Are you an Indian woman? If yes, then you will be very much aware of the different threats you face in your day to day life whether it be stalking, groping, staring and most severely rape. When such threats are hanging over every woman’s head, it is necessary to examine if our country, is India safe for women or not?

India’s large population comprising of 1.3 billion people, ancient culture, as well as rapidly transforming attitudes, is one of the well-known fascinating destinations around the globe. Still, we are here discussing how safe is it for you and me? Sad, isn’t it? 

Take a moment, search the internet and there you go with a never-ending list of stories taking place in various parts of India every day regarding crimes against a woman. It does not matter you are young or old. Nirbhaya, Asifa, and the whole new add-on, Priyanka Reddy were killed due to their woman identity and not because they ran into the risk of being raped and even killed.

Lately, the concern of women’s security in India has been frequently in the news. Every other day news channels and social media are flooded with such news. While many foreign women have revealed various issues about traveling to India, others prefer not to visit at all. That means not only Indian women are tensed in our society but visitors are also scared to land here. 

Let’s not exaggerate it as we need some effective solutions & conclusion for this major concern. So what can we really do to make our homeland a safe place for everyone?

Every citizen should decide as well as agree that each individual in our country has the complete right to be free & safe. So stop crime against women.

The Indian constitution clearly states that every individual is equal before the law. Then, why is it not reflected in our society? Every woman out there should be permitted to acquire the choice of career and their marriage partner, proper education and healthcare and even the right to stay single. No girl should be punished or even judged for her choice of clothing, friend circle, and her leisure hobbies. 

In simpler words, respect her and allow her to exercise her rights. Not because she is a woman but because she deserves it. If education is the most powerful method, then it is high time to use it to dispel all the existing taboos in our society and help men to understand the importance of respect, consent, and limits so that no men will ever think to violate women’s rights. 

As human beings, each of us needs to respect and consider one another. Most importantly, let us decide to never be an active bystander when sexual violence happens rather collect all our guts to intervene & react immediately. 

Role of Our Government!

The ultimate need of the hour is that our government start ensuring that the legislation is enforced effectively. There is no point in listing laws for the safety of women when the whole system is prohibitive as well as inhibiting. India needs a powerful up-gradation to safeguard our women. 

Why is half of the Nirbhaya fund lying unused? While we have an extreme need for more active helplines as well as effective fast-track courts. The government should ensure if police stations are approaching and considering women to file their complaints. If crimes against a woman will be under-reported, that would not help anyone well. Also, suppressing a complaint majorly weakens our system and alternatively encourage perpetrators. 

If the government works appropriately in every sphere, then it won’t be that difficult to make India a safe land for women. 

Let’s make Women safety our priority!

It should be important for everybody, from the government to businessmen and individuals!!

Let’s join our hands & pledge to make our country safer land for every woman to live!!!