What is A Microfiber Hair Wrap?

Microfiber hair towels or hair wraps are relatively new yet popular in the beauty scene. These hair wraps are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable to use than a massive bath towel. They are specially made in a way that is suited to dry the hair faster without any frizz or frustration.

Microfiber Hair Wrap
Microfiber Hair Wrap

How are Microfiber Hair Wraps made?

Microfiber hair wraps are made of microfibers, as the name suggests. These microfibers are synthetically produced materials made from polyester and nylon. These hair wraps may also contain polypropylenes and trogamide. These fibres exhibit water-binding properties and are specially used for quick-dry towelling. 

What are the Benefits of Using Microfiber Hair Wraps?

Microfiber hair towels are inexpensive and healthy for both the pocket and the hair. Here are eight reasons why you should put behind that heavy towel and shift to microfiber ones immediately:

1. Microfiber hair wraps are capable of cutting the drying time in half

These hair towels are made from synthetic fibre which is about 1/5th the width of human hair. The microcosmic size allows the opportunity to pack more fibres into a much smaller space. The microfibers are densely packed, which in a way, renders a smooth softness which makes it perfect for polishing delicate surfaces (in this case, the hair.)

When the fibres in the towel split, it dramatically increases the water soaking ability of the cloth. The microfibers work better than cotton in soaking the moisture in the hair thereby allowing it to dry faster. It also prevents the hair cuticles from agitation and the dreaded hygral fatigue.

2. The microfiber hair wraps are healthier

We mostly end up vigorously rubbing our hair with cotton bath towels, thinking it would dry the hair faster. However, what most people forget is that stimulating the roots of the hair encourages more natural oil secretion and also makes the hair frizzy. Rubbing the hair vigorously may also lead to dead-ends and uncontrollable hair breakage. 

To keep your hair safe and healthy, shift to microfiber hair wraps because they are self-absorbent and reduces the chances of uncontrollably tangled mane.

3. Microfiber hair towels are gentle

By far the gentlest method to dry the hair, the microfiber hair wraps do not require unnecessary wringing or sharply twisting the hair in a cotton towel. The sharp twists and wrings are dangerous to the cuticles and can damage the roots. 

Microfiber Hair Wrap
Microfiber Hair Wrap

It is also a relatively reasonable method of drying the hair instead of using a blow dryer regularly. Blow drying hair regularly may lead to irrecoverable damage of the hair cuticles over time. A microfiber towel does not require any of the rubbing, wringing, applying heat or performing harsh daily rituals and thus avoids breakage of hair. 

4. It is great for thick and curly hair

Thick and curly hair requires lots of moisture, but it needs the right kind of moisture and water is not the correct kind of moisture. In fact, letting water sit on the scalp for too long can be harmful. Thick and curly hair also makes it a challenge to dry it all the way to the roots. While the tips tend to dry pretty fast, the roots stay wet for hours.

To avoid such dilemma use microfiber hair towels for curly hair and thick hair that have self-absorbent powers and soaks up water from every portion of the hair: from the scalp to the tip. 

5. It provides protection to the hair

The regular bath towels come with curved and hooped fibres, which the manufacturers specifically design to create a plumper and softer towel without adding any extra fibres. This means the cheaper sets of bath towels shed their fibres more rapidly making the surface rough and this. 

Under such circumstances, using a microfiber hair towel is safer, for it is specifically created for the hair and the other products of the body won’t land up in the hair. Also, the texture of the microfibers is smooth and provides a nourishing massage to the hair which the normal bath towels do not.

6. Microfiber hair wraps are chic and stylish

Women mostly wrap up their hair in a turban for faster and effective hair dry. With microfiber hair wraps, you get the perfect turban every time, without the fear of it opening. Additional to its cool ‘look’, it is also a faster method of hair drying than air drying. Furthermore, hair wraps spare the neck stiffness that we often develop while trying to balance the heavy bath towel turban. Not to forget, it is super light-weight.

7. Microfiber hair wraps are easy to pack

Often during vacations, we skip washing our hair to avoid the painstaking drying process and eventually land up with greasy hair by the end of the vacation. Microfiber hair towels are not only less space-consuming, but also helps in maintaining healthy hair throughout vacations. 

8. Easy to wash

While bath towels are easy to fold, they are equally space-consuming and bulky. It takes a lot of laundry space in the washer, as well. On the other hand, microfiber hair wraps are light, hardly takes up any space in the washer and most importantly, an extremely cheap investment. 

How to use a Microfiber Hair Wrap?

Step 1: Tilt your head in front and put on the hair towel. The button should be at the back of your head.

Step 2: Wrap your hair with the elongated part of the towel. 

Step 3: Pull up the secure loop across your head and fix it to the button (at the back of your head.)

Tips for using microfiber hair towel wraps

If you have curly hair, you should definitely opt for microfiber hair wraps to keep your hair healthy.

Microfiber Hair Wrap
Microfiber Hair Wrap

Similarly, it is also a better option than cotton bath towels if you have long hair. 

Always strain your hair lightly, before putting on the microfiber hair wrap, for a more effective dry. 

What kind of Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps should work the best for your hair?

Here are the different microfiber hair towel wraps:

1. Nabaiji Soft Microfiber Hair Towel (Decathlon)

This one is made of polyester and has the softest finishing. It absorbs the water from the hair wonderfully, leaving a smooth frizz-free hair. The colours, thankfully, do not fade after each wash. The design is perfect for all kinds of hair and the button and the elastic strap is of really superior quality. Not to forget, it is WAY cheaper than the regular bath towels.

2. ON STORE Hair Towel Wrap Absorbent Towel

This is a favourite amongst people with extremely frizzy hair. It makes the hair less frizzy and the super absorbent properties make this hair towel stand out. If you are looking for something cheap, durable and vibrant, the ON STORE hair towel wrap is definitely the one for you. 

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