Breasts are such beautiful things, aren’t they? They are different from different women, come in different shapes and colors. They add a sense of beauty to the female body, provide nourishment of a mother’s milk to their newborns, and much more. But if we were to tell you, there are not only different types of breasts but also different types of nipples for each woman, would you believe it?

Well, it is true. As the types of breasts vary from woman to woman, so do their nipples. Breasts can be large, small, firm, sagging all varying from one woman to another. 

Types of Nipples

Similarly, the nipples on their breasts can be of different types and we are just about to break everything down in detail for you in this article. You will find what types of nipples are in existence, and how are they different from other nipples. However, it is to be noted that having different nipples doesn’t mean your nipples are not normal. All the types of nipples listed below are taken to be normal and perfectly healthy. Your nipples too are normal and healthy even if they aren’t common in appearance. As long as nipples function how they are supposed to, there’s nothing to be worried about.

1. Puffy Nipples

If you have puffy nipples you can notice that they appear like the entire areola and the nipple area is a small, raise mound on the top of your breast. These nipples are prone to hardening and becoming more pronounced when subjected to cold or stimulation. Puffy nipples are commonly a manifestation of gynecomastia. It happens when the glandular tissue accumulated under and is confined to your areola. This growth extends outside the areola thus giving the nipple a dome-shaped structure. While some may like having puffy nipples, most women get surgeries done to reduce the areola for a better appearance of their nipples and breasts. However, you can rest without worries because having puffy nipples is not a big deal and not any abnormality too. 

2. Protruding Nipples

As the name suggests, protruding nipples are the nipples that are raised about a few millimeters above the surface of your areola and pointing outwards, creating a protruding appearance. These nipples too, tend to get hard when under cold weather or when stimulated. Protruding nipples are healthy and function normally as they should. Women mostly don’t have any complaints about having protruding nipples.

3. Flat Nipples

Flat nipples are the nipples that don’t stand out much from the surrounding areola and breast area. They also don’t seem to protrude much when stimulated. You can also check by pinching your nipple and the area surrounding it together gently, if the nipple does not become erect then you have the flat nipple.

4. Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples are the nipples that are pulled inwards instead of protruding outwards. Women can have this type of nipple since birth or may have developed it as a result of trauma or disease. You can also try bringing the nipple out by pinching and pulling it outwards, but sometimes the muscles are too tight to perform such action on one’s nipple. 

5. Unilateral Inverted Nipples

If you have one nipple that is pointing outward, while the other nipples retracting inwards, then you have unilateral inverted nipples. These nipples protrude in opposite directions. If you have always had your nipples protruding this way, there is nothing to be worried about. However, if you are noticing opposite protruding of nipples only recently then it may be a sign of breast cancer too. It is recommended that you see a doctor and get a check-up immediately to avoid any further problems that might cause some serious trouble to you and your body.

6. Bumpy Nipples

Bumpy nipples are the nipples that are surrounded by bumps on the areola and around the nipple. These bumps are known as Montgomery glands and have a slight resemblance to whiteheads. Every woman has these glands, but some women have them bumpier than others do.

7. Hairy Nipples

If you have dark, stray hair growing out of your areola area then you have hairy nipples. However, it is to be noted that every woman has hair follicles, but doesn’t appear hairy much because they simply are less hairy than others.

Hairy Nipples
Hairy Nipples

8. Supernumerary Nipples

Some people have extra nipples that might appear as a mole or a fully formed bumpy nipple. It is a common birth defect and is not known to cause any complications or problems. 

These are all types of nipples people have. Remember whatever type of nipple you have is perfectly normal and you should not feel uncomfortable having a specific type of nipple type. You should be concerned only when your nipples seem a bit different suddenly and immediately see a doctor.

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