Do you also agree that the right bra is very important for the right outfit? Yes, right? Now, let’s have a reality check- it is really hard to get that perfect one!! Girls who wear backless tops or dresses and halter tops face a lot of struggles. However, all thanks to the “sticky bras”- a true solution for all your struggles. Keep reading to know everything about Sticky Bras!!! 

What are Sticky Bras? 

Most of you may know what is a sticky bra? You can read about different types of bras if you already know about them. For all those who don’t have any idea about it, keep reading! You can call it sticky bra stick-on bras, or adhesive bras. These bras are typically strapless and backless bras, which stick to the underside of the breasts with a medical-grade adhesive. 

Bras are important, not because they give a good shape to the breast, but because they provide support to them as well as prevent issues including back pain and sagging. But numerous bras end up being visible through a body-hugging outfit, which is a big NO! Sticky bras help to avoid such situations.

Sticky bras are normally made up of polyurethane and silicone. You can wear a sticky bra with backless, off-shoulder, or strapless dresses. Also, you should always consider a sticky bra while wearing an outfit, which is revealing around your bust area. As a regular bra, the sticky bra will also provide support to your breasts, enhance cleavage, and give a lifted look as well. 

Sticky Bra v/s Regular Bra? 

No doubt, a regular bra gives your breasts the support they require, but they get uncomfortable sometimes. With a regular bra, we have to think a hundred times before wearing any outfit. A regular bra limits our outfits!! Talking about a sticky bra, initially, you may find it a little difficult to wear. But once you get used to it, then there will be no looking back. Most importantly, sticky bras will let you comfortably flaunt your figure-hugging dresses without any second thought. 

Best Sticky Bras for You 

You can find different sticky bras. But the most common are the two separate fillets along with a clip in the middle that can be tightened to show up the cleavage. 

Here are some of the best sticky bras, that you should consider buying:

1. Nude Light Padded Sticky Push-Up Bra

Every girl should have a basic nude push-up bra in her wardrobe. It can be worn with those see-through summer dresses.  

2. Black Solid Light Padded Non-Wired Sticky Bra

It can be best worn with those plunging neckline dresses and tops. Do you know what makes this an appropriate bra for your body-hugging outfit? Because it is light padded & seamless.

3. Beige Solid Light Padded Non-Wired Sticky Bra

You can tie up this bra to get a sexy cleavage! Go, purchase one and rock it in your next night out!

4. Purple Lace Push-Up Light Padded Sticky Bra

This bra is particularly for those people who like a little fanciness. It will be a great investment if you will buy this pink & white padded as well as the lacy sticky bra.

5. Peach Sticky Bra

This is going to be your favorite as it is flexible, soft, and just apt for sensitive skin. 

How To Clean Your Sticky Bra?

How To Clean Your Sticky Bra  Make It Sticky Again
Clean Your Sticky Bra

A clean sticky bra is also a vital part of personal hygiene. Thus, you should keep them clean! 

Follow the following steps to wash your sticky bras:

  • After every use, you should wash the bra cups using warm water as well as a few hand soap drops. This will rinse off dirt, sweat, and oils, that get stuck to the bra after wearing them throughout the day.
  • Scrub off the dirt in the bra and this will make your bra reusable for a long time. It is made of silicone/polyester.
  • After washing the bra, let the cups dry. Place them on a flat surface such as a dresser, countertop, or table and keep the sticky sides upwards. Never wipe off excess water or pat them to dry.

Bottom Line

A sticky bra is the ultimate savior if you want to wear a strapless or backless dress. You can find hundreds of sticky bra brands out there. So, ladies, it is high to confidently take all those backless dresses & tops out of your wardrobe.

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