A good hairstyle reflects the personality of a person. It sort of becomes the identity of a person. Having a good hair day can really lift the mood and confidence. Being dressed up from tip to toe and glowing makeup but your hair is always unkempt no matter how many times you brush it can be a total deal-breaker.

No matter how much we try to ace that perfect sleek ponytail, the baby hair decides to linger around our forehead like an aunty looking for gossips. Baby hair knocks spots off of every effort you put in your appearance. It’s hovering around the forehead is the constant reminder of the same. 

Baby hair surely looks really cute on some women but the majority of women experience otherwise. They desperately want to get rid of the baby hair. Baby hair removal is not really tough though. There are many different ways to get baby hair removal easily. 

Possible Causes Of Baby Hair Growth

The annoying presence of Baby hair can have a lot of reasons. Few of them are as follows:

Bid Adieu
Bid Adieu

Genetic Tendency: Genes are to be blamed for a lot of good as well as bad things in your body. Everyone wishes they had the choice to pick and customize the best genes while inheriting them, sadly nobody can. Similarly, the baby hair growth can have a relation to your inheritance of genes. 

Pulling out: Many times we end up pulling out hair quite often. Regularly  plucking of this hair only accelerates the growth of new baby hair.

Hair Accessories: Wearing a fancy hat or a cap habitually can flounder hair growth. This can result in the growth of baby hair in different patches around the head.

Ponytails: Tying your hair into tight ponytails can give way to new growth of baby hair.

Guide For How To Remove Baby Hair

Calm your qualms, we got your back or rather your hair! There are a lot of methods for baby hair removal, both surgical and natural. However, surgical methods show better and long-lasting results than natural which are temporary and not so reliable.

But these natural methods are also worth having a shot.

1. Shaving

The most common and known method for everyone. Shaving is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of baby hair. With a help of a razor and shaving cream, you can easily pull this off at home.

2. Dermaplaning

This is basically the pro level of shaving. It also involves the use of a sharp razor. In this method, the razor is held very close to the skin and demands a lot of precision while performing it.

3. Hair Removal Creams

Investing in a good hair removal cream can also do a wonderful job. Baby hair removal with a help of this can be just like a cake-walk. It is both painless and quick. 

However, in case of sensitive skin, it is advised to not go for this option. The high content of chemicals in the cream can cause irritation to the skin. This might also result in an unusual growth of hair.

4. Epilation 

Epilating helps in baby hair removal from its roots. This method prevents the early growth of hair. This is the most effective and popular method. There are various methods to epilate baby hair.

How To Remove Baby Hair
How To Remove Baby Hair

5. Tweezers

A pair of sterilized tweezers can help you in baby hair removal at home. Plucking out hair can be slightly painful but definitely worth it. This method is widely used in western countries and is totally reliable. Also, not to forget, it is totally hassle-free.

6. Threading

In India, it is by far the most common and cheapest method used for baby hair removal. Almost every second girl gets her baby hair threaded from a salon or as we Desis like to call it ‘Parlour wali didi’. In this, a sharp thread is used in X form to pinch and pluck the baby hair out from its roots.

7. Waxing

Another very popular and effective method for baby hair removal is waxing. There are various types of different waxes available in the market. Also, there are ready-made waxing strips available, which saves a lot of time and prevents all the hotchpotch. 

People with sensitive skin are advised to refrain from this technique as this might create problems for them. It is better to consult a dermatologist first before opting for this baby hair removal method.

8. Sugaring

This baby hair removal method consists of pastes or masks made with ingredients easily available at home. The ingredients of these recipes are rough in texture which on drying may cause friction when rubbed against the hair, causing it to gradually come out.

How To Remove Baby Hair
How To Remove Baby Hair

In India, when babies are born, usually this baby hair removal method of sugaring is used on them. The hair of babies is really soft and smooth and painlessly come out. This prevents baby hair growth in later years. 

DIY Hacks

Below are the various tips given:

1. Natural Oils

Using natural oils like Almond, Virgin Coconut, Olive, and Mustard oil routinely on the baby hair can be beneficial. Applying oil and massaging the affected area will help provide nutrients to the baby hair to grow out.

2. Hairspray

Hairsprays are blessing in disguise. On a new toothbrush, spray some of the product on the bristles. Use the brush to comb and fix your baby hair the way you would want it to be. Voila! Your hair is now set and now not even a blow of wind can displace it.

For better results, finish it by applying an anti-frizz cream on top of it. Doing this will not only tame your bab hair but also give a glossy finish to it.

3. Haircut

Change your hairstyle. Although, this should be treated as the last resort. Changing hairstyles is a massive move. Get a pixie or bob cut and let your baby hair blend with the others. This way you can camouflage the baby hair without actually getting rid of it. 

4. Surgical Methods

With the advancement in science and technology, many hair removal techniques have also come up. Professional baby hair removal methods like laser removal and electrolysis are available to all. These methods are a more permanent approach to baby hair problems.

Although, these methods can require a lot of sessions and also money. There are side effects too, in some cases. It is best to consult a dermatologist before jumping into these surgeries. 

So heads up ladies! Its time to be at the top of your game with these easy techniques. No need to be insecure about your baby hair anymore. Following these tips, you can ace your hair affair by coiffing your hair gorgeously. Be the connoisseur of style that you are!