Every woman should know what size and what type of bra she is wearing. Well, it’s a fact that about 64 percent of women are wearing the wrong size. Not just size, there are different types of bras you might not be aware of and you would definitely want to try. They all have different styles, fittings, and design.

It’s important to know what kind of bra you are wearing and what type of bra you would want to wear. So, let’s look into some best bra styles. You might find your type or maybe find something you wanted to wear. Let’s look into them. All women have different shapes and sizes of their breasts and every breast is beautiful. No matter what! You can wear any of them without thinking of any kind of judgment. 

Types of Bras: Find Your Type

Here’s a breakdown of all types of bras you would mind to look at!

1. Padded Bra

A padded bra is a best friend for every woman. It gives a fuller look to all the ladies who have small breasts and gives complete nipple coverage. However, some women may not prefer padded bras because it can make their size look double the actual size of their breasts. These are the best wears in winters. They are soft and comfortable. These are great bras if you don’t want your nipple to pop or show inside the bra anywhere, anytime. 

2. T-Shirt Bra

A T-Shirt bra is almost the same as a padded bra. A T-Shirt bra provides a seamless and smooth look to your breasts that won’t leave an impression on your T-shirts. It is best suited with tight-fitting clothes as it delivers body-hugging support to your breasts. These are best for everyday use, most preferred by college teens and even middle-aged women too. It gives a clean and smooth look to your breasts. It’s the best bra for a go-to look. 

3. Push-Up Bras

As the name suggests, a push-up bra pushes your breasts up and closer to give them a major cleavage. Push up bras give hugs to your breasts tighter and closer. They usually have underwired cups below which give a gentle lift to your breasts. It changes the shape and looks of your breasts drastically. It adds volume and gives heavy look to your breasts. So, if you want to show that cleavage up, push up bra is your best friend.

4. Sports Bra

Best friend of every athletic and sport-loving girl, sports bras are specifically designed for working out and providing support to your breasts. While you are working out, your breasts may bounce a lot which can be a little discomforting. They are often sweatproof which means that even if you sweat like a river, your sports bra is not going to get wet. Sports bras have a sexy and comforting look, so you can wear them without any dilemma. 

5. Bralettes

As this fancy name suggests, the bralette is a bra cum crop top. You can wear them as a top too. These are easy to wear and can be worn on special occasions. You can style them with sarees and even with your favorite jeans. They can go from giving you a casual look and a hot plus fancy look for your special occasions. It is more on the style side than on the comfort. They are usually non-padded and non-wired.

Types of Bras
Types of Bras

6. Strapless Bra

This bra is without any straps and no it won’t fall off nor it will pop your breast out. If you are wearing an off-shoulder top or dress or anything which shows off your shoulder, strapless bras are great for these outfits. These are supported with cups and a band. The right size and fit are extremely important. These are your go-to bras for sexy outfits that don’t need a bra with straps. These can also be styled and wore with different types of outfits. 

7. Maternity Bras

For all the moms to be or newbie moms, maternity bras are specifically designed to give comfort and support. These bras get modified according to the changes in the breast during the lactation period and pregnancy.

Some maternity bras come with flaps attached to the hooks so that it’s easy for the mother to feed the baby without popping the breast out of the bra. These can be easily hooked and unhooked. You can even put these on when you are going to a party, they are extremely comfortable. 

8. Minimiser Bras

If you have heavy and busty breasts and struggle to get a hold of them but still haven’t found a perfect bra for them, then try minimizer bras. These are great for women who want to give a reduced appearance of their big breasts. These provide extra support and give a proportionate look to your breasts. You can easily find minimizer bras online or at your nearby market. 

9. Halter Bras

Halter bras have a single strap that can go around the neck or can be tied around your back from the front. These are stylish bras that can be styled with tank tops and even with sarees. These are easily convertible. You can style them with tube tops, strapless dresses, racerback dresses, and halter neck dresses. It is one of the best bra styles you can wear. These can be worn for day outings and even for parties. 

10. Lace Bras

A lace bra is the most beautiful kind of bras you can wear. These are made of delicate laces and are available in a variety of ranges, for example, full coverage cups, demi-cups, push-up styles, and many more. You can wear it for your sexy time too. It gives you a sexy and classy look. These are usually combined with a bralette. Wearing a low neck top plus a lace bra, you can show it off and boom a classy look is ready for you. You can buy lace bras here. 

The size and shape of your bra are very important. There are a variety of bra types. Remember, size is very important when it comes to buying a bra. Go for a bra that makes you feel comfortable. No matter what size or shape your breasts are, they are beautiful!

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