Admit it, we all love taking off bras after a long day at work. The best feeling ever! Bras are meant to give comfort and shape to our breasts, if they feel uncomfortable or you feel discomfort wearing them, then something’s wrong! Not with you but with your bra! Most of us face a very common “bra problem” that is bra straps digging into shoulders causing pain and discomfort to our shoulders. Too tight or poorly fitted bras can be a reason behind it. 

Although most women face this issue still, they tend to ignore it. Why ignore it? When you can come up with a solution or a hack? In this article, you’ll find some amazing solutions to your basic and most common bra problem, bra straps digging into shoulders. Read on to find out! 

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Why do your Bra Straps Dig Into Your Shoulders? 

Bra straps digging into shoulders is very painful and uncomfortable. The right size and type of bra wouldn’t hurt or make you feel uneasy, rather, it keeps you confident and relaxed. You shouldn’t ignore the fact that your bra is of the wrong size and if you fail to find a solution for it. It can further lead to headaches, skin irritation, breast dragging and even nerve damage. So, it’s important to know why your bra straps are digging into your shoulders!

Here’s why: 

1. You are Wearing the Wrong Size 

 You are wearing the wrong size
 You are wearing the wrong size 

Wearing the wrong size is the most common mistake that women make. It’s important to wear the right size if you want your bra to fit perfectly without any discomfort. You should check your bra size regularly every (6 months). Women wearing a smaller cup or tight band may encounter bra straps digging into the shoulder causing pain and uneasiness. 

2. Your Straps are too Tight 

Adjusting your straps is key to wearing a bra comfortably. Your bra straps lift your breasts, giving you a proper fit. Adjusting the bra straps too tight might prompt them to dig into your shoulders. It is a myth that adjusting your bra straps tight will give you a proper fit. A proper fit comes with comfort and no discomfort. 

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3. The Bra Straps are too Thin 

Sometimes, it’s not about the right size but the right style. Most bras with thin straps might not suit women with heavier breasts and thin straps may not be able to hold off the weight of your breasts resulting in bra straps digging into shoulders. So you should choose a bra type according to what compliments your breasts. 

3 Ways to Fix Digging Bra Straps

Tips to fix bra straps
Tips to fix bra straps

Women with larger cup size often complain of bra straps digging into shoulders causing back and shoulder pain. Your bra strap should feel snuggly and secured rather than tightened to lift and shape the breasts, which is not the real deal here! You can follow some tips if you have your bra straps digging into your shoulders. Say bye to your shoulder and back pain, here’s what to do if your bra straps are digging into your shoulders: 

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  • Adjust the Bra Straps 

The most common disbelief about bras is that their support comes from the bra strap but actually, the support comes from the band. If your band is loose and you tighten the straps, you actually jeopardize the support. Make sure you haven’t adjusted your bra overly tight as it may cause the straps to dig into your skin leading to shoulder pain. 

  • Check the Band Size 
Check the band size
Check the band size 

If you adjust the bra straps and you still see them digging into your shoulders, maybe the band of the bra isn’t snug enough. With time, the bra stretches the band and they aren’t able to offer much support. This causes the straps to work additionally to compensate for the band. So, make sure to check the band size and change your bra every six to eight months. 

  • Choose the Right Type of Bra 

A good fitting bra is a different thing from the right type of bra. Once you have the right band size, you should choose the bra that suits you the best. There are different bras for different occasions. Underwire, push-up, sports, strapless, demi, bralettes, all work differently to support you according to your clothing. So, make sure to find the right kind of bra for comfort and the right shape. 

How Should your Bra Fit? 

Fixing Bra Straps
Fixing Bra Straps

Most women compromise with the size and comfort level of the bra. You need to find a good fitting bra by correct measurements. All four parts of the bra, the band, the straps, the cups and the underwire have different jobs and should not cause pain to your back, shoulders or your breasts. For the band, it should comfortably fit and snug your body but it shouldn’t be right. When you struggle with bra straps digging into shoulders, it’s actually your band that is at fault and adjusting it can make a huge difference. The straps hold the cup in place and do the heavy lifting, still, they shouldn’t dig in, cause pain to your shoulders or leave marks. Make sure your straps aren’t too tight, which can cause a great amount of discomfort. 

The cups of the bra should fill your breasts perfectly. The sides, top or bottom of your breasts shouldn’t come out of your bra. Getting to know your cup size helps a lot in the proper fitting of a bra. Underwire is additional support and most women find them uncomfortable. To find out if the underwire sits comfortably, you need to check if your whole breast is inside the wire behind the breast tissue.  This was all about your biggest bra problem, the bra straps digging into shoulders. If you experience shoulder pain from a bra strap, it’s probably because you are wearing the wrong size or the wrong bra. So make sure to check it for a comfortable fit. 

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