If you are a makeup enthusiast or even if you are not then you must have heard about this technique of makeup called the airbrush makeup. 

In this new technique of applying makeup, instead of using your fingers, brushes, or sponges, you apply the makeup using a tool that sprays the makeup onto your face. 

This system of an airbrush involves a compressor which creates the air pressure and flows inside, which is then connected to a pipe that is controlled by a trigger to control the pressure, to apply lighter or heavier makeup types just like in a spray-paint can. 

It is popularly used for movies, brides, and even for spray-tan. This has also become a choice for many YouTubers and even for television because of the high definition quality of video on which they shoot. 

Applying makeup with a brush or sponge may give out the appearance of pores and even wrinkles on the screen, especially if you have to wear makeup for longer durations. 

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup uses the technique of an air gun that splashes the makeup onto your skin. The Liquid foundation or similar product is filled into the gun, which is then sprayed on the face with the help of a controlling trigger.

The way the makeup is divided into millions of tiny droplets that are sprayed and feels extremely lightweight on the skin. You can adjust the heaviness or lightness and play with the intensity by simply managing the distance and pressure to adjust the makeup. 

This technique of applying makeup gives a flawless finish and the makeup appears skin-like. This makeup not just looks good but also stays on your face for as long as 24 hours. 

You don’t think that you can only apply foundation with this? Because you can do contouring, eye shadow, lip color, and even eyeliner. A few of these do require a stencil for precision but it is very easy to work with. 

An airbrush technique saves a lot of time that was earlier wasted in blending and making sure that the makeup seeps into the skin and looks natural. You can use an airbrush to easily do the task and be out and ready for the whole day. 

Though we generally do not need a full face of makeup for our everyday look and buying an airbrush for just those days seems like a lot. However, this technique is very popular among the bride and they are often confused between getting HD makeup or airbrush makeup for their big day. They often hear mixed reviews about this type of makeup. 

So to give you a better understanding of what is airbrush makeup and to help you decide whether you should choose it for your big day or not, we have a pro and con list:

Pros and Cons of Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Pros of airbrush bridal makeup:

1. Dewy, skin-like makeup 

This one of the biggest pros of getting bridal airbrush makeup is that this makeup does not look heavy or cakey on your skin. It blends in with your skin and looks like a second skin. Also, now the brides and grooms opt for the HD quality of photographs and videos, so they want their skin to look flawless.

2. Stays for long 

When getting married the brides want to enjoy their big day and not worry about their makeup melting away. It does not feel good neither does it photograph well and you should not compromise. Airbrush makeup stays in plays for as long as 12-18 hours without any touch-ups. 

3. Great for the no-makeup makeup look

After looking at all the Bollywood brides rocking the no-makeup makeup look for their wedding days, many brides want to go for the same look. It looks great with everything and feels light on the skin.

Airbrush makeup is also great for this as you do not have to waste hours to blend out the makeup as this does the job and gives the perfect finish and blend needed for this look. 

4. It’s not heavy on your skin

On your wedding day, you are already drowning in a lot of weight of your lehenga and jewelry that you can ease out a little for your makeup. With airbrush makeup, you don’t have to use a lot of layers of makeup and hence, extremely light on your skin. 

5. Quick application

Most brides face the problem of managing time on their wedding day as the makeup and getting ready can take a lot of time. Airbrush makeup will be very helpful if you do not want to spend hours in the parlor as it is quick to apply on your face. 

Cons of airbrush bridal makeup 

1. It is costly 

This is the biggest reason that brides refrain from airbrush makeup for their weddings. It is a costly setup and to get it done from someone is also a costly deal. So if you do not want to spend a fortune on your makeup you can always skip this and go for comparatively cheap HD makeup. 

2. Requires all different products 

Since airbrush makeup is a whole different setup from an air gun and a compressor. It has to have a different set of products to go with it. Along with this, there’s also the possibility of you developing a reaction or any side effect from the new products. 

3. Needs practice

Using airbrush makeup and applying it with precision requires some practice that you should keep in mind when selecting a makeup artist for this makeup technique. You obviously do not want to ruin your makeup on the day if the person is not skilled for this. 

4. It can dry out your face

Airbrush makeup seems convenient and quick but if you are someone who has extremely dry skin that this is not the right option for you. If you should go for it then make sure to hydrate your face and prime it before you go ahead with the airbrush application. 

5. Not the best for acne prone skin

If you have acne on your face or acne-prone skin then you should know that when going for airbrush makeup you might aggravate the problem and/or this makeup technique might not be able to cover the acne properly. 

Here you have all that you need to know about airbrush makeup before you choose it for your special day. If after carefully looking at the pros and cons you feel like this is something you want for your big day then don’t hesitate and go for it.