Can We Clean Our Lungs Naturally? 

Lungs, which are self-cleansing organs that can clean themselves of the deposition of pollutants in them. The best way to assure your lungs are clean is by avoiding any harmful toxins getting into them. Eating a balanced diet and performing regular exercises promote the cleansing of the lungs.

If you suffer from any breathing problems like asthma or any other lung disease, you must be wondering how to clean your lungs or is it possible to clean your lungs? Well, the answer is yes! You can attain clear lungs. Continue reading to find out how. 

Inhaling in air pollution, cigarette smoke, and other toxins can harm the lungs and even cause health ailments. Strengthening the health of the lungs is essential for keeping the rest of the body healthy.

Cleaning your lungs can be accomplished by eating the right and healthy food, performing regular exercises and formulating habits which can clean your lungs. Let us now understand the natural way to cleanse your lungs!

How to Clean Your Lungs Naturally?

Amplifying some of these habits and exercises into your daily life and by giving adequate time and efforts to these habits can purify your lungs easily. This not only heals your lungs but focuses on overall health. 

1. Quit Smoking

Smoking is regarded as highly toxic and destructive to your lungs. Smoking can cause lung cancer and other dangerous side effects. Smoking is like a foe of the lungs. So, if you have a habit of smoking, you might want to relinquish this habit to clean your lungs. They may cause greater health problems you don’t want to have. Consequently, make an effort and resign from smoking today.  

2. Perform Breathing Exercises

Your lungs have the duty of functioning breathing in your body. It is also a self-cleansing organ. Performing regular breathing exercises can help the lungs to clean itself efficiently.

When you perform an exercise, your whole body works for it which increases the body’s breathing rate, resulting in a considerable supply of oxygen to the muscles. Breathing exercises not only cleans your lungs but also boosts up your stamina, resulting in less fatigue. 

3. Purify the air around you

The impurities in the air are accountable for unclean lungs. If the air you breathe is pure and clean, your lungs will also stay healthy and clean. The increasing use of vehicles and industrialisation has made the air and the whole atmosphere polluted.

It is nearly impossible to get clean and pure air but planting inside or around your houses or anywhere can help make the air healthier and pure. You can install an air purifier at your home to improve the quality of the air. 

4. Take a steam therapy

Inhaling hot steam can help you get rid of that stubborn phlegm. The hot steam goes inside your nose and lungs which helps loosen the mucus around in the lungs.

Lungs Naturally
Lungs Naturally

Taking a quick and hot shower can also be helpful for those with excessive phlegm buildup. When taking a shower, though, be sure to turn the exhaust fan on to avoid extra steam as this may be more suffocating than useful.

5. Do not suppress your cough! 

Coughing is a natural function which helps the lungs to get rid of the mucus. We feel discomfort with this and often use cough suppressors to reduce this discomfort. We should never resist a cough and let phlegm come out of your mouth. Let your lungs clean themselves on their own. Cough it out! 

6. Percussion

Chest percussion helps the mucus drain out of the lungs. A doctor or a health care specialist will tap your back rhythmically while you lie down on the floor. It slackens the mucus. The position assists the mucus to go up and out of the lungs. Changing your position can help you in getting mucus out of your lungs. It is called postural drainage. 

Foods that help in cleaning lungs

Eating certain types of food may help in cleaning your lungs. There are several types of lung cleansing foods you can add into your diet to have healthy and clean lungs. Therefore, we must choose healthy foods to purify our lungs, to relieve common lung diseases and respiratory problems.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is enriched with the goodness of polyphenols and has anti-inflammatory properties that may help in relieving inflammation in the lungs. These compounds may even preserve lung tissue from the toxic reactions of smoke inhalation. Drinking two cups of green tea 2 times a day keeps your lung clean and away from harmful toxins. 

2. Apples

‘An Apple a day keeps the doctor away’ yes it’s true! Apples are enriched with lots of nutrients, fibres, energy, antioxidants, vitamins and the best thing is that it’s a low-calorie food. It enables our body to maintain a strong immune system and a healthy respiratory system. When we have healthy respiratory functions, we can fight off lung diseases and avoid them naturally.

3. Ginger

This is one of the most healthy and vital remedies used for cough and cold, ginger is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in removing harmful toxins from your respiratory tracts.

It comprises many vitamins and minerals potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene and zinc. It can also prevent the development of cancer cells. Drinking ginger tea when having seasonal flu or cough and the common cold may help you relieve.

4. Anti-inflammatory foods

Foods with high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties may help you breathe easier if you have any cough or cold. Foods like turmeric, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, cherries, olives, walnuts and beans are beneficial in reducing the inflammation in the lungs. 


The best part of purifying the lungs naturally with lung cleansing food is the personal care you can give yourself in alleviating your symptoms. Using helpful ingredients that are both affordable and can be found around the house, it’s probable to loosen up your phlegm while also relieving your throat.

Apart from eating the right foods, improving your habits like quitting smoking, performing aerobic exercises and cleaning the air around you can help you in achieving clear lungs.

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