It’s not just that we need to take a regular shower, but washing clothes in laundry is especially important to maintain basic hygiene. Our clothes are like our outer shield and are constantly assaulted by dirt, grim, sweat, and pollutants. But clothes aren’t just a piece of fabric over our body, but it is also a style statement, which conveys more than it hides. Especially, for women, we love our clothes, and each one holds a special place in our heart.

Every clothes has a separate laundry wash care technique

There are different clothes for different occasions, the ones for weddings and festivities, in expensive silks and brocades, fine Chantilly laces and nets. The satin party attires, cotton and polyester everyday garments.

Have you noticed, how every garment has a special wash care routine, well it’s not to hassle you but to make your favourite attire long-lasting. Proper washing and drying are extremely important. Improper laundry can lead to the color being washed away, the fabric getting frayed and shrinking, and whatnot!

Doesn’t it break one’s heart?

So, getting clothes clean is a real challenge. Whether you’re dealing with nasty spots and dirt stains or are taking care of delicate fabrics, you’ll want to avoid mixing whites with colors. If you’ve ever made that mistake and ended up with your whites coming out slightly dyed then you already know why that’s good advice. 

Top tips for doing laundry

So how do you keep your whites bright and the color of your clothes from fading with multiple washes? 


Sort your colors

First things first: separate your laundry. Make sure you sort the colored items from your white ones. But it’s not just about the color of your fabrics. At this point, you’ll also want to separate the more delicate fabrics like wools or silks from polyester. They won’t be going into the same wash because they should be treated at different temperatures. Here’s more help on how to sort and separate laundry

Get a good laundry detergent

Laundry detergent is an important part of getting clothes to look new again. But there are plenty of choices out there. How do you know which one to shop for? 

Consumer Reports tests different brands of detergent so that you can make a more informed buying decision. You can also buy and try of course. If you’re testing a few different options here’s what to look for:

  • Make sure the detergent dissolves easily. You can shop for liquid detergent if that’s easier.
  • Colors should come out bright from the washing cycle.
  • Whites should look bright after washing.

Getting whites to be white again

If you’re dealing with heavily worn items, chances are your white shirts, socks and tops will be looking gray or yellowish after a few washes. You can add a bit of bleach while washing your whites to help get rid of lingering dirt. It’s best to check your machine instructions to know exactly how much bleach you should add. The process is a little different for white canvas shoes. But here are four quick and simple ways to clean white converse.

Reviving faded colors

It’s completely normal that colors of fabrics tend to fade after multiple washes. The spin cycle of a washer is a pretty harsh process and this can draw color from the fabric fibers. But there is a way to restore them and make colors pop once more: fabric dye. Simply purchase the dye of your choice and follow the instructions on the packaging. 


Home remedies and best practices to follow.

For whites:

  • If you are not too fond of using bleach or your skin is too sensitive, then you can soak your clothes in warm water and 1 or 2 lemons sliced for about two hours and then wash it normally.
  • Your favourite kitchen ingredient- white vinegar can also bring back life to your clothes. Simply pour about a quarter cup of vinegar during the last rinse cycle, or even your clothes have been really dirty, the pre-soak it in some vinegar and water solution. It will also help to eradicate the humid smell which plagues us during summers.
  • Hydrogen peroxide of about 3% concentration can be added to the first wash cycle for making your clothes brighter and whiter.
  • Baking soda the natural cleaning solution can work wonders for your clothes too.

Remember, you are what you wear. So, it is worth the effort to take care of your apparels!