttermilk is the best detox drink one could ever find. Buttermilk helps to automate the enzymes in your body cells that boost energy levels. It also helps in regulating liver functioning which in turn helps in flushing off all the toxins from our body. Buttermilk is the best way to detox your body.

2. Clears stomach problems

Spicy food, alcohol, and other heavy food items tend to damage our stomach lining and it needs to be treated. Buttermilk is the right way to do that. Drinking buttermilk soothes the stomach and intestine lining and is also helpful with the problem of stomach ulcers. Many people complain of heat inside the stomach and acidity, it all can be used by a glass of buttermilk. Any stomach related issues can be treated by buttermilk.

3. Washes down oily food

Indian food is a little heavy and you will feel bloated because of the oil/ghee and loads of species. To make you feel lighter and clear your passage of food pipe and stomach, buttermilk is the best option. A heavy meal can also make you feel lazy, to which buttermilk acts as a rejuvenating agent.

4. Cholesterol problems

For people with higher levels of cholesterol problems, buttermilk is the best potion to rely on. Consuming a  glass full of buttermilk will help to regulate your cholesterol and will also keep you away from heart problems that are directly linked with cholesterol levels.

Buttermilk Benefits for Health
Buttermilk Benefits for Health

5. Dehydration

Dehydration is a common problem especially during summers when we are losing more water than the amount we are consuming. Having buttermilk instead of water to quench your thirst will not only rehydrate you but will also give you optimum energy. In older times when cola drinks and other summer coolers were not there, buttermilk filled the bill.

6. Provides calcium

The ones with a calcium deficiency can look up to buttermilk for their daily dose of calcium. Not just a calcium provider buttermilk provides calcium without the fats. Calcium is very essential to support cell communication and bone strength. Buttermilk is great for calcium requirements without calories, unlike milk.

7. Insomnia

Insomnia is a persistent problem among many people is today’s fast pacing world. It is a troublesome problem that needs special attention. Taking a glass of thick buttermilk before bedtime will help you attain a sound sleep. It is a very healthy way of catering to the problem of insomnia.

Buttermilk Benefits for Skin

Buttermilk is capable of making our skin look and feels great. Here is how:

1. Protects and heals skin damage

Buttermilk helps to resolve many of the skin issues like spots, pigmentation, bruises and leathery skin. Replace your soft drinks with buttermilk because soft drinks are caffeine-based and they harm your skin whereas buttermilks soothes dry and parched skin and also removes any pigmentation or acne.

Buttermilk Benefits for Skin
Buttermilk Benefits for Skin

2. Skin glow

Buttermilk is applied on the face will give a naturally glowing skin. A buttermilk face mask is one of the best organic facemasks that makes the skin rich with nutrients and also makes it radiant. So applying buttermilk is equally important as drinking buttermilk.

Buttermilk Benefits for Hair

Buttermilk benefits the hair in numerous ways such as:

1. Soothes itchy and flaky scalp

Buttermilk is the cooling agent. Buttermilk is the best cure of itchy scalp. It also effectively reduces dandruff in your hair. Rubbing buttermilk on your scalp before every hair washes with make it healthy and problem-free. It will also cool down the head heat during summers.

Buttermilk Benefits for Hair
Buttermilk Benefits for Hair

2. Hair shine

Who doesn’t want shiny black hair. Rinsing your hair with buttermilk will make them shine like the ones seen on the television. Before every wash rinses your hair with buttermilk and let is stay for about an hour and then wash them as usual. It is the best remedy for beautiful hair right from ancient times.

3. Hair growth

Buttermilk has essential proteins that deeply nourishes the hair, making them grow denser and faster. Our grandmother followed this and as a result, they have/had great hair. Enough of the chemical way, it id time to move the organic way.

Buttermilk for Weight Loss

If you wish to shed those extra kilos from your body, buttermilk is the one thing that you must add in your meals. It is the best and a healthy way to reduce weight and also increase your energy levels. It is great for curing hunger pains as it is a full drink in itself that will keep you full for longer hours. 

Buttermilk improves the digestive system that will boost our metabolism and will hence help in reducing weight. Also, buttermilk is like a detox drink that works well for the diet conscious clan and the ones aiming to reduce some weight. So you must add buttermilk to your diet if you wish to reduce weight. 

Buttermilk is one healthy and refreshing drink that is the best one to rely on in summers. Lactic acid, the main element of buttermilk can do wonders to your body as you have read above. It is a complete package of benefits and does its job really well. So go and make your glass of chilled buttermilk and enjoy!

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