Breastfeeding Your Partner: Is It Normal To Do it?

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Breastfeeding Your Partner

Breastfeeding your partner is a topic which no one talks about openly. But the act itself is more common among couples than you can imagine. To be honest, breastfeeding your partner is normal and acceptable. The Question to be raised regarding this topic is, to what extent is breastfeeding your partner okay? 

Did you know that adult nursing, an act of breastfeeding an adult has been documented for centuries now? It can be considered as a type of sexual fetish under common circumstances. This act is also popularly known as Erotic Lactation.

Possible Reasons Why Your Partner Wants You To Breastfeed Him


Men are attracted to the concept of breasts, in general, we all know it. As mentioned earlier, their indulgence in breastfeeding is no different. With milk or no milk, men love to suck on them. Moreover, there are several websites dedicated to this concept of adult nursing as well. 


This is applicable in the case of lactating women. Your partner may wonder how it feels to have breastmilk in their mouth, what it tastes like and so on. 

Feeling detached

Men love to play with their woman’s breasts. For them, it is an integral toy to play with before and during sexual intercourse. With the arrival of the baby, you are inclined towards nursing your baby more. This may cause them to feel left out and they try to feel closer to their partner in this way.

It has been reported that some men find it hard to accept the change that the baby gets to spend more time with the breasts. One word to describe the feeling- Jealousy! Sounds absurd right? But it is possible. 

Reasons Why You Should Try Breastfeeding Your Partner


Believe it or not, breastfeeding your partner will bring you and your partner closer and you will share a bond like never before. 



Women love it when their partner gives some attention to the breasts. There’s no lying that women feel aroused when the breasts are fondled, especially the nipples. We love it! There have been studies on the reduction of libido after having a baby. Breastfeeding your partner may help reignite the lost passion that you once shared with your partner. 

Clear clogged milk duct

Clogged milk ducts are very painful to experience. There are several which can cause clogged milk ducts such as too much pressure on the breast due to wearing the wrong type of bra, too many gaps between the feeds, excessive milk supply but not feeding the baby, etc. 

Naturally, your partner will have a stronger suction which can help in such cases. However, sucking on nipples with clogged duct can be painful but once the clogs are gone the pain will also go away.

Verdict on Breastfeeding Your Partner


It is highly possible that your baby may extract any germs left behind on your nipples after your partner breastfeeds. The immunity of babies grows gradually so this is a risky thing to do when it is the only food option for the baby. More so, if your partner is suffering from any infectious disease, it is better not to breastfeed him to keep the baby safe from any possible infection

Uncomfortable for you 

If you are not comfortable breastfeed your breast milk to your partner, it is totally fine. This may be an awkward moment for you. You just have to say it out loud and make your partner understand your feelings. 

Sore nipples

Sore nipples are a common condition that nursing mothers sometimes experience. And in such times, your partner sucking on your nipples won’t be a pleasant situation for you. Better avoid breastfeeding your partner, if you feel that your nipples are sensitive than usual because you have to feed your baby no matter what right. So avoid any actions that can create any hindrance to the feeding of your baby.

Breastfeeding Your Partner

Moreover, too much sucking of the nipples may cause swelling and it can be painful.

Preterm Labour

Lactation generally begins when your pregnancy is halfway through. However, indulging in breastfeeding during pregnancy may induce early labour. So, if your partner wants to try breastfeeding during pregnancy, I would suggest against it in the later stage to avoid risks of preterm labour. 

Too much breastmilk

Overstimulation of the breast may lead to overproduction of breast milk which in turn may lead to breast leaks.  

Breastfeeding Your Partner

The bottom line is you can breastfeed your partner only if you are completely comfortable with it. There are notable pros and cons of breastfeeding your partner which cannot be ignored at all.

Another point to be noted is if your partner is interested in your breastmilk, be sure to feed your baby first so that there will be no shortage for the baby. After all, the sole purpose of breasts is to provide food and nutrition to the baby.

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