Hygiene is as important as eating and sleeping when it comes to change your body towel to keep yourself healthy . Giving yourself a warm shower and feeling all clean sounds so refreshing but have you ever thought of changing your body towel? 

Well, most of us ignore changing our bath towels at an appropriate interval of time, which is a cause of concern and unhygienic. If you still aren’t sure when to change your body towel, you’re gonna know today! 

Changing your body towel is an important concern you should be aware of as you use it every day.

To know when you should change your body towel or how often you should change your body towel, Read on! 

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Why is it important to change your body towel? 

Cleanliness is an important practice and habit every single person should have. No doubt, towels are one of the most common everyday tools we use and there’s no denying that they should be replaced and washed from time to time to avoid unwanted germs. 

Yes, body towels if not replaced and washed timely can cause a lot of concerns for your hygiene routine. If you shower every day, you might be using your body towel every day as well. 

Most of us keep our body towels for years and forget that they need to be replaced as well. You might be wondering why is it important to replace my towel?

Change Your Body Towel

First of all, understand that you need to wash your bath towel after three uses at most. Many people do not wash their bath towel for months, which is bad and unhygienic. But why? 

This is because towels can be a great place for bacteria and germs to breed and you absolutely wouldn’t want to scrub that towel on your body. 

Towels are exposed to dirt and bacteria, also, they are usually damp after use which makes them a perfect place for bacteria and germs to harbour. 

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If you continue using a dirty towel, it can cause irritation and even infected skin. It can cause skin issues like acne as well. Moreover, not washing your body towels timely can cause them to smell awful. 

Not only this, certain people would need to wash their towels more frequently, especially people who work out and wipe off their sweat with their body towel. 

In this case, you need to wash it as soon as you wipe off that sweat if you don’t want to scrub germs and bacteria on your skin. 

When should I replace/change my body towel? 

Washing your bath towel is crucial for better hygiene. What’s more? You need to timely change your bath towel as well! The bath or body towels you use have a particular shelf life you should be aware of. 

Everything goes through wear and tear and needs to be replaced and towels are no exception. How often you should change your body towel depends on two things: it’s quality and how you care for it. 

Change Your Body Towel

Towels made with cheap fabric should be replaced quickly. With good care, a bath towel can last a long time. You can read the instructions on its product tag to get the most out of it. 

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Bath towels can last for years if taken care of properly and washed timely

They should be replaced whenever you see any hole or see if they are torn out. If you feel they are not absorbent enough and smell terrible, this is also a sign you should replace your towel. This practice can help you stay away from bacteria and germs that can breed on your towel. 

For safety and hygiene, it is important to take care of your towel just like you do with your favourite clothes. 

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How to take care of your towels for longer shelf life? 

Even if you are someone who won’t let anyone touch your towels and clothes, you still need to take care of your bath towels as they are exposed to dirt and germs every day. 

Yes, you need to wash your body towel every 2-3 days but there are some other tips you should be aware of when it comes to taking care of your body towel for longer shelf life. 

Follow these tips for a tidy bath towel: 

Change Your Body Towel
  • Make sure you wash the towels without putting clothing and bedsheets in the load. If you have white towels, wash them separately.
  • Never use detergents or bleaches containing benzoyl peroxide that claim to whiten and disinfect your clothes as they may end up staining or discolouring your towels.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, they can reduce the absorbency of your body towels.
  • Always hang your towels to dry.
  • Follow product instructions for laundry detergent for a better lifespan.
  • Do not overload your washing machine with towels.
  • Make sure you are not sharing your towel even with your partner. Each person in the house should have their own towel. Sharing towels is pretty unhygienic.
  • Before you use your towel, make sure it’s completely dry. The longer a towel is wet the more bacteria and smell it will have.
  • Store clean and completely dry towels in a well-ventilated space.
  • Sanitise your washing machine timely. Read the washing machine manual to determine how often you should sanitise your washing machine.

This was all about replacing and washing your body towel. Keeping good care of your body towel is important for increasing the lifespan of your body towel. You can replace your body towel when you see the signs of wear and tear. 

Although body towels can be used for years depending on their quality and how you care for them. 

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