Communicating After Sex: Sign Of A Healthy Relationship

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Better communication is key to a better life. Communication is important in every phase of life. Not just professional life but communication is prominent in your personal life too.

Sexual communication is very crucial for exceptional sex. Engaging in proper sex talk before, during and after sex with your partner, makes your sex life better. It is truly advantageous and essential too. Sex and communication go hand in hand. Being more vocal in bed makes your performance more desirable. 

As we know many women (which research shows about 70℅ of women) fake orgasms because they don’t want their partner to feel awful. It is a common thing but it shouldn’t be! Being open with your partner about your likes, dislikes, how you want them to do you etc. will help them know your preferences and likes.

If you want them to penetrate. Talk! If you want clitoral stimulation. Talk! Being silent during sex is not alluring. Communication in sex is not just about talking dirty, it’s more than that. Let us see how important communication is.

How is Sexual communication so important? 

We are humans and a great thing which makes us distinct from animals is that we can articulate our thoughts, ideas and decisions by conversing. Conversing makes our lives easy.

Think about a life without having to talk to someone. Pretty boring and complicated right? Having sex and not communicating is the same. If you can’t express your emotions and feelings vocally, you can’t have good sex. There’s a huge importance of communication in bed. 

Communicating with your partners about your feelings is vital and healthy for your overall relationship and communication before, during and after sex is healthy for your sexual relationship. Some people don’t feel like talking about sex for some reasons but communicating about sex gives you an idea about each other’s desires and fantasies which makes your sex life more enjoyable. 

The most important thing about discussing sex is that you get more comfortable around your partner. If you’re timid or an introvert who does not know how to uncover your thoughts with your partner, it’s a great moment to talk everything out. You can talk about your wild and sexy stories and listen to their fantasies, what they have or want to do during or after intercourse. It may lead to an understanding of some new common thing between you two. 

While talking about sex, you interact with them about their desires and yours too. A right partner would never disagree on having a sex conversation unless they feel shy or have some traumatic experience in the past regarding this conversation. Sex communication also involves taking consent.

It’s not just about deciding on new sex positions to try or sharing your fantasies but also about are they comfortable about it? Do they want to do it? Consent has a crucial role in sex communication. Remember! Consent is always necessary whether it is from a woman or a man. Consent is very, very sexy!

Ideas to communicate before sex

You may feel a little awkward when it comes to talking about ‘sex’. Especially when you come from a family where talking about sex is terrible and lousy. If your partner is like that don’t expect them to talk first. Start the conversation and when they feel comfortable, let them talk it out. It’s slow but at least a progress. Do not become hasty. Take it slow. Some tips to talk about your sex life are :

  • Talk about your desires and fantasies. For example, you’ve always wanted to try out BDSM or you want them to moan while having sex which makes you turned on. Express what you like and what you don’t. It gives them an idea of what you exactly want in bed. It is a great communication tip before having sex. 
  • Give them feedback. For example, tell them you liked when they pulled your hair while having sex and they will always remember that next time you’re having sex with them.
  • Talk about movies or a porn movie you saw which turned you on and how you want them to do it to you as the actor or actress did. Remember! Movies are not real. There is a huge difference between sex in real life and sex in porn or a movie, so make sure you don’t judge them by comparing their performance with the actors. 
  • Make a list of all the things you always wanted to try during sex and read it out to your partner. It is a sexy way of expressing your desires. 
  • Take their consent. You should always ask for consent before having any sexual interaction. They may not like something and may not tell you. Asking yourself for consent makes it easier and a lot better for both of you. 
  • Be patient and supportive. If your partner isn’t very vocal about sex. Don’t be aggressive, instead, help them and be kind. Take them as your student and be supportive. 

Communication following Sex

If you both are in love, you probably love talking after having sex. Most people love talking after having sex with their partners in bed while they are cuddling them. It’s a great way of showing affection to your partner. It shows how your relationship is not just about having sex but also how much you care about them.

Although, you may talk about sex like, how good it was and what you liked doing the most. The goal of communication is trust, honesty and vulnerability which not just improves your overall relationship but also your sexual relationship. 

Sexual communication

Tell them you didn’t like it when… it will help them learn more about you and they will stop doing what you didn’t like in bed. Don’t take it as a judgement but take it as an opportunity to improve and get better in your sex life.

Both partners should equally listen and talk. Listening to and understanding each other patiently is very effective for your overall relationship. Sexual communication plays a very important role in enhancing your sex life. 

Remember! Communication is sexy. So make sure you use it effectively in bed. 

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