Body hair is a headache for women. We do not want a single strand of body hair on our bodies. We feel that it is a necessary beauty routine to shave or wax; to get rid of body hair. But we don’t have time to get waxed at a parlor every week. 

Also, shaving could be rough on your skin. We all want the secret to easy and alternate hair removal methods. Here we will answer how to get rid of body hair. It can be done using body hair removal creams, razors, wax strips, and some natural remedies.

Imagine that you have been asked on a date tonight and you haven’t waxed your body hair. It could be a nightmare. You cannot wear a sleeveless dress without getting rid of the underarms. Regular appointments with Salon can be expensive and time taking. But don’t worry we have great solutions to remove body hair for females.

Solutions for Getting Rid of Body Hair

Here are some of the effective solutions for getting rid of body hairs

1. Wax Strips

You can keep wax strips at home. It is one of the most convenient methods to get rid of body hair. Especially when you have a sudden trip or a date night planned. This is the fastest method to get your body hair removed. There are many brands that sell wax strips. You don’t need sugar or honey wax. These strips are directly applied to the area of your skin. Then you rip it off with force. And you are done.

2. Laser

The laser is one of the permanent hair removal methods. But it is very expensive. It usually involves a couple of trips to the Salon before the routine is completed. There might be some side effects as well. It is not one of the best methods. But probably one of the few techniques that work effectively.

3. Waxing

You can always buy some wax strips and wax materials. You don’t have to go to a parlour for this. You can wax your hands and legs at home. Waxing is the best method to remove body hair. It cleanses your skin as well without making it rough.

4. Razor

You can make it a habit of shaving your body hair regularly when you take a bath. Razor is boon and not only meant for men. It can easily be used to remove body hair for females. This will reduce the speed by which they grow back, thus reducing your trips to the parlor. Use a good amount of conditioner otherwise, it can make your skin really rough.

5. Creams

There are many body hair removal creams available online. You might want to try those too. It’s easy and less painful. You have to apply the cream on your skin and then gently remove it using a spatula. It works fine and it would not make your skin rough. But there have been complaints about discoloration of the skin with continuous usage. So buy the cream from a reputed brand only.

6. Epilator

Epilators are electrical Razor. They work fine. They are very easy to use to get rid of body hair. Make sure to use them on dry skin. Apply moisturizer after removing the hair otherwise, your skin will become rough.

7. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is another expensive, yet permanent method to get rid of body hair. It is very effective if you want to permanently remove your facial hair. A needle is used to pass electric currents that inactivate the hair follicles. It might be a little painful.

How to Get Rid of Body Hair Using Natural Remedies

Now let’s talk about some of the natural remedies; available at home to get rid of unwanted body hair.

1. Sugar Honey Wax

You can make sugar, lemon and water wax at home. The consistency should be 10:3:3. You don’t need a wax strip for this. The concoction can be applied to the skin using a spatula. 

Sugar Honey Wax
Sugar Honey Wax

It has to be removed exactly as you do with a strip. Honey can be added to this mixture for a better result. It is one of the most common and effective methods to remove body hair for females.

2. Pumice Stone

A pumice stone can be used to scrub the dead cells on your skin. It can also remove the hair on your body. It is not very effective. It should be done regularly for a promising result. It is not actually a hair removal method. But it can work to some extent based on the frequency of use.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric with Rosewater or milk can be applied on your skin regularly. Apply it on your skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then scrub your skin and wash your face. It works best for facial hair. Make sure that the direction of applying the paste is in the same direction as hair growth.

4. Moong Dal Paste

A paste of Moong Dal or lentils is one of the most effective hair removal methods. You can soak them overnight and make a paste out of it. This paste can be mixed with lemon juice or Rosewater. Apply on your face and body to get rid of unwanted hair.

5. Oil

This remedy is from the quiver of our grandmothers. We are sure that your grandmother used to massage you when you were a baby. Who knew it was also a way to remove body hair for females. Massage your skin with Olive, Castor, Coconut, Jojoba, Almond oil to get rid of the body hair.

6. Oestrogen Boast

Eating foods that have more Oestrogen hormones like Soybean can reduce the amount of body hair with time. Oestrogen is the female hormone which is responsible for the female traits. When our bodies produce a little extra Testosterone (male hormone), it results in more body/facial hair. Sometimes it could be a symptom for a hormonal disease like PCOD, consult a Dermatologist.

7. Papaya


Raw papaya skin is a great remedy to remove body hair for females. Peel off the skin and make a paste out of it. You can add turmeric to it as well. The paste has to be on your skin for 20 minutes before washing it off.

8. Potato Starch

Grate a potato and extract its juices using a clean cloth. You can apply it along with papaya or with Moong Dal. It will exfoliate your skin along with removing unwanted hair.

9. Oatmeal And Banana

Oatmeal and banana are delicious and healthy breakfast to have. But it can also be used to get rid of body hair. The paste has to be massaged in a circular motion for best results. It will also give you a glowing skin.

10. Onion Extract

Grind 2 onions and a few cloves of garlic. Mix it properly and add a few basil leaves to it. Apply on your skin. This mixture will provide antioxidants to your skin. It will prevent the hair follicles from growing back. We understand how important it is to have a smooth skin without a trace of body hair. You want to wear a sleeveless and backless dress or shorts without exposing any unwanted hair. But don’t forget that your natural beauty lies within you. 

You don’t have to get rid of these hairs just because the custom demands you to. Sometimes removing body hair is important from a hygienic point of view. If you have allergic reactions to any of the above-mentioned remedies do not try it. Your health is above all. Your natural beauty is enough and precious. You are gorgeous the way you are.

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