Soon after the Priyanka Reddy case in Hyderabad, the nation went in deep trauma of how rape cases in India seem to be going over the head. When the report of raped and murdered of the 26 years old came forward, thousands of people cared to step out of their houses to protest for her justice. On the other hand, Hyderabad Police has issued a 14 point advisory for women’s safety. Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar has requested women to follow the same as a safety precaution. 

  1. While traveling women must inform her parents, close relatives or a friend about where she is going and when she will be back.
  2. Share the last location if possible
  3. If traveling by taxi/auto-rickshaw always share the number and the details
  4. Get to know about the route prior, if going to an unfamiliar destination
  5. Always wait in crowded areas instead of an isolated area. Never hesitate to call for police help or blue colt police motorcycles in the area for help.
  6. If there is no person visible around, you should walk to the nearest shop, a commercial unit and stand very close to it, so moving traffic can easily observe you.
  7. Never hesitate to dial100
  8. Download the app hawkeye and share your location to your near ones all the time
  9. In suspicious circumstances always ask for help from passengers/passerby
  10. If there are no passengers, act like you are talking to your relative on the phone who is a police official. Share all the details of place and vehicle and people around you, this will scare them
  11. Never hesitate to shout for help. Always be confident and talk out loud.
  12. If you feel yourself to be in a helpless situation, shout for help and run towards a crowded area.
  13. Inform local police of any sort of suspicion
  14. In case you want to send some pictures for verification you can send WhatsApp at 9490616555.

It is very thoughtful of Hyderabad police to be sending out these guidelines to women for protection. But this problem requires a permanent solution and not a new set of rules for women who already force themselves to live in a very limited radius. Women already are self-policing themselves to make sure no tragedy comes there way. Getting a permanent solution from the judiciary of India is the need of the hour.

What has been lent out by the Hyderabad Police is good for women to take care of and follow it. In an alarming situation, that may bring up someone who will cause you harm, knowing how to defend yourself will give you potential upper hand and confidence to step out without fear. Keeping yourself safe should be a priority and every woman deserves to be well aware about the proper skills to protect oneself against assault. Self-defense opens up the resource of freedom for women in an unpredictable world. Every girl must be taught self-defense techniques for any of the tragic situation:

  • Hammer strike– your car keys can help you defend yourself greatly. If any time you feel unsafe, stick out your car keys to from one side of your fist to use it like a hammer.
  • Groin Kick– if you see someone coming at you with a cruel intention, a groin kick is another great way to paralyze the attacker. It will give you time to escape.
  • Elbow strike– use your elbow to hit your attacker if he is in your close range and you are unable to use punch or kick.
  • Escaping from bear hug– if an attacker is coming from behind to get you, just lower yourself to make space for escape and free yourself and then attack.

Self-defense is of utmost importance in the kind of scenario we live in, where mishappening is unpredictable and where the evilness knows no limits. Hence its time for each woman to become vigilant and be totally well-aware of the surroundings. A woman should always be prepared for any tragic situation that may come her way. It is a bad world out there so take it with toughness.

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