The human body is very complicated. People say women are complicated. In the case of physiology, we have a more complicated body than men in terms of the reproductive system. We need to take special care of our health, especially our reproductive health. Why?? Because if our reproductive health goes haywire, then it affects the functioning of our body. So, we girls from a very tender age are made to look out for our reproductive health. Whenever something is not right with our health, our body sends us signals in the form of symptoms. What are these symptoms related to your reproductive health that requires immediate consultation from a gynaecologic?

Situations in Which You Should Visit Gynaecologists

Here are the situations in which you should definitely visit Gynaecologists

1. Unusual Period Flow

If you are experiencing either too heavy or light blood flow during your period for the last few months, then consult your Gynaecologists immediately. By heavy flow means you have to change your sanitary pad more frequently, like every 1 to 2 hours.

2. Periods Cramps Are Unbereable

Mild period cramps are normal to experience. These cramps are simply contractions of the uterine walls that cause the blood flow during a period. However, if you are experiencing period cramps that are too unbearable making you nauseous for quite some time now, a consultation with the gynecologists' is required.

3. Your Periods Are Getting Irregular

It is normal for the period to come a bit soon like 2 to 3 days earlier, in most cases. If you are getting your periods too early or too late, then it is most probably due to a change in the hormone levels. However, too much change in hormone levels can have a negative impact. Excessive stress also hampers your menstrual cycle.

4. Too Much Discharge

Too Much Discharge
Too Much Discharge

Vaginal discharge at a moderate rate is natural for all women. It is whitish or clear. Frequent and heavy vaginal discharge is a red flag indicating possible infection. Moreover, it is said that women who experience heavier vaginal discharge tend to feel weak and fatigue. If you notice the colour of the discharge is not white and looks like yellowish, brownish or greenish, your vaginal health is at risk and needs some medical attention.

5. Its Smells Weird Down Here

The vagina naturally has some odors, which are generally described as musky. If you have been getting a weirder smell from down there for a few days now, then you should get yourself checked by a specialist. Also, according to the health line, you may get a mild metallic odor during the menstrual cycle.

6. Intercourse are too painful

It is normal to experience pain when you have intercourse for the first time. But if you are experiencing pain during the act and it is not your first time then, it may signify possible infection or STIs as well. 

The pain may be due to a dry vagina as well. For smooth intercourse, the vagina should be well lubricated. The vagina naturally gets lubricated during arousal but if it is not self lubricating then your hormones are going crazy.  

7. Itchy Vagina

The itchy vagina is a sign of urinary tract infection and vaginal infection, as well. Moreover, feeling itchy down there can be really tough to ignore, especially when you are in a public area. 

8. Too Much PMS

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is pretty common in all women. However, the intensity of PMS varies from woman to woman.  A woman experiences PMS one or two weeks from the period date.  The symptoms of PMS include bloating, mood swings, breast tenderness, headaches, etc. If you seem to experience PMS of a higher intensity where the symptoms of PMS are more than you can handle, it is better to get some guidance from the Gynaecologists.

The reproductive health of women is more complicated than you can imagine. The wellbeing of the reproductive health of women is related to personal hygiene, mental and physical health. Our body has a natural defense system that tries to fight off any imbalance or foreign particles in the body. However, just like everything else, our body has its limitations. The moment our body no longer can maintain balance, it displays signs and symptoms to warn us that something is wrong. 

Reaching your Gynaecologists and consulting regarding such issues may be challenging, as you may feel awkward to open up. The thing is, holding yourself back and ignoring the signs will only cause more trouble health-wise. Also, they are used to such issues and patients with such issues, so never hesitate. 

Take care♥

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