Did you know there are different types of eye shapes? One of them is close-set eyes. So, how to find out if you have close-set eyes or not? Look straight into a mirror and if you notice that the gap between your eyes is less than the width of one of your eyes, then you have close-set eyes. So, you might want to stick around for a bit on how to put makeup on your eyes the right way. Here you will get to know how to enhance your eyes and make them look mesmerizing. What makeup does is, uplifts our natural look. 

Close-Set Eyes Makeup Tips From The Pros

People with close-set eyes look as if their eyes are closer to one another. To make your eyes seem wider, you have to master a few makeup skills.

1. Make Your Eyebrows More Defined

The first trick is to have extended defined eyebrows which will give the illusion of your eyes being outward.

2. Use Primer on Your Lids

No matter what your eye shape is, makeup is incomplete without applying primer to the eyelids. Eye makeup primer is an essential part and IT IS MANDATORY. What primer does is help to keep your makeup intact for hours. 

3. Use Eye Shadow

Creating a gradient using eyeshadow plays a major role especially if you have close-set eyes. Using a single color eyeshadow is not recommended. To achieve a gradient eyeshadow look you need at least three to four shades of eyeshadow color. You have to apply lighter shades of color to the inner corners of the eyes use darker shades on the outer sides of the eyes and blend properly. This will give the illusion that the distance between your eyes looks wider. Adding a bit of highlighter will for some shine. For better results, keep the midsection of your eyelids in a natural shade according to your skin tone.

4. Apply Eyeliner

The type of eyeliner and position of the eyeliner makes a huge difference for our eyes. To compliment close-set eyes, apply eyeliner only on the upper and lower lash lines. Apply the eyeliner in this way but only halfway through i.e. from outer to the center. One more tip is that if you can make the cat eye in your upper lash line, it will provide a flattering look to your eyes.

5. Create Smokey Eyes

This is an additional step for your eye makeup which you can include or else you can skip it. It is not necessary that Smoky eyes have to be prominent. If you want, you can have subtle Smokey eyes as well. Depending on the place and occasion you will be going to, you have to do your makeup, right! You can’t just show up at your workplace with loud Smokey eyes, can you? You will make everyone’s head turn. 

6. Apply Mascara

Now if you are new to the makeup world, then you should know that makeup is incomplete without mascara. Applying mascara is like giving the final touch to the masterpiece that you have created on your eyes. Try to use the mascara which comes with the wand to give a curl to your eyelashes giving a thicker look to your lashes. 

Apply Mascara
Apply Mascara

Applying an extra layer of mascara on the outer part of your eyelashes will give the effect of bigger eyes. Applying mascara is never too much irrespective of you having naturally thicker eyelashes. So, now you know how to accentuate the beauty of your eyes if they are close-set. And of course, realistically speaking, doing makeup is not an easy task. It requires precision and dedication to make it perfect. If simply put, doing makeup is an art that you have to learn mostly. While some are natural with this skill who can pick up easily some of us including me sadly, have to struggle and work on our skills to attain the ability to do the perfect makeup. 

A fun fact, did you know that a few of our favorite celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Miley Cyrus also have close-set eyes? So, not to worry you are not alone, brush up your makeup skills and sway everyone with killer looks. Take care♥

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