Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a combination of symptoms that many women get about a weak or two before their period. These are set of various physical mental and behavioral symptoms tied to a women’s menstrual cycle. As the statistics of WHO says, over 90% of the women go through PMS at some point in their life. Dealing with precursors such as menstrual cramps, bloating, mood swings, breast tenderness, headaches, and fatigue for a few days or a weak preceding their period cycle.

For some women, these symptoms of PMS may be so severe that they miss work or school, but at the same time, some women are not bothered by milder symptoms. A majority of women feel incapacitated to perform regular day to day activities and wish to remain isolated when they are PMSing. In many situations, it leads to depression and feeling poignant.  It is important to pull yourself together and start self-care when you are PMSing. Your body demands to pamper at this time of the month.

You need to give yourself some me-time. It may be God’s way of making you rest for a bit. Sometimes, taking a walk or just enjoying your favorite ice cream helps immensely in calming yourself. Let’s take PMS to be God’s indication for you to take rest and be at peace. PMS carries a mere set of symptoms due to hormonal changes in the body and they are absolutely normal for a menstruating lady. Chemical changes in the brain may also be involved hence affecting your moods and change in behavior. 

How To Get Peace From PMS?

Following are some set of practices that one may perform to cope with PMS:-

1. Yoga or Exercise

Performing simple breathing and physical exercises will help you greatly at the time of PMS. Pranayam (breathing exercises) along with the few asanas especially designed for menstruation like balasana, upavistha, konasana, bhardavaja, shavasana etc. are beneficial for women during PMS. Pranayam helps to relax your mind and sense and avoids mood swings. 


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2. Eat Healthy

Avoiding foods and drinks with caffeine and excess sugar and salt may lessen many PMS symptoms. It is imperative to keep track of your diet. Eating nutritious food like milk, eggs, fruits, green vegetables will keep you energized and healthy throughout. On the contrary, also grab something that is your mood maker, like a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake which is going to set your mood good. 

3. Leisure Activity

We all have our leisure time activity. May it be reading, writing, dancing, swimming or just watching a movie is enough for brightening up your mood. Make time for the activity you love. It is important to spend time with yourself. 

4. Get enough sleep

Try to get about eight hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep is linked to depression and anxiety and can make Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms such as moodiness worse. Sleeping enough keeps you active and attentive to think in the right direction. 

5. No Alcohol or Smoke

According to one large study women who drink and smoke have found to be more affected by Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) than those who do not. Alcohol and smoke affect our hormones directly and cause dis-balance. The treatment of PMS can sometimes be as challenging as making the diagnosis of PMS. Various approaches have been used to treat this condition. Trying some simple home remedies may help you to get out of the unease that your monthly period brings. In extreme situations, one must knock professional help. Keep calm, it’s only PMS.

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