Believe it or not, being single is Better Than being in a relationship. People are often happy with their significant others. But there are plenty of reasons why you don’t need to find one in the first place! And we’re going to tell you all about it. Take a look at all these things that are better than being in a relationship: 

Being by Yourself is Better Than Being In A Relationship

Picture this – the same amount of time that you would spend with your partner, you spend with yourself instead. Wouldn’t life be so much better that way? It would be. After all, self-awareness and self-love always make life easier and brighter! That being said, being by yourself is the best thing, and undoubtedly better than being with someone else. 

Doing nothing at all

Sometimes you don’t need to talk and be with someone. Sometimes, you just need to be by yourself and do nothing at all. Probably put on some calming music or your favorite T.V. show, lie on your bed, and just relax! 

Better Than Being In A Relationship
Better Than Being In A Relationship

However, that can get a bit difficult to do when you’re in a relationship. Your partner might mistake you for wanting your peace and space for you not wanting to be around them. And that’s the last thing you need when you’re looking forward to just doing nothing and relaxing. 

Having the whole bed to yourself 

Being single means being able to have a sound sleep because you would be having the entire bed to yourself! Just imagine how great it would be to not fight for the blanket anymore. Think about the freedom to snore as much as you want and take up as much space as you want. Also, the latter doesn’t apply only in this case, but practically in every situation!

Eating without sharing 

Not having to share your food is better than being in a relationship. A large cheeseburger with fries and soda? Hell yes! You can treat yourself all you want without having to worry about sharing your food or paying for someone else. So, keep those extra ranch dips coming! 

Partying with your friends 

When you’re single, you don’t have to worry about choosing between your partner and your friends for club night. Let’s face it, handling both is quite a disaster. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about when you’re not with someone. Go clubbing with your friends or party solo, who cares! The important part is that you have a fun time. So, put on your party clothes and get as drunk as you want to because it’s your time to shine. Go wild! 

Not even just partying, but simply spending time with your friends is something that everyone needs. And managing time between your significant other and friends is always a task. But when you remove the former from the equation, you have all the time in the world. This means now you do whatever you want and spend your time the way you want to. 


Better Than Being In A Relationship
Better Than Being In A Relationship

Be it a cute little puppy or a cat, you’re always going to be happy regardless of which pet you choose. Probably happier than you would be in a relationship. A pet doesn’t fight with you and still loves you more than any human possibly could. 

On top of that, all your pet is going to demand from you is love, food, and care in return. Isn’t that just incredible? You could go on a refreshing walk with your little buddy or stay in for a lovely cuddle. Either way, you’re going to get showered with love. So, being single is better than being in a relationship, especially when you can have an adorable pet instead! 


Nothing is stopping you from flirting when you’re not committed to anybody else. Besides, everyone needs a spicy dose of shameless flirting in their life at times. Flirt with a stranger or a friend and go out with whoever you want. As long as you’re not committing to anything and you’re both clear in that area, go have fun! This is the time when you explore and try out new things. Why waste it by fighting with the same person every day! 

Hour-long hot bubble baths

Perhaps the best part about being single is that you don’t have to worry about how you spend your time. Draw a nice warm bubble bath with scented candles all around you and soothing music in the background. 

Better Than Being In A Relationship
Better Than Being In A Relationship

You can also put some flowers and essential oils in your bath to take it up a notch. Wow, what a blissful way to spend time with yourself. You have to admit it, this sounds way better than being in a relationship. 


It’s about time you go on a shopping spree and spend a hefty sum on yourself because you deserve it. Buy a sexy dress, cozy pajamas, a pair of stunning heels, and hey, while you’re at it, watch a movie too! Think about how you would also save when you’re not with someone because you wouldn’t have to spend extra. A shopping spree is any day better than being in a relationship. After all, it always feels amazing to spend your own money on yourself and for yourself! 

Binge-watching Netflix 

Binge-watch your favorite movie on Netflix all day with a tub of ice cream because who’s going to stop you? When you’re single, you only have to focus on yourself, what you feel like doing, and what you don’t. You don’t have to worry about spending time with your S/O or better yet, watching a movie they like. When you think about it, relationships are getting a bit overrated, aren’t they? You can do everything your way and have more fun when you’re single. So why not do that when it is better than being in a relationship! 

It’s time you enjoy your life to the fullest without any worries!

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