Getting to discover if you are pregnant or not is an exciting period. But not to forget, the jolly mood soon wears off as you start to experience some of the early signs of your baby growing in your belly. You may be anxious to confirm your feeling of the bodily changes that you are going through is an indication of pregnancy or not. I can understand. You can go through some of the early signs of pregnancy to help you confirm your doubts. Adding to this confirmation, you will get detailed information about heartburn if it is an early sign of pregnancy or something else. Without further ado, let us all hop into what Heartburn is.


Heartburn is the unpleasant feeling that you go through in your esophagus. It is most commonly referred to as acid indigestion. You will have burning sensations in your esophagus that is caused by the stomach contents that come back up.

Causes Of Heartburn

Here are some causes of heartburn that you should know of. 

1. Changing Hormone Levels

Change in your hormone level affects the muscles of the digestive tract and your body’s ability to digest and tolerate different foods. Such changes to your hormones cause the valve between your stomach and esophagus to relax and those stomach acids splash right back up. 

2. An Early Sign Of Pregnancy

You can also experience heartburn in your early pregnancy. You can normally have heartburns in your second and third trimester. This happens because the growing uterus crowds your abdomen which ultimately pushes your stomach acid back to the up. In very rare cases you may suffer from heartburn at the time of pregnancy due to gallstones. Hence you should mention your doctor in detail about the issues that you are going through. 

Is Heartburn A Sign Of Pregnancy?

It is clear from the causes that I have mentioned, that heartburn is one of the signs of pregnancy. But you cannot solely depend on heartburns to predict if you are pregnant or not. Other symptoms have to equally come alive. Hence you must keep a note of all the changes that you can feel your body be going through and then share that with your doctor. Remember, the very first change that you will notice in case you are pregnant is your skipping of periods. Heartburns can be felt in the second to third trimesters. Till then you will come across many other symptoms that will be indicating towards pregnancy.

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Preventing and Treating Heartburn

Wear loose-fitting comfy clothes: try to be on comfortable loose-fitting outfits. Tighter outfits will make you uncomfortable as well as put higher pressure on your stomach which leads to heartburn. Eat several small meals a day: skip eating huge 3-time meals. Instead, go for several meals in small proportions. Do not lie directly after you eat: try not to go to bed and sleep just after taking your meal. In case you do so, keep your head and hands in a higher position than the other parts.

Do not drink large amounts of liquids while you are eating. Doing this increases your chances of experiencing heartburn. These are some of the remedies that you can try to prevent harsh heartburns. And if they do not help you then you should make an appointment with the doctor and share all your issues. That will be the best solution because a doctor is the last resort in cases such as this.


Determining if You Are Pregnant

If you have the slightest thought about it, if you are pregnant then you can just check it. Time has changed so much that now you don’t have to go to a gyno to confirm your status. You can check it on your own. Do a home pregnancy test. They are accurate most of the time. If you are still not satisfied with the result that you obtain from the home test then you can approach the doctor any time you feel like it.  

Stay tranquil and do all the necessities. You should not worry if your symptoms are not synchronizing. Heartburns may or may not lead to pregnancy. First, be sure that you have had all the starting symptoms that are mentioned in the signs of pregnancy. Go through the details of all the symptoms and then you can be confirmed if you are on your way to becoming a MOM. 

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