Beauty may be the spirit but makeup is art. If you love watching all those eye makeup tutorials on youtube and follow all the best makeup artists but wonder why your eye make up doesn’t look as good. Well here are 11 common eye shadow mistakes you need to stop making so you can get that perfect blended look. 

1. Eye Primer or concealer

An eyeshadow mistake that has too many different opinions about it to count. Some say concealer works best, some say eye primer is the way to go. Most people who have oily eyelids will naturally go for eye primer. And people with dry eyelids tend to go for concealer. 

The thing is that concealer does not have the right ingredients to make the eye-shadow stay put. Eye primers like your normal makeup primer help the makeup stay on for longer. More importantly, they reduce creasing. No matter what concealer you use there will always be a greater risk of creasing than eye primers. We would suggest a moisturizing eye primer if you have dry eyelids. Of course, you can use concealer on top of the primer but we will get to that next.

2. Colour correction

This can be very tricky So pay attention. When we apply eye shadow, whatever color it may be we are painting a canvas. And if the canvas is not blank it might spoil the painting. If you have dark circles under your eyes or a little pigmentation on your eyes you have to make it right. And how do you do that – Colour Correctors!! (or honestly even a lipstick will do) Usually, if there is a little darkening around the eye it will be a purplish color or sometimes even look black. In that case, use an orange colour correction. If your skin has red patches use green or purple correctors. Use a very nominal amount or you might make a bigger mess.

After you are done with your color correctors use concealer to cover it up. Again DO NOT use too much or your make up might crease. A little bit will go a long way!

3. Transition Shades

Now to the actual eye-shadow part. Transition shades are the secret-key to a good eye-shadow look. It is also one eye shadow miskate people are not aware they are making. What are they and how do you go about it. Transition shades may be in the same colour palette as your final look or they can be simple brownish mattes. They add depth and dimension to your look. Try to use at least 2-3 transition shades before you dive into the real deal!

4. Blending

This is probably where most people go wrong. Even though most people who experiment with eye make up are already aware of how important blending is but don’t know how to do it right.

So here are 3 most important things to remember:

  • Light hand

This is really important to remember. If you press in on your eyelid its not going to move the product just your skin. Use a light hand when blending – keep your grip light and hold the brush towards its end. 

  • Rushes

You will need 2-3 brushes for a great eye-look. 1 for packing in the product and 1or 2 for blending. Make sure you keep them separate. The one you use for getting the pigment should be densely packed and precise. Flat eye-shadow brushes work best. For the blending brush the fluffier the better. It should be light and fluttery.

  • Glitters

Try not to use brushes when applying chunky glitters. They don’t really help in placing them well. Instead, use your fingers. Pop em’ on and you’re done.

5. Outwards and Upwards

An important trick that can transform your eye-makeup game. It is also an eyeshadow mistake people keep making without realizing. When you have packed on a particular shade on your crease and you want that smoky effect you always blend outwards, and not just outwards but also upwards. Do not at all blend downwards – it will make your eyes look droopy.  

6. Highlight

Now that you have rectified the basics how do you make it better? Well, you start with highlighting the inner corners. Highlighting has a long list of benefits but the best one has got to be the wide-eyed look it gives you. Highlighting the inner corner makes you look more awake and adds that touch of glamour to your look without being too much. Add a little highlight to your browbone and you’re good to go.

7. High-brow

Alright, the eye shadow is done but the mistakes are not. Untamed brows can ruin any makeup look. They have the power to ruin the best-done eyes. So grab your plucker and get a clean look first. Then step it up and carve them out with concealer and a brow pencil (or any other brow product). Make sure they look clean and sleek.

8. Liner and Mascara

Oh if you thought that brows were the only thing left then boy oh boy you were so wrong. But worry not liner and mascara are the last bits. So do not dismiss them and get them right. Make sure you get your liner nice and on point because now that you have the eye shadow on you can’t redo it. Don’t be shy with the mascara and you will have your self a gorgeous wide eyed look.

9. Tidy up

In most cases, this is common sense but a lot of people miss out on it. After you have done your eyes there is going to always be something extra that you would wanna clean up. Maybe a little mascara on your eyelid or eyeshadow flakes on your cheeks. Or maybe just a little fine-tuning. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the overall picture before you set out.

And those were 9 common eyeshadow mistakes that you need to identify and stop doing immediately. Make sure you keep them in mind the next time you grab you smokey eye palette.